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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Budget Deficits, Public Debts, and Obligations Are Un-Sustainable

Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world...
As the new figures come in - from: The Federal Reserve, The United States Treasury, and The Congressional Budget Office - everyone is stating the politically unthinkable. America's: budgetary deficits, fiscal obligations, and overall debts are rapidly becoming unsustainable. Moreover, the solutions being presented are all extremely dire for our nation as a whole. Of course, if you are one of our regular readers, then you're not being caught by surprise... since we have been shouting this from the rooftops for a while now. Moreover, we are predicting much worse for the future, going forward. ***Watch this recent video clip, and read the rest of the article for our biting analysis....

Massive Spending Cuts or Value Added Taxes - probably both in near future.

If you're thinking that a Value Added Tax is equivalent to just another Sales Tax, then you're an idiot. Value Added Taxes are added to every step in the process from the production of raw materials to the retail transactions in the store. Consequently, they are a leading cause of inflation - in most western nations - which unduly harms those least capable of absorbing such egregious social effects. It amounts to a tax upon the poorest among us, since consumption bears no relative correlation to personal and accumulated wealth. The richest Americans will simply curtail their purchases commensurately, and the poorest among us will still need the very same necessities in life.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coin Sellers And Bullion Dealers Angered By New Federal Tax Law

Have you got Gold Fever? So does Uncle Sam, now....
If you have been: disturbed over the self-destructive financial policies of our Federal Government, outraged by the massive banking bailout, and mortified by the government then adding "Obama Care" - to its never ending laundry list of already underfunded obligations - then you are probably investing in: Platinum, Silver, and/or Gold. Let's face it, the question isn't whether our National Currency will eventually collapse, but rather, how quickly that [inescapable] day will come! Trust me, our political leaders know this fact, as well... and here's the [verifiable] proof of that claim.

Having realized that the American electorate is now wise to what's happening - and thus, increasingly hedging themselves against a falling dollar - our ever observant Congressional Leadership has quietly inserted a tack-on provision into The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [or, PPACA] to amend the Internal Revenue Code and expand the scope of the 1099 Form. Section 9006, of this new bill, will require all buyers, sellers, and dealers of: Silver, Platinum, and Gold - in coinage or bullion - to report these personal transactions on their 1099 Forms, starting January 1st of 2012.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The U.S. Dollar Is Finally Cracking Under The Weight Of Our Debts.

U.S. Dollar is falling like a rock against other commodities.
America's AAA Credit Rating was recently downgraded to AA- by China's new international credit rating agency... Reserve Banks around the globe are now selling U.S. Dollars and Dollar Backed Securities - in favor of hard currency assets... China is now publicly endorsing Silver [as well as, Gold] for domestic private investment... and American governmental insiders are discussing new "Greece-Like Austerity Measures" coming in the soon foreseeable future. Meanwhile, the American public largely continues to remain functionally asleep....

The following video conversation, between Paul Watson of and Alex Jones of, discusses the rapidly approaching ramifications of this ongoing adverse societal development. Even more disturbingly, from a public standpoint, they [like numerous noted economists] believe that the evidence clearly indicates an intentional and controlled economic implosion, by our Elected Leaders In Washington and those at The Federal Reserve - working in political unison.

Paul Watson discusses coming "Engineered Economic Collapse" with Alex Jones of

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Max Kaiser Accuses Ben Bernanke And Banking Cartels Of Intentionally Demolitioning Our Economy

The Rider of The Black Horse, holding the scales....
While Ben Bernanke still claims that America is on a fundamentally sound financial footing, the world reserve banks are quietly divesting themselves of U. S. Dollars in a very big way. Meanwhile, Economic Journalist and Financial Broadcaster Max Kaiser is openly stating what a growing number of Wall Street Economists [honestly] believe to be the true underlying economic facts. As he plainly states it, The American Financial Cartel - with Bernanke, at its head - is systematically destroying the American Economy for their own largely personal gains and international political agenda.

The fact that, the mainstream media interviewer - in this video - doesn't truly understand the significance in what Max Kaiser is openly saying is obvious. The number of different ways, in which he frames what is essentially the very same question - in his hope to obtain an entirely different answer - is quite revealing to those watching this recent video. Like the majority of those in the mainstream media, this reporter is looking for an easy and rose filled answer - which isn't currently an honest economic option. As such, Max Kaiser represents the voice of a Steadily Growing Economic Reality, which scares [even] the economically prepared, and is leading to the vehement internal denial of hundreds of millions which are far less fortunate!

Max Kaiser's disturbingly negative economic interview from Paris.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Gerald Celente Moves Up Predicted Currency Crisis Timeline.

Gerald Celente: Trends Institute.
Economist Gerald Celente - director of Trends Market Research Institute -  moves up his prediction for the start of the Worldwide Currency Crisis and Eventual Economic Collapse. He is now predicting the end of 2010 and spring of 2011 - for the manifestation of this new darwinian economic dilemma. He is also quite adamant about the fundamentally viral nature of this rapidly developing international financial illness. According to Celente: The United States, The European Union, and Virtually All Of The Western World will pay dearly and substantially - for the adoption of such inherently destructive social and economic policies.

