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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fascism Has Been Ripped Wide Open And Totally Exposed On TTAA Blog Site

Will America escape being a Fascist Dictatorship?
For the benefit of my readers at Real American Truth, I wish to point your attention - for the moment - to its sister blog The Truth About America. Many of you may be currently aware of this other blog site - which was actually the very first I ever set up online. Those of you who are, know that The Truth About America offers a more philosophically educational fair than this particular blog. Thus, its focus is far more educational than in dealing with the day to day perplexities of our ongoing American Life.

In fact, I started this particular blog so that I wouldn't continually water down that particular aspect with the ever important current events which are ultimately shaping our here and now! I believe that this was the right course to take, over all. However, from time to time, I may take the opportunity onto myself to point out an exceptionally good, timely, and relevant article upon one, or the other, of my four blogging sites. Yes, folks, you heard me right... I have four entirely different blog sites - each focused on a somewhat different aspect of our ever eroding American Society. These are [in no particular order]:

The article [in question] is entitled: "Fascism: Product Of The Right, Or The Left" and it discusses The Truth about Fascism in a way that anyone can quite readily understand. The arguments - being made - are: clear, concise, and wholly irrefutable. More importantly, it offers a great deal of insight into the direction, which we have [already] largely undertaken as a nation. While the Tea Party Movement is still amazingly rudderless and wandering after their Republican Handlers, the barbarians from both political tribes are burning all of our Traditional Institutions in Washington and swiftly turning the armies of Republican Style Democracy against us!

In my humble estimation, The Tea Party is still far too groggy from oversleeping to form an effective political resistance within the remaining time that we now have left. I wish it were not so, but alas our nation has forsaken properly educating its children for far too many years! By the time The Average American fully wakes up, and catches on to what is systematically happening within our country, we probably won't even have one.... I know, very pessimistic... but then, I'm a realist - who values "The Truth" above all else. You can't get anywhere while lying to yourselves: optimistically, or pessimistically, either.... Anyway, read the article, you'll be glad you did!

Again, Here's The Link: "Fascism: Product Of The Right, Or The Left."

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