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Monday, July 19, 2010

The U.S. Dollar Is Finally Cracking Under The Weight Of Our Debts.

U.S. Dollar is falling like a rock against other commodities.
America's AAA Credit Rating was recently downgraded to AA- by China's new international credit rating agency... Reserve Banks around the globe are now selling U.S. Dollars and Dollar Backed Securities - in favor of hard currency assets... China is now publicly endorsing Silver [as well as, Gold] for domestic private investment... and American governmental insiders are discussing new "Greece-Like Austerity Measures" coming in the soon foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the American public largely continues to remain functionally asleep....

The following video conversation, between Paul Watson of and Alex Jones of, discusses the rapidly approaching ramifications of this ongoing adverse societal development. Even more disturbingly, from a public standpoint, they [like numerous noted economists] believe that the evidence clearly indicates an intentional and controlled economic implosion, by our Elected Leaders In Washington and those at The Federal Reserve - working in political unison.

Paul Watson discusses coming "Engineered Economic Collapse" with Alex Jones of

Although the evidence - regarding an Intentionally Inflicted Economic Collapse - is still largely circumstantial, the sheer volume of it beginning to now accumulate is in and of itself quite politically damaging. The fact that our own governmental and financial institutions are primarily to blame for the ongoing collapse is no longer in dispute - from a verifiable and evidential perspective. The only question which remains is: "Whether our leaders are truly this dysfunctionally inept," or "Whether they are merely so evil and corrupt - as to intentionally do so?" Personally, I [too] believe in the latter - for certain scriptural reasons. For more information upon that particular spiritual perspective, visit our other blog site: The Truth About God.

However, regardless of the issues inherent in eventual culpability, the American public had better wake up and heed the sound financial advise attending these alarmingly numerous warning signals! The failure to do so will come at significant personal expense to hundreds of millions of currently apathetic American workers, retirees, and voters. A storm far greater than Hurricane Katrina is rapidly approaching - and its: massive size, all-encompassing scope,  and inherent destructive capacity will be equivalent to any historical world war. Nor, can our modern weapons and superior armaments [in any way] assist us, against it.

Timely and Significant Preparation will be The Ultimate Key to safety for many! Meanwhile, the lack of it, will be the eventual undoing of tens of millions across our once prosperous nation. History says that few - in America - will [honestly] heed this timely and relevant warning... and that is our greatest tragedy of all... for wise men need never fear the severity of such horrific consequences and calamities! After all, it is written that: "The rod is for the back of all fools..." and that: "The wicked man continues onward and receives his due punishment."

What many human beings fail to fully realize about Yahweh is that He [most frequently] utilizes our own wicked schemes as His preferred method of physical chastisement. It is only rarely that He directly even gets involved. What need has He for honestly doing so? We fail to remember that, He [Himself] - in the very beginning - devised the Universal Laws and Systemic Rules, by which men must faithfully operate! He is the original author of: Revealed History, Creative Science, Deductive Logic, and Intuitive Philosophy. Every humanly discernible tool of universal application was clearly defined and patently delineated in the very act of the initial creation.

Moreover, it is their inherently unchanging nature, that makes them of such a tremendous value to us - in the first place. If these rules were constantly: shifting, changing, and alterable, then nothing man desired to do could be cleverly and safely accomplished. Consequently, we must reverently: record, document, and retain the specific knowledge of our own past mistakes and failures... of such great importance is such accumulated human knowledge. The long term existence of our entire species depends upon it! In the meantime, the lessons imparted by "The End Times Period" will ultimately serve humanity well - long into her very distant future.

The U.S. Dollar Collapse and its eventually ensuing Worldwide Currency Crisis will eventually be merely one more lesson amid many leading up to our one greatest lesson of all. Even as: World War I, World War II, The Cold War, and The War On Terror will eventually impart equally significant and important spiritual lessons. That is why Yahweh long ago prophesied them and is allowing them to factually come to fruition. The Blood Price of these [first] Six Seals Of Revelation is entirely upon our own hands... and yet, the lessons being [thus] imparted come from Yahweh [Himself]. As is plainly stated in the scriptures, Evil and Self-Appointed Men are behind all of these very sad and tragic events!

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