With a track record for consistent economic accuracy, Celente is a voice of reason which cannot be readily, or easily, dismissed. Therefore, everyone would be advised to watch and consider seriously precisely what he says over the next few months. More importantly, however, I would advise all of my readers to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario! When these Austrian Economists are [yet again] proven right, then you'll be very glad that you did.... 

Economist Celente moves up time line for Worldwide Currency Crisis.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Egberto Willies And Others Floating New Approach To Smear The Tea Party

Not having gained any real traction over their appeals that The Tea Party Movement is somehow a racist organization, The American Left is no somewhat altering their political tactics. They will do anything to prevent mainstream Americans from listening to the ongoing and formative debates - which have yet to hammer out any sort of consensus political platform, for The Tea Party in general. Frankly, calling it an Anti-Obama and/or Racist Organization is the only card available to them - at this time! By doing so, they hope to stifle normative American exposure to the very real issues currently being debated. ***See, video below....

Egberto Willies attempts to smear a "Tea Party Platform" that is yet to [factually] exist....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Great Mysteries Of American Politics

America has been changing, since long before Obama.
Over the last century, in American Politics, vast and substantially transformative changes have been wrought in our once benevolent Democratic-Republic. The very characteristic nature of our: people, families, societies, and public institutions have somehow devolved into something meaner, coarser, and [quite honestly] more sinister... and throughout it all vast amounts of wealth has largely been transferred. And yet, where did it truthfully all go?
  • It couldn't have gone to the poor - because we have more now than ever.
  • It couldn't have gone to the elderly - because they're as broke as ever.
  • It couldn't have gone to the minorities - because they're as situationally-trapped as ever.
  • It couldn't have paid for education - because a majority of our children are now functionally illiterate.
  • It couldn't have gone for infrastructure - because our roads and bridges are simply falling apart.

These are just a few of: "The Great Mysteries Of American Politics," and they open the door to a whole lot of very interesting political and societal questions. In today's biting social commentary, I'm not going to explain anything at all of significant political consequence. Rather, I am going to focus all of my mind altering efforts into providing you with the timely and relevant questions - which everyone should already be asking among themselves... for these are The Mysteries Of American Politics, and all "Real Americans" should honestly consider them. 

Modern Democrats And Why They All Suck

They're not the jack asses, we are!
Modern Democrats claim to be the living embodiment of "Traditional American Liberalism" - but, are they really? Can a political party that would:  knowingly ignore, intentionally violate, and willingly suspend The United States Constitution [honestly] stake such a remarkable claim? I think, not! 

Traditional American Liberalism held that nothing was of higher importance, principal, or value than The United Sates Constitution and the Individual and Personal Freedoms it largely protected. Our Founding Fathers [like Thomas Jefferson] understood that: "A Nation Of Free Men must have protection from the powers of an all intrusive government; and from the unscrupulous individuals who would utilize it for their own personal benefit or interests!" Meanwhile, The Constitution was provided to serve that very necessary service and all important function. It was a proscription against the continual usurpation and dangerous hegemony of an ever-expanding government.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Extended Unemployment Benefits Won't Pass In Senate

Extended Unemployment Benefits have continually failed to pass muster in the Senate, for the stated reason of unnecessarily increasing our growing national indebtedness unwisely. Ironically, however, these very same extended unemployment benefits are the: fastest, cheapest, most efficient, and even highly beneficial wealth transfers within our alarmingly complex "Social-Fascist System." More importantly, it provides a minimalist safety net and some form of hope for millions of now financially destitute Americans.

In a nation that can hand out: Trillions for The Banks, Hundreds Of Billions for Industry, and Tens Of Billions to Europe - Extended Unemployment Benefits represent only a few very small drops in the fiscal bucket. Nor, has our government stopped handing out, what is essentially, our own money! They are merely refusing to share, any of it, with us the taxpayers. The entire concept of this rapidly growing pattern is largely ridiculous. Let's consider all of the facts....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fascism Has Been Ripped Wide Open And Totally Exposed On TTAA Blog Site

Will America escape being a Fascist Dictatorship?
For the benefit of my readers at Real American Truth, I wish to point your attention - for the moment - to its sister blog The Truth About America. Many of you may be currently aware of this other blog site - which was actually the very first I ever set up online. Those of you who are, know that The Truth About America offers a more philosophically educational fair than this particular blog. Thus, its focus is far more educational than in dealing with the day to day perplexities of our ongoing American Life.

