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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peter Schiff Predicts Worldwide Currency Collapse And Hyperinflation

Peter Schiff, the world renowned market economist and leader of Euro-Pacific Capital, has been predicting "A Worldwide Currency Collapse" with "Massive Amounts Of Hyperinflation" in the western democracies of Europe and North America. Moreover, it will hit America particularly hard in the coming two years. As a strong proponent of Austrian Economics, over the Keynesian Economic Model, his dire predictions for The United States and The European Union have been consistently right concerning the markets over a thirty year period of time. More recently, he was only one of four economists to predict the recent "Housing Bubble" and "2008 Banking Crisis" - which rapidly followed.

A Worldwide Currency Crisis is coming - with economist Peter Schiff.

While others were laughing and mocking him in 2007/2008, his calmly stated assurance of the impending Banking Crisis was remarkably unshakable. He spoke with the authority of significant foreknowledge and his dire predictions once again bore out his wizened counsel. Remarkably, with such a significant personal track record, many of them are once again ignoring his well-thought out observations and inevitable economic predictions. Meanwhile, however, others are wisely and quietly investing in the more stable commodities of: Platinum, Gold, and [even] Silver.

Although most Americans fully realize that we cannot continue to print our way out of this current economic crisis, many of them are unaware of the true severity of our financial troubles. Meanwhile, Schiff blames this effect, upon: "The Dollar's Esteemed Status as the Current World Reserve Currency..." however, he predicts that the Chinese and other Asian nations will soon ditch the dollar and allow it to sink under its own increasingly voluminous weight.

Nor, is he alone in this predictable assumption. Other leading Austrian Economists, such as: Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, Max Keiser, and Niall Ferguson are being even more vocal regarding this imminent Currency Crisis - if, that's even possible. Former Undersecretary Of Treasury [for Reagan] Paul Roberts has even spoken out about its current inevitability. The fact, that the major banking institutions [themselves] are increasing their holdings in precious metals, is now almost anticlimactic.

Real American Truth can sometimes be scary... life is like that... however, no matter how scary it may be, we cannot just stick out heads into the sand and ignore it! Those who honestly prepare for life's storms will always fare better than those who refuse to take heart and listen to sound reasoning. I would advise my readership to wake up and listen to these consistently accurate Austrian Economics proponents.

With Platinum and Gold reaching all time new highs, most Middle Class Americans will soon find them priced completely out of sight! However, Silver is now still a considerable bargain and is well priced to purchase your daily necessities - while functioning in our rapidly approaching new societal reality. I would advise everyone to purchase these one ounce ingots, or coins, for that reason. Even, if you can't afford to invest much, [even] five or ten thousand dollars in 1 oz Silver Coins will provide a reasonable [or minimal] hedge against this future difficulty.

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