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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ron Paul Makes Some Very Good Political Points About Wikileaks - On CSPAN

Many Americans support The "Wikileaks" founder....
Considering The Controversy Surrounding "Wikileaks," and its Australian owner [Julian Assange], United States Representative Ron Paul asks some very logical political questions - while asserting wherein "The True Problem" lies. Rather than denouncing Mr. Assange as "A Traitor To America" [a nation to which he owes no political allegiance at all]; perhaps, we should be grateful for him - as a conduit for the very important information that our own better-informed public servants are trying so faithfully to relay to us, at their own personal expense. After all, The Mainstream Media is no longer acting in such a politically-useful and highly-necessary functional capacity.

United States Representative Ron Paul speaking upon Wikileaks Controversy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Entire Planet Is Held Hostage To: "A Culture Of Death"

Have we become, Generation: "Death?"
While many of us are fully aware of "The Culture Of Death" - which: Pervades, Surrounds, and Threatens To Engulf Us Worldwide - the majority of our friends and neighbors still remain blissfully unaware of such things. In fact, at this point, they are expending far more effort in [willfully] Ignoring The Obvious, than we are in readily uncovering "The Truth!" Take for instance, our recent attempts at "Christmas" [And/Or Holiday Shopping] across the United States... no matter where you choose to shop, the currently available clothing and numerous other consumer products are largely covered in: Skulls, Crossed Bones, Sun-sprays, Pyramids, All Seeing Eyes, Bahomet, and other other Satanic Death Cult Symbols.

Considering this fact, we must honestly ask ourselves the following [seemingly] relevant questions:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten Predictions, For The Next Ten Years, By "The Real American"

"American Civil War II," or "World War III?"
Although I may make no particular claims regarding: Clairvoyance, Extra Sensory Perception, Mystical Understanding Of Astrology, or Firsthand Prophetic Knowledge - regarding the immediate future of our common humanity - I am [however] an observant student of: Sociological Behavior, Common Sense, and Repetitive World History. Consequently, I have gained some very limited insight into our ever-evolving current political events. Moreover, this naturally limited insight into Humanly Generated "Causes and Effects" has proven highly valuable to me in the past! For instance, it has predicted numerous current political problems and/or historic events.

Some Recent Examples Are:
  • America's Growing Economic Collapse - which officially started in the early 1970's, but actually began much sooner.
  • Nationwide Capital Depletion - due to the exportation of American: Industry, Employment, and Wealth. 
  • An Increasingly Lower American Standard Of Living - as balanced against: Monetary Inflation and Technological Proficiency - which resulted from intentionally devised Corporate and Governmental Policies.
  • An Exploding National Indebtedness - due to: Excessive Socialization, Systemic Over-Taxation, and An Increasing Reliance Upon Short-Term Keynesian Economic Fixes.
  • Increasing Incidences Of Unexplained Social Violence - as more and more Americans grow increasingly resentful of living within an Unconstitutional "Police State." 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barrack Obama: Comments Upon Jihad

President Barrack Obama's state visit to India.
When President Barrack H. Obama was recently asked for his feelings about "Jihad," by a person in India, he once again sidestepped the question and stated that: "Jihad means many different things, to many different people..." which, although a factual answer [upon certain philosophical levels], was a very blatant obfuscation to this very important and deadly serious political question. For a man who supposedly ran for: Honesty, Disclosure, and Openness; his continuously non-committal answers are fast becoming far more than just a small political irritation. In fact, to many Americans, such political double-speak and sound-bitten sophistries lie at the very heart of our ongoing problems nationwide!

Just For The Record, "Jihad" May Be Defined As:
  • A Constant State Of Warfare.
  • An Individual And Personal Struggle.
  • A Great Spiritual Battle.
  • Or [Even], A State Of Overcoming.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Is "The True Cause" Of Inflation?

The ever-shrinking United States Dollar.
As bad as the United States Dollar looked in the year 2000, as compared to 1774, the last ten years has thinned it to a very thin sliver of its former glory. In fact, it now takes a great number of dollars - in order to [merely] feed one's self for the month! But, how did this situation ultimately come about?  Is it merely: "Supply and Demand Working Itself Out In The Free Markets" - as we've been [so frequently] told... or, is there just a little bit more to it? What is "The True Cause" Of Inflation?

 For decades Americans have been taught that Inflation is simply the natural result of: Shortages In Productive Supply, in relation to, Increased Consumer Demand. When Consumer Demand outstrips Productive Supply, then the pricing will move higher to properly balance these two competing economic forces! This much is factually true. However, such Causative Shortages are merely short term aberrations in the markets, since these higher prices soon bring about an increase in New Productive Capacities. Consequently, consumer pricing will eventually return to its previously expected economic levels. The only exception to this rule, honestly being, a Genuine Raw Material Shortage - which is very seldom [honestly] the case.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congressional Shakeup Is Too Little, Too Late - For "The American Experiment"

America Is Waking Up, and now paying attention!
For all of the remarkable news coverage, over the 2010 Midterm Election, our current "Congressional Shakeup" - with Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives - doesn't foreshadow the truly significant changes that most Americans are honestly hoping for. Nor, does this Modern Political Landslide represent the imminent reduction in Governmental Hegemony, or a return to Conservative Fiscal Sanity. With America having strayed so far from her Traditional and Historic Political Roots, "The Greatest Political Upset Since 1948" will prove to be [merely] a short term political logjam - in our Federal Government's ongoing efforts toward eliminating 234 years of American National Sovereignty.

What America's Tea Partiers, and numerous Independents, have failed to [honestly] realize is that our International Elitist Leadership controls the real power positions in both mainstream political parties! Although they possess slightly differing visions for the New World Order's specifically relevant agenda, our Democrat and Republican Leadership share a common desire for the necessary political apparatus to fully achieve and implement it - within the near political future. While millions of Political Checker Players have clearly spoken against America's immediate political demise, they are "Naively Playing Chess" against Masters Of Political: Strategy, Feint, and Subterfuge.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Un-Balanced Economic Equations

The problems with all attempts at [Republican] Supply Side Economics and [Democratic] Demand Driven Social Dynamics are essentially the same, even while supposedly representing a completely opposite approach to Keynesian Economics. They both lack a certain scientific sense of necessary Universal Balance… they both fail to account for much greater and situational relevant Social Dynamics… and they both display the fundamental characteristics of Myopic Tunnel Vision - upon a subject, which absolutely requires a certain "Whole-istic" Point Of Scalable Focus!

Of course, to some of us - possessing [as it were] a depth of individual perception sharpened by much needed and relevant historical introspection; this eminently predictable happenstance doesn’t come as any real shock. For the Common History of Democrats and Republicans [both] is that of: "Two radically divisive branches, diverging from the very same trunk of a much more balanced and inherently viable Democratic-Republican Party." Be that as it may, these two: Highly Conceited, Increasingly Argumentative, and Entirely Dysfunctional Daughters of America’s Marital Union With Democratic-Republicanism - after her unfortunate and lamentable Civil War – truly represent opposite sides of the very same political coin! The real tragedy is that most Americans remain blissfully unaware of this fact, even as they decry the continuing nationally-destructive results of it....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Real American Is Once Again Gainfully Employed

The Real American's New Day Job. "Well, there you go..."

If you've been wondering what happened to me lately, I recently became one of the fortunate few who are "Gainfully Employed" - after two years of prolonged situational unemployment and carefully budgeting my very limited money and resources. I have been blessed by an Assistant Mangers Position in a local department store and I am very grateful for it! With the unemployment rate - in Abbeville, South Carolina - approaching 20 percent, I had begun to despair of ever finding any local employment... but Yahweh [God], in His mercy, both: heard, and answered, my sincere prayers... thus, renewing my personal level of hope dramatically.

During the last month, or so, I had an awful lot upon my personal plate. I had to re-acquire necessary transportation... learn the procedures and methodologies of my new position... and juggle a whole host of related tasks - which have largely consumed my personal time. I am now hoping to settle back into my blogging - albeit, in a somewhat reduced capacity, from here on out. Rather than attempting to operate and promote five blogs - as before - I will be reducing them by two, over the next month. However, this one will remain online; and will [in fact] gain a great deal of valuable and related material shortly thereafter.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ben Bernanke: "The Rider Upon The Black Horse - Holding The Merchant's Scales"

A composed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke
With the Congressional Midterm Elections coming up in just a few days, and our national economy once again increasingly contracting, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced that The Federal Reserve Banks are preparing to print a massive flood of new paper money. Meanwhile, this additional Fiat Currency would be utilized to purchase public and private debts - in a Keynesian policy euphemistically named: "Quantitative Easing." The idea is to effectually lower Long-Term Interest Rates and to spur Economic Growth - through Artificially Generated Market Liquidity... and as such, it is a historical economic measure of last resort!

With the entire balance of World Economic History standing against him, one might ask why Ben Bernanke is signaling such an ill-advised financial course? Doesn't he realize that every single nation - having traveled this path - has previously failed to navigate it? Of course, he does! Ben Bernanke is a very well-educated and carefully-calculating man. So, what is really going on? And, do we really want to know what it is?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Juan Williams Fired By National Public Radio - For Being: "Politically Incorrect"

NPR Journalist Juan Williams.
In a bold stroke for "Political Correctness" everywhere, National Public Radio fired their own highly experienced news analyst Juan Williams - for telling The Truth, and Sharing His Honest Concerns, regarding "Muslims Flying Upon Airplanes." Considering Mr. Juan Williams' extremely well-balanced and left of center views, one has to wonder what NPR can be possibly thinking! Nor, does the video footage in question support such a foolhardy position - on the part of anyone.

See the offending video, below, for yourself....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Cut And Paste" Video Footage Demonstrates The Power Of Internet

When I first started writing about the "New World Order Conspiracy," a person had to do a great deal of research in order to piece together this much damning evidence regarding it. Now, you can watch a ten minute video clip of self explanatory "Cut And Paste" News Footage - which outlines it in starkly real terms for everyone to understand! Why this sudden and dramatic change of circumstances? Because, as our leaders grow closer and more confidant in achieving it, they are becoming increasingly more reckless at artificially imposing Their Own Tyrannical Will against that of: "We The People." Moreover, as our citizenry invariably wakes up, they are increasingly utilizing The Internet as a valuable medium of Cross Informational Exchange.

The inevitable results are videos like this one:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

American Tobacco Industry Is Suffering A Rapid Decline

America's Largest Export, now going up in smoke?
It is interesting to note that, while the American Economy is sliding deeper into the Economic Abyss, America's largest domestic industry - single-handedly responsible for most of its few remaining exports - is being actively pursued and destroyed by our own State and Federal Governments. Of course, I am speaking of the American Tobacco Industry, which: employed nearly one in five Americans during its heyday, contributed vastly to America's untold economic wealth, and benefited thousands of other equally integrated and related American businesses. Regardless of how we may [honestly] feel about "The Habit Of Smoking," people have a right to their personal freedoms and a certain percentage of individuals will always continue to exercise them - even if they must grow their own!

First, came the Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuits being levied against America's "Big Five Tobacco Manufacturers" - which doubled the wholesale costs of all American Made Cigarettes and made foreign cigarette manufacturing more economically viable and increasingly competitive. Let's face it, a five to seven dollar per carton pricing advantage isn't merely chump change on a ten to twelve dollar product - which is in tight international demand! Consequently, almost half of the nations on Earth are now enjoying their own Domestic Tobacco Industries. Nor, did it take very long, for them to enter: "The American Market," as well. Pricing has always been a very strong inducement for consumers - particularly for those of significantly expensive personal habits.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tobacco Users Are Wizening Up To Tobacco Tax Abuse

America's Second Class Citizens fight back.
As our National Economy worsens, an increasing number of cash strapped State Legislatures are looking toward: Cigarettes, Cigars, Dips, Snuffs, and other Tobacco Products as a means of continuing to fund their excessively overblown State budgets. After all, Tobacco Users are now an easily discriminated against minority - politically speaking - and there appears to be no real downside to those who would unfairly target them for Excessive and Abusive Taxation! But, is this truly the case? Are America's Smokers and other Tobacco Users just merely helpless sycophants, to be financially enslaved by their condescending and arrogant political brothers?  

Apparently Not... because, America's Second Class Citizens are now fighting back against this ever growing political tide - in numerous ways! While some are still driving to nearby "Lower Taxed States" to buy the legally maximum twelve cartons [every couple of months], and still others are buying them online from Non-Taxed Indian Reservations, a rapidly growing minority are now buying their Tobacco in bulk and rolling their own [at home]. From around $14.00 to $20.00 per pound of Bulk Tobacco, a person can make approximately 2.5 cartons of cigarettes - in very short order. While the unused Tobacco stays perfectly fresh in the fridgerator, almost indefinitely. After all, it already comes in a: Vacuum Sealed, Zipper Lock, and Stay Fresh Bag - from the local, or even online supplier.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Roots Of American Greatness Are Found In The Bible

America was foreordained for "Greatness...."
While many in America have [seemingly] forgotten, "The Roots Of Her Greatness" - over the intervening 234 years of our history - a few of us, yet, haven't. A previously fruitful garden - even when left largely untilled - shall [more often than not] generously bestow a small crop, scattered amidst all of its more numerous weeds. Although America may no longer be cultivated and seeded with the honest expectations for such a crop, "Real Americans" continue to spring upward from our blood drenched and highly enriched soil! They do so at God's clear behest, as an honest reminder to His covenanted and manifold blessings.

Even though America has never been a perfect nation, it has in times past: benevolently chosen, culturally embraced, and traditionally accepted far more lofty and idealistic principles; than any other nation upon this Earth! Nor, has this factual occurrence been by mere accident, or happenstance. Many of our Enlightened Forefathers were [in fact]: Spiritually Discerning, Collectively Obedient, and Individually Faithful... and the evidentiary paper trail - for this completely verifiable statement - is massively disclosed in our early Institutional and Political Documents.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Egberto Willies Asked For "A Simple Explanation" Upon Economics

Egberto Willies "Progressive" blogger.
Upon his blog, "Political Truths," Egberto Willies frequently makes amazingly inaccurate statements. Nor, do I say this, due to his [self perceived] Liberal-Progressive Agenda. Frankly, I don't care one iota what someone else honestly believes in - as long as it is founded upon their knowledge and understanding of "The Truth." You see, The Truth matters... far more, than [mere] Politics ever could. Political Parties will come and go... Great Nations will arise and fall... but, The Truth will always remain The Truth - no matter who more properly perceives it, for what it honestly and inescapably is!

Take, for instance, the following seemingly articulate quotation; only recently, gleaned from his "Political Truths" blog:
  • "You must wonder why when Supply Side economist are confronted with evidence day after day, month after month, why they still dig in to their theories. These theories have caused us to effect policies that have made this economic collapse worst. Under their theory interest rates should have been very high since last year while they are at record lows. Under their theory inflation should be at record highs while we are bordering on deflation as nobody has pricing powers. What we need is a simple explanation of these theories to the American middleclass so that we do not allow the Right (Supply Side) to make Keynesian Economic policies to be one of their boogey men like they’ve attempted to make Liberal a bad word. Just like all that is progressive and good in this country came about by Liberal thinking, Keynesian Economic Policies are the only solution to get us out of this depression in due time."

Just like, other economically uneducated and shallow thinking Americans - within our overall society - Egberto Willies doesn't really understand Economics at any fundamental level. Had he understood it, he couldn't have made such a blatantly preposterous and ill-informed statement! The Keynesian Economic Model - structured upon the writings of John Maynard Keynes - is a system whereby the naturally occurring Capitalistic Markets may be artificially manipulated - in order to obtain certain theorhetical economic results. It is neither: "Liberal," nor "Conservative," by any definition of the terms... and can only be labeled "Progressive," under certain stabilized economic conditions - where other equally important factors are already within prescribed circumstantial tolerances.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Is The Presidential Appointment Of Bureaucratic Czars Constitutional

Cartoon capturing the lunacy of the "Czar" mentality.
For decades now, America has been devising more and more bureaucratic agencies - under the Executive Authority of its presidents - in order to micromanage vast areas of its political economy. Meanwhile, each of these agency heads [or, managerial directors] has been euphemistically labeled "Czar" by each successive administration. But what precisely is a Czar, and precisely what kind of authorities does such a political title imply?

Let's see what the Dictionary says about this all important political term - before making any rash judgments regarding it.... Perhaps, it's really no big deal - in a Representative and Democratic Republic?

  1. An Emperor, or King.
  2. An Autocratic Ruler or Leader.
  3. A Tyrant, or Autocrat.
  4. A Dictator possessing "Life Or Death" Authority.
  5. A Slavic and contracted form of the Latin [or Roman] term "Caesar."
  6. Any person exercising Absolute Authority [or Power] within a given specialized field.
  7. The term Czar  is sometimes applied generally to a powerful leader or to a government administrator with wide-ranging authorities and powers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In These Hard Economic Times Inexpensive Is A Good Thing

Local Wal-Mart Stores are everywhere.
In these Hard Economic Times, with America's domestic economy in tatters and over 30 million unemployed citizens, "Inexpensive" has become a good thing; and "Free" is even better! As the reality of three consecutive years of Economic Contraction begins to sink in, even the most previously optimistic of Americans are now being highly selective in how they are largely spending their money. Of course, this is only to be expected, when our ineffectual political leaders [honestly] believe that: "A $15.00 per hour job at Wal-Mart," should honestly suffice for most of us....

Let's face it, either: Wal-Mart has a very large shortage of Store Managers nationwide, or our political leaders are grossly out of touch with our hometown American reality! Although I can't speak for every area of America, personally, but: Cashiers, Stock Clerks, and [even] Department Supervisors - in South Carolina - fall significantly short of this often quoted hourly figure. Meanwhile, The News Media - which continually repeats it, without properly calling it into question - is apparently just as ill-informed as their political buddies in Washington! What's up with that, anyway? Aren't they supposed to be checking the actual facts, rather than ignorantly repeating them like uninformed propagandist puppets?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Introductory Video For Real American Truth Now On Youtube

Thanks to the extremely hard-working efforts of our Real American Truth blog site staff, The Real American has now entered the video age online. A particular thanks, must go out to my "I.T. Guy / Video Producer" Jose Torres - who: set it all up, assisted in making the videos, and who [honestly] did all of the necessary editing - to make it look truly sharp, and professional. Thank you very much, Jose!

Please let us know what you, "Our Readers," think about the new video. We are considering the addition of a video archived section to the blog, in the not so distant future, and we would welcome all input upon the subject.... Please leave your comments below!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Real American Wins "Caption This" Contest

Recent Award from Comedy Plus blog site....
The Real American won the "Caption This" Contest on the Comedy Plus blog site - due to his unusual wit and eclectic sense of humor. The entire staff at Real American Truth takes a certain amount of earnest pride in one of our own achieving such a great accomplishment. Way to go, to "The Real American...."

"We stand in awe of your continual word-smithing talents!" Now, do you think that, you can help us out - with a few new articles getting posted around here? Our readership awaits, "Oh Great One...." lol

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lincoln Research Connects "Honest Abraham" To Abbeville, SC

Portrait of President Abraham Lincoln in Washington.
If my numerous readers have been wondering about my infrequent postings, as of late, then the answer may honestly surprise you. Not, that I might be building yet another blog - but that my flagship article for that new blog site: "The Abbeville Journal & Review" would be upon President Abraham Lincoln and his invariable kinship [with respect towards, Abbeville, South Carolina]. Yup! You, heard it right. The birthplace, and deathbed, of the Confederate States of America - has yet another connection to that particular war. Abraham Lincoln was conceived in Abbeville, SC; and Vice-President John C. Calhoun may very well be his actual father....

You just can't go making this stuff up, folks... and thanks to doing the necessary research, I am as certain of this potentiality as you can be - without having the actual DNA to prove it conclusively! In any case, the evidence regarding his true parentage is tremendously convincing when honestly, and openly, explored. So be sure and check out this eye opening article at the Abbeville Journal & Review entitled: "Abraham Lincoln [Northern Despot] A Product Of Smooth Southern Seduction."

Abbeville, South Carolina on the State map.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Issues Surrounding State Sovereignty Are Gaining Political Notoriety

Political Columnist Walter Williams.
As the Ongoing Political Debate over: States Rights, True Sovereignty, Legislative Nullification, and [even] Lawful Secession continues to heat up nationwide - many American Historians, Political Editorialists, Syndicated Columnists, and Internet Bloggers have begun to weigh in upon these all-important issues. The reasons for this rapidly growing political notoriety is that so many in America are now unjustly chafing under the increasingly apparent Federal Bureaucratic Monopoly - over [virtually] every single aspect of their accumulative societal lives. Moreover, our national government has done such a "piss poor job of it," that our entire society is now coming unglued at its seams! To many in America today, it seems more like: "Governmentally Inspired Political Anarchy," than "Reasonable Representative Direction."

The discussion is [now] becoming so mainstream across our American nation, that even editorialists such as: Walter Williams, Walter Block, Edmund ConnellyDarrell Mulloy, and James Allan Bersen are now sounding in upon this ongoing political debate... and political representatives from Vermont to Texas are mentioning "The 'S' Word" quite publicly. In the meantime, The Federal Government seems to be quietly preparing for the increasing possibility of a Federally Imposed Martial Law - while exerting even more political pressures upon our various electorates. As crazy as it all seems, The Obama Administration is [seemingly] intent upon: reducing all Americans to a state of politically devised servitude, destroying our necessary economic engine, and plunging our nation into an insurrectionist chaos!

Monday, September 6, 2010

New World Order Agenda Explained In An Australian Video

While searching around The Internet, I came across this very well narrated "One World Government Agenda" video - apparently having been produced in Australia. It is fairly short, covers all of the most basic concepts upon some level, and it clearly explains our current dilemma in no uncertain terms. Although there is far more to the subject of what is now [factually] occurring - upon a worldwide scale - thanks to the "New World Order" elite, this video offers very insightful information for the largely uninformed and politically unaware viewer. Please take the time to watch it and add your comments....

An Australian video clearly explaining the "New World Order" Agenda in simple layman's terms.

As this video points out, it is important to remember that most lower ranking governmental employees [including the police] are equally unaware of what's happening politically both: locally and worldwide. Moreover, they are being falsely mislead into believing that We The People are their enemies - through the current misinformation labeling all Middle Class Dissenters as: "Conspiracy Theorists," "Religious Nuts," "Troublemakers," "Teabaggers," "Anarchists," "Crazy Militia Members," "Mentally Disturbed War Veterans," and [even] "Domestic Terrorists." Keep this all-important perspective in mind. Be sure and share this video!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

President Barrack Obama's Labor Day Message To America

What would we do without good management?
Just prior to the start of this Labor Day weekend, President Barrack Obama released the following video from The White House. It is addressed to all Americans, but is aimed squarely at the currently upset and disenfranchised American Middle Class. His speech is clearly well-written and touches upon several important Middle Class themes. It absolutely drips with humanitarian sincerity at our ongoing economic plight and it even mentions our declining standards of living over the past ten years. Watch this carefully crafted and eloquently scripted video, yourself....

President Barrack H. Obama's Labor Day Address from the White House: a bunch of empty words.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Real American Truth And The Ongoing Failures Of Science

My Local News: WYFF channel 4, Greenville, SC.
While watching the local news on NBC affiliate WYFF News Channel 4 this evening, I sat glued to yet another report about the ever-increasing causes of Skin Cancer. However, what made this particular segment interesting was the newest cause being now reported by our "All-Knowing" scientific community. If we are to actually [now] believe them, then too much Sun Block [or Sun Screen] is leading to a dramatic increase in new cases of Skin Cancer! What, the heck, are they talking about?

For decades now, these very same scientists have been claiming that Skin Cancer is on the increase, due to: "Holes In The Ozone Layer," "Increasing Sun Spot Activity," and even "Global Warming." They have been filling our heads with constant bombardments about the importance of skin creams, sunblocks, and sunscreens. They have promoted these highly expensive products so well, that most of us wouldn't walk to the outhouse without religiously applying them. And their "Solar Doomsday" prognostications have formed the basis for one of America's greatest cottage industries.

A self-explanatory Sunblock cartoon.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Freedom From Offense And The Islamic Mosque Controversy

Site of the proposed Mosque in lower Manhattan.
I had hoped to avoid writing about the Islamic Mosque Controversy, raging over Manhattan, New York's business district... I honestly did! To my way of thinking, the numerous Constitutional Issues involved - such as: Property Rights, Religious Freedom, and others - ended the debate long before it even really started. Personally, I wouldn't surrender my Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms and Rights, even if ninety-nine percent of Americans were offended to the point of forming a lynch mob!

Does that, sound crazy? Well, it shouldn't. Our enlightened ancestors never intended for themselves, or even their far distant posterity, an all encompassing "Freedom From Offense!" They, at least, were smart enough to recognize that, a governmentally mandated Freedom From Offense would inherently abrogate and/or circumvent every other Freedom and/or Right - that they had hoped to perpetually establish. Just stop for a solitary moment and think about what it is, that many are honestly asking.... Everything humanly possible, on an Individual and Personal Level, actually offends someone. Can you name any one Constitutional Freedom, or Lawfully Guaranteed Right, that doesn't?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff Says USA Is Essentially Bankrupt

Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff from Boston University.
Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University, recently made the following statement in the editorial section of Bloomberg News:

"Let’s get real. The U.S. is bankrupt. Neither spending more nor taxing less will help the country pay its bills. What it can and must do is radically simplify its tax, health-care, retirement and financial systems, each of which is a complete mess. But this is the good news. It means they can each be redesigned to achieve their legitimate purposes at much lower cost and, in the process, revitalize the economy."

The article to which I am now referring was entitled: "U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It," and it went into great detail regarding our current national predicament. Nor, did he make such dire statements without providing substantial evidence for openly doing so. For instance, Professor Kotlikoff pointed out the International Monetary Fund's own recent annual review of United States economic policy - which essentially pronounced America bankrupt and noted that our Federal Government would have to double our various rates of: Personal, Income, and Corporate Taxation, in order to achieve a sustainable financial balance.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enumerated Powers Act Is Common Sense Accountability For Congress

Representative John Shadegg (R-Arizona) has good idea....
Republican Congressman John Shadegg, from Arizona, is calling for public support of H. R. 450 - known as The Enumerated Powers Act - which will [if passed] force Congress to show specific Constitutional Authority for each new piece of Federal Legislation, prior to its legislative adoption. Although congressman Shadegg claims that his bill: "Will force the Congress to reexamine the role of national government" - it may in reality [at least] slow the process by which they are systematically dismantling our once great nation.

*** The following video - in congressman Shadegg's own words - explains H. R. 450 in more detail....
The Enumerated Powers Act [H.R. 450] proposed by Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona.

Every member of Congress - in both: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate - has sworn an oath, "To Uphold And Protect The United States Constitution." Considering that supposedly heartfelt oath, we should be able to expect a unanimous "Yes Vote" on this particular piece of legislation from both of these political parties... and yet, it has been introduced repeatedly since 1994 - without any apparent political successes. It's almost enough to make one seriously question their political sincerity - in the first place. Very strange behavior, indeed, isn't it?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Egberto Willies Calls For "National Socialization" Of American Economy

E. Willies blogger
Egberto Willies, in his most recent posting, has called for our Federal Government to finally be open and honest with the American people - regarding our dire economic situation. This is a political position, which all truly informed Americans should equally share. The Real American Truth is currently needed, concerning a whole host of very important political matters. However, Willies then goes on about utilizing our government to solve this ongoing crisis - through a massive Keynesian Economic Expansion, or "National Socialization" - without any actual consideration of the consequences involved.

*** See: his recent video - calling for Massive New Socialization - below....

Progressive Blogger, Egberto Willies, calling for: "Massive New Governmental Socialization...."

Friday, August 6, 2010

Propostion 8: The Growing Gay Marriage Debate

America's growing divide over what constitutes "Marriage."
With the passage of Proposition 8 in California, I avoided commenting about it - knowing full well, that the Modern Liberal Justices in the State of California wouldn't allow this political referendum to go into effect unopposed. My own personal thinking was that I should wait until their inevitable State judicial ruling about Proposition 8 to respond. No one expected the ruling to be otherwise than it factually has occurred, and had it actually been so, I could [for once] relate some encouraging political news. Either way, it would be the opportune time to post a Real American Truth commentary upon what constitutes "Marriage" - from a: Social, Religious, and/or State perspective.

Well, the California Court has finally rendered its decision, and I thought I'd read a few other American's postings online - to see what they themselves had to say - before, at last, putting my fingers to the keys.... However, after reading the following article on: Prop 8/Marriage/Gay And Lesbian Equality - I decided to simply post a link to this other blogger's page, and move on. I [honestly] couldn't have written a better article myself, and the inherent logic is impeccable. Bravo to Vulcan 420, for his posting on the California Marriage Debate!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Modern Democratic-Republicans?

The Peace Dollar - A Two Headed Silver Coin....
Undoubtedly, at one time or another, you have heard some of your fellow American citizens refer to the Modern Democrats and their Modern Republican brothers as: "A Two Headed Dollar," "Opposite Sides Of The Very Same Coin," "The Two Faces Of One Political Party,"or [even] "The Lesser Of Two Equivalent Evils." You might not exactly understand to what particular aspects of these parties they actually refer, but - at the same time - you probably notice that something is definitely wrong. Often, in politics, a knowledge of history is the KEY to unlocking much greater political understanding... and this is [precisely] one of those times.

Thanks to our ongoing societal failure to more properly educate our children into American History, the average modern day citizen doesn't even realize that The Democrats and Republicans were once merely the two extremist ends of the same political party. The Democratic-Republicans were once a: richly historic, reasonably well balanced, and culturally vibrant political party - whose predominantly "middle of the road" membership valued both Individual Liberties and the Principles Of Conservatism which largely protected them. In those days, to be both: Liberal and Conservative wasn't considered in the least bit strange, or odd.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Budget Deficits, Public Debts, and Obligations Are Un-Sustainable

Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world...
As the new figures come in - from: The Federal Reserve, The United States Treasury, and The Congressional Budget Office - everyone is stating the politically unthinkable. America's: budgetary deficits, fiscal obligations, and overall debts are rapidly becoming unsustainable. Moreover, the solutions being presented are all extremely dire for our nation as a whole. Of course, if you are one of our regular readers, then you're not being caught by surprise... since we have been shouting this from the rooftops for a while now. Moreover, we are predicting much worse for the future, going forward. ***Watch this recent video clip, and read the rest of the article for our biting analysis....

Massive Spending Cuts or Value Added Taxes - probably both in near future.

If you're thinking that a Value Added Tax is equivalent to just another Sales Tax, then you're an idiot. Value Added Taxes are added to every step in the process from the production of raw materials to the retail transactions in the store. Consequently, they are a leading cause of inflation - in most western nations - which unduly harms those least capable of absorbing such egregious social effects. It amounts to a tax upon the poorest among us, since consumption bears no relative correlation to personal and accumulated wealth. The richest Americans will simply curtail their purchases commensurately, and the poorest among us will still need the very same necessities in life.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coin Sellers And Bullion Dealers Angered By New Federal Tax Law

Have you got Gold Fever? So does Uncle Sam, now....
If you have been: disturbed over the self-destructive financial policies of our Federal Government, outraged by the massive banking bailout, and mortified by the government then adding "Obama Care" - to its never ending laundry list of already underfunded obligations - then you are probably investing in: Platinum, Silver, and/or Gold. Let's face it, the question isn't whether our National Currency will eventually collapse, but rather, how quickly that [inescapable] day will come! Trust me, our political leaders know this fact, as well... and here's the [verifiable] proof of that claim.

Having realized that the American electorate is now wise to what's happening - and thus, increasingly hedging themselves against a falling dollar - our ever observant Congressional Leadership has quietly inserted a tack-on provision into The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [or, PPACA] to amend the Internal Revenue Code and expand the scope of the 1099 Form. Section 9006, of this new bill, will require all buyers, sellers, and dealers of: Silver, Platinum, and Gold - in coinage or bullion - to report these personal transactions on their 1099 Forms, starting January 1st of 2012.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The U.S. Dollar Is Finally Cracking Under The Weight Of Our Debts.

U.S. Dollar is falling like a rock against other commodities.
America's AAA Credit Rating was recently downgraded to AA- by China's new international credit rating agency... Reserve Banks around the globe are now selling U.S. Dollars and Dollar Backed Securities - in favor of hard currency assets... China is now publicly endorsing Silver [as well as, Gold] for domestic private investment... and American governmental insiders are discussing new "Greece-Like Austerity Measures" coming in the soon foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the American public largely continues to remain functionally asleep....

The following video conversation, between Paul Watson of and Alex Jones of, discusses the rapidly approaching ramifications of this ongoing adverse societal development. Even more disturbingly, from a public standpoint, they [like numerous noted economists] believe that the evidence clearly indicates an intentional and controlled economic implosion, by our Elected Leaders In Washington and those at The Federal Reserve - working in political unison.

Paul Watson discusses coming "Engineered Economic Collapse" with Alex Jones of

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Max Kaiser Accuses Ben Bernanke And Banking Cartels Of Intentionally Demolitioning Our Economy

The Rider of The Black Horse, holding the scales....
While Ben Bernanke still claims that America is on a fundamentally sound financial footing, the world reserve banks are quietly divesting themselves of U. S. Dollars in a very big way. Meanwhile, Economic Journalist and Financial Broadcaster Max Kaiser is openly stating what a growing number of Wall Street Economists [honestly] believe to be the true underlying economic facts. As he plainly states it, The American Financial Cartel - with Bernanke, at its head - is systematically destroying the American Economy for their own largely personal gains and international political agenda.

The fact that, the mainstream media interviewer - in this video - doesn't truly understand the significance in what Max Kaiser is openly saying is obvious. The number of different ways, in which he frames what is essentially the very same question - in his hope to obtain an entirely different answer - is quite revealing to those watching this recent video. Like the majority of those in the mainstream media, this reporter is looking for an easy and rose filled answer - which isn't currently an honest economic option. As such, Max Kaiser represents the voice of a Steadily Growing Economic Reality, which scares [even] the economically prepared, and is leading to the vehement internal denial of hundreds of millions which are far less fortunate!

Max Kaiser's disturbingly negative economic interview from Paris.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gerald Celente Moves Up Predicted Currency Crisis Timeline.

Gerald Celente: Trends Institute.
Economist Gerald Celente - director of Trends Market Research Institute -  moves up his prediction for the start of the Worldwide Currency Crisis and Eventual Economic Collapse. He is now predicting the end of 2010 and spring of 2011 - for the manifestation of this new darwinian economic dilemma. He is also quite adamant about the fundamentally viral nature of this rapidly developing international financial illness. According to Celente: The United States, The European Union, and Virtually All Of The Western World will pay dearly and substantially - for the adoption of such inherently destructive social and economic policies.

With a track record for consistent economic accuracy, Celente is a voice of reason which cannot be readily, or easily, dismissed. Therefore, everyone would be advised to watch and consider seriously precisely what he says over the next few months. More importantly, however, I would advise all of my readers to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario! When these Austrian Economists are [yet again] proven right, then you'll be very glad that you did.... 

Economist Celente moves up time line for Worldwide Currency Crisis.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Egberto Willies And Others Floating New Approach To Smear The Tea Party

Not having gained any real traction over their appeals that The Tea Party Movement is somehow a racist organization, The American Left is no somewhat altering their political tactics. They will do anything to prevent mainstream Americans from listening to the ongoing and formative debates - which have yet to hammer out any sort of consensus political platform, for The Tea Party in general. Frankly, calling it an Anti-Obama and/or Racist Organization is the only card available to them - at this time! By doing so, they hope to stifle normative American exposure to the very real issues currently being debated. ***See, video below....

Egberto Willies attempts to smear a "Tea Party Platform" that is yet to [factually] exist....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Mysteries Of American Politics

America has been changing, since long before Obama.
Over the last century, in American Politics, vast and substantially transformative changes have been wrought in our once benevolent Democratic-Republic. The very characteristic nature of our: people, families, societies, and public institutions have somehow devolved into something meaner, coarser, and [quite honestly] more sinister... and throughout it all vast amounts of wealth has largely been transferred. And yet, where did it truthfully all go?
  • It couldn't have gone to the poor - because we have more now than ever.
  • It couldn't have gone to the elderly - because they're as broke as ever.
  • It couldn't have gone to the minorities - because they're as situationally-trapped as ever.
  • It couldn't have paid for education - because a majority of our children are now functionally illiterate.
  • It couldn't have gone for infrastructure - because our roads and bridges are simply falling apart.

These are just a few of: "The Great Mysteries Of American Politics," and they open the door to a whole lot of very interesting political and societal questions. In today's biting social commentary, I'm not going to explain anything at all of significant political consequence. Rather, I am going to focus all of my mind altering efforts into providing you with the timely and relevant questions - which everyone should already be asking among themselves... for these are The Mysteries Of American Politics, and all "Real Americans" should honestly consider them. 

Modern Democrats And Why They All Suck

They're not the jack asses, we are!
Modern Democrats claim to be the living embodiment of "Traditional American Liberalism" - but, are they really? Can a political party that would:  knowingly ignore, intentionally violate, and willingly suspend The United States Constitution [honestly] stake such a remarkable claim? I think, not! 

Traditional American Liberalism held that nothing was of higher importance, principal, or value than The United Sates Constitution and the Individual and Personal Freedoms it largely protected. Our Founding Fathers [like Thomas Jefferson] understood that: "A Nation Of Free Men must have protection from the powers of an all intrusive government; and from the unscrupulous individuals who would utilize it for their own personal benefit or interests!" Meanwhile, The Constitution was provided to serve that very necessary service and all important function. It was a proscription against the continual usurpation and dangerous hegemony of an ever-expanding government.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Extended Unemployment Benefits Won't Pass In Senate

Extended Unemployment Benefits have continually failed to pass muster in the Senate, for the stated reason of unnecessarily increasing our growing national indebtedness unwisely. Ironically, however, these very same extended unemployment benefits are the: fastest, cheapest, most efficient, and even highly beneficial wealth transfers within our alarmingly complex "Social-Fascist System." More importantly, it provides a minimalist safety net and some form of hope for millions of now financially destitute Americans.

In a nation that can hand out: Trillions for The Banks, Hundreds Of Billions for Industry, and Tens Of Billions to Europe - Extended Unemployment Benefits represent only a few very small drops in the fiscal bucket. Nor, has our government stopped handing out, what is essentially, our own money! They are merely refusing to share, any of it, with us the taxpayers. The entire concept of this rapidly growing pattern is largely ridiculous. Let's consider all of the facts....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fascism Has Been Ripped Wide Open And Totally Exposed On TTAA Blog Site

Will America escape being a Fascist Dictatorship?
For the benefit of my readers at Real American Truth, I wish to point your attention - for the moment - to its sister blog The Truth About America. Many of you may be currently aware of this other blog site - which was actually the very first I ever set up online. Those of you who are, know that The Truth About America offers a more philosophically educational fair than this particular blog. Thus, its focus is far more educational than in dealing with the day to day perplexities of our ongoing American Life.

In fact, I started this particular blog so that I wouldn't continually water down that particular aspect with the ever important current events which are ultimately shaping our here and now! I believe that this was the right course to take, over all. However, from time to time, I may take the opportunity onto myself to point out an exceptionally good, timely, and relevant article upon one, or the other, of my four blogging sites. Yes, folks, you heard me right... I have four entirely different blog sites - each focused on a somewhat different aspect of our ever eroding American Society. These are [in no particular order]:

The article [in question] is entitled: "Fascism: Product Of The Right, Or The Left" and it discusses The Truth about Fascism in a way that anyone can quite readily understand. The arguments - being made - are: clear, concise, and wholly irrefutable. More importantly, it offers a great deal of insight into the direction, which we have [already] largely undertaken as a nation. While the Tea Party Movement is still amazingly rudderless and wandering after their Republican Handlers, the barbarians from both political tribes are burning all of our Traditional Institutions in Washington and swiftly turning the armies of Republican Style Democracy against us!

In my humble estimation, The Tea Party is still far too groggy from oversleeping to form an effective political resistance within the remaining time that we now have left. I wish it were not so, but alas our nation has forsaken properly educating its children for far too many years! By the time The Average American fully wakes up, and catches on to what is systematically happening within our country, we probably won't even have one.... I know, very pessimistic... but then, I'm a realist - who values "The Truth" above all else. You can't get anywhere while lying to yourselves: optimistically, or pessimistically, either.... Anyway, read the article, you'll be glad you did!

Again, Here's The Link: "Fascism: Product Of The Right, Or The Left."

Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama Nominates Rationing Czar To Medicare/Medicaid Position

After having nominated Dr. Donald Berwick to the position of Administrator for Medicare and Medicaid, President Barrack Obama may be feeling just a wee bit squeamish over this apparently unpopular  decision. The doctor - who by his own admission is a firm believer in: Social Healthcare Wealth Redistribution and Executively Rationed Medical Care - is causing some serious concerns for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, in front of America's ever watchful cameras.  For instance, this film clip courtesy of CNS *** See the video, below.

Dr. Donald Berwick spells trouble for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs....

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