In fact, I started this particular blog so that I wouldn't continually water down that particular aspect with the ever important current events which are ultimately shaping our here and now! I believe that this was the right course to take, over all. However, from time to time, I may take the opportunity onto myself to point out an exceptionally good, timely, and relevant article upon one, or the other, of my four blogging sites. Yes, folks, you heard me right... I have four entirely different blog sites - each focused on a somewhat different aspect of our ever eroding American Society. These are [in no particular order]:

The article [in question] is entitled: "Fascism: Product Of The Right, Or The Left" and it discusses The Truth about Fascism in a way that anyone can quite readily understand. The arguments - being made - are: clear, concise, and wholly irrefutable. More importantly, it offers a great deal of insight into the direction, which we have [already] largely undertaken as a nation. While the Tea Party Movement is still amazingly rudderless and wandering after their Republican Handlers, the barbarians from both political tribes are burning all of our Traditional Institutions in Washington and swiftly turning the armies of Republican Style Democracy against us!

In my humble estimation, The Tea Party is still far too groggy from oversleeping to form an effective political resistance within the remaining time that we now have left. I wish it were not so, but alas our nation has forsaken properly educating its children for far too many years! By the time The Average American fully wakes up, and catches on to what is systematically happening within our country, we probably won't even have one.... I know, very pessimistic... but then, I'm a realist - who values "The Truth" above all else. You can't get anywhere while lying to yourselves: optimistically, or pessimistically, either.... Anyway, read the article, you'll be glad you did!

Again, Here's The Link: "Fascism: Product Of The Right, Or The Left."

Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama Nominates Rationing Czar To Medicare/Medicaid Position

After having nominated Dr. Donald Berwick to the position of Administrator for Medicare and Medicaid, President Barrack Obama may be feeling just a wee bit squeamish over this apparently unpopular  decision. The doctor - who by his own admission is a firm believer in: Social Healthcare Wealth Redistribution and Executively Rationed Medical Care - is causing some serious concerns for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, in front of America's ever watchful cameras.  For instance, this film clip courtesy of CNS *** See the video, below.

Dr. Donald Berwick spells trouble for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs....

Financial Regulatory Bill Awaits Senatorial Approval

The Master's Plantation House in D.C.
A Financial Regulatory Bill - which would give Federal Authorities: Far Ranging, New, and Abusive Powers over your personal financial information - has already been given a green light by The House Of Representatives and now merely awaits for United States Senate approval. Just another blatant example of your Constitutional Freedoms And Rights rapidly disappearing into the New World Order rabbit hole. President Barrack Obama and our other Tyrannical Leaders seem "Hell Bent" upon accomplishing their N.W.O. agenda pretty damn quickly!

This, coming on top of [numerous] other power grabs this year, ought to raise some Red Flags all over our purportedly "Freedom Loving" country... and yet, the average American voter is still largely oblivious to these ever-encroaching political actions. I guess it's okay when the despots are [self-proclaimed] "Liberals..." even, if their actions are anything but! Meanwhile, had a [self-proclaimed] "Conservative" undertaken such an: unlawful, socially destructive, and anarchist action - then most certainly there would have been "Hell To Pay." This is not to say, that anyone should be able to do these things - but that, the dichotomy of the mental compartmentalization in American Politics is simply astonishing.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Warning Signs Of Economic Collapse: The $14 Trillion Dollar Debt Bomb

Michael Pento, senior market strategist for Delta Global Advisers, appeared on Tech / Ticker with Aaron Task recently and made some very dire predictions regarding our mounting United States Debt Crisis. According to him, we are now less than only four years away from our own "Greece Like" Financial Implosion. More importantly, he says, there isn't anyone large enough or rich enough to bail us out of this mess - once the dominoes have finally started to drop. Thus, we will see a period of Gross Hyperinflation - as The Federal Reserve will be ultimately forced to monetize all of this accrued public debt.

Please take your time, to watch the video below:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

American Independence: After 234 Years, The Battle Still Rages On....

A New Nation is being drafted and born....
Contrary to popular opinion, America didn't obtain its Independence 234 years ago. Nor, did we ultimately gain Our Freedom in 1781. For, had that truly been the case, there would have been no need to continually fight all of these ongoing battles to: foster, protect, and maintain it! What I'm saying, folks, is that: "Wars are never over until the enemy finally: grows weary, stands exhausted, and ultimately capitulates; and the enemies of American Freedom have never done so."

It s true that we have enjoyed momentary truces and lulls in this epochal battle. After all, our enemies are wise enough to understand what's working and what's not. They have often taken these times to: retool, regroup, and rearm. They have [just as often] adjusted and shifted their: strategies, tactics, and focus. But until they are totally victorious, they will always continue the fight!  Although many Americans have now grown weary in this never-ending battle, the stakes are now higher than ever. We must strengthen our knees, and stand firmly, or everything will soon be lost.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gerald Celente Predicts Economic Crisis Is Bigger Than Many Suspect

Gerald Celente: American Economic Guru.
Gerald CelenteDirector of Trends Research Institute, and a noted critic of: The Federal Reserve, Several Political Administrations, and Wall Street - is calling for a Worldwide Currency Collapse within the next 18 months to 2 years. Thus, lending his strong and opinionated voice to the statements of: Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Max Keiser, Niall Ferguson, and so many others.

Like Schiff, Celente accurately predicted the recent Housing Bubble and The Banking Collapse - