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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gerald Celente Moves Up Predicted Currency Crisis Timeline.

Gerald Celente: Trends Institute.
Economist Gerald Celente - director of Trends Market Research Institute -  moves up his prediction for the start of the Worldwide Currency Crisis and Eventual Economic Collapse. He is now predicting the end of 2010 and spring of 2011 - for the manifestation of this new darwinian economic dilemma. He is also quite adamant about the fundamentally viral nature of this rapidly developing international financial illness. According to Celente: The United States, The European Union, and Virtually All Of The Western World will pay dearly and substantially - for the adoption of such inherently destructive social and economic policies.

With a track record for consistent economic accuracy, Celente is a voice of reason which cannot be readily, or easily, dismissed. Therefore, everyone would be advised to watch and consider seriously precisely what he says over the next few months. More importantly, however, I would advise all of my readers to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario! When these Austrian Economists are [yet again] proven right, then you'll be very glad that you did.... 

Economist Celente moves up time line for Worldwide Currency Crisis.

Such Economic News may seem rather pessimistic, or negative in nature, but this particular blog site is dedicated to providing "Real American Truth" - wherever it may be honestly found. Rather than adhering to unwarranted and factually dangerous political optimism, we feel that a properly informed citizenry and electorate is in the best interest of all Real Americans everywhere. It is the lies - which have been: fostered, perpetrated, and perpetuated by our long standing leadership and media - that have brought America to this current and particular dilemma. The prolonged continuance of these tremendously dishonest policies will only exacerbate our own societal problems.

Meanwhile, the continuing bravery of The Austrian Economists to dutifully and honestly report such necessary bad news - while receiving such: personal abuse, mockery, and contempt - is highly commendable. Particularly, since a nation as foolish as this one, honestly deserves to reap the full measures of its eventual self-inflicted societal chastening. However, these honest and faithful economic watchmen continue to stand in the breach. Economists like: Gerald Celente, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Niall Ferguson, and so many others are several steps above their more bloodthirsty and criminal Keynesian Economic cousins.

Although America - as a whole - may have finally rejected God, these men are living proof that He [Himself] hasn't entirely rejected us. Though our nation may receive the penalty of its own foolish wickedness, the more god-fearing and prudent individuals among her may yet stand to benefit from such wizened and sound economic advice. For assuredly it has been written:
  • "A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself; but the simple pass on and are punished." - Proverbs 27:12.

***Note: For more on the soon coming Worldwide Currency Crisis, see:

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