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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Mysteries Of American Politics

America has been changing, since long before Obama.
Over the last century, in American Politics, vast and substantially transformative changes have been wrought in our once benevolent Democratic-Republic. The very characteristic nature of our: people, families, societies, and public institutions have somehow devolved into something meaner, coarser, and [quite honestly] more sinister... and throughout it all vast amounts of wealth has largely been transferred. And yet, where did it truthfully all go?
  • It couldn't have gone to the poor - because we have more now than ever.
  • It couldn't have gone to the elderly - because they're as broke as ever.
  • It couldn't have gone to the minorities - because they're as situationally-trapped as ever.
  • It couldn't have paid for education - because a majority of our children are now functionally illiterate.
  • It couldn't have gone for infrastructure - because our roads and bridges are simply falling apart.

These are just a few of: "The Great Mysteries Of American Politics," and they open the door to a whole lot of very interesting political and societal questions. In today's biting social commentary, I'm not going to explain anything at all of significant political consequence. Rather, I am going to focus all of my mind altering efforts into providing you with the timely and relevant questions - which everyone should already be asking among themselves... for these are The Mysteries Of American Politics, and all "Real Americans" should honestly consider them. 

  1. America has expended Trillions of Dollars fighting poverty - from our Inner Cities to Outer Appalachia - why are there now [factually] more poor among us, than ever before in our entire national history?
  2. America spends more on educating its children than any other ten countries combined - why are they failing even worse than before?
  3. How could the very same Federal Government possess two agencies as different as: The Department Of Defense and Homeland Security? One buys $400.00 toilet seats and $4,000.00 coffee pots, while the other builds hundreds of new detention centers and internment camp facilities - costing hundreds of billions of dollars - without any apparent funding [for it] at all.
  4. Why does Corporate America scream about new regulations and higher corporate taxes - while funding the very political candidates who do it - year after year?
  5. How come Democrats and Republicans call each other such outlandish things in front of the cameras - while so happily partying together virtually every other night?
  6. If America's businesses are honestly "Too Big To Fail," then why isn't anyone breaking them up? And why are their solutions always to consolidate them even more?
  7. If we are honestly "At War With Terror," then why are we still giving money to lots of different Terrorists?
  8. If we aren't instigating a North American Union, then why is The Canadian Parliament publicly telling their citizens that they're turning their military and border police assets over to us?
  9. Why is our government so careful to remind us that we aren't fighting a war with Islam and that all Muslims aren't Terrorists - while equally and publicly labeling all Bible Believing Judeo-Christians as potential Domestic Terrorists?
  10. Why are our elected leaders too afraid of The Federal Reserve to even investigate it?
  11. Why are so many of our leaders continually using known satanic hand signs in public, and even in front of the cameras?
  12. Why is the very same "Great American Pyramid Seal" engraved in the wall behind Pope Benedict's own pontifical throne?
  13. Why is our money covered with Masonic and Satanic symbols - while also saying, "In God We Trust?"
  14. Why would we attempt to prosecute Arizona for enforcing the exact same Federal Statutes, which they themselves won't?
  15. Why are The Republicans so vindictively "Anti-Conservative?"
  16. Why are The Democrats so militantly "Anti-Liberal?"
  17. How has peaceful religious tolerance for the few, become violent religious intolerance for the many?
  18. If America's Billionaires honestly care so much for the poor that they would have us all pay substantially more in new taxes, then why do they waste their own money on specialized accountants and tax liability attorneys? It would be cheaper, for them, to just write the check.
  19. How did lawyers [which are less than one percent of all Americans] get more than half of all high ranking new governmental jobs? 
  20. Why do alumni from only five colleges and universities, control the majority of both houses in Congress?
  21. Why do we keep writing ever more trivial laws regarding Individual and Personal Conduct, while not enforcing the truly important ones already on the books for numerous generations?
  22. What is the point in owning any property at all, when the yearly taxes are now often much greater than the original cost of building that particular home? To put it bluntly: "What is the point in renting our own personal property?"

These are all very good points for the intelligent American to conscientiously ponder... but let me leave you with a simple statement, by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "In the realms of politics and government, nothing ever happens by chance!"What he meant by this, of course, was that: every governmental policy, every law and regulation, every newly created agency, every infrastructural asset, and every weapon ever devised by our government will one day serve a predetermined political purpose... and considering "The Great Mysteries Of American Politics," we might want to know what that is... don't you think?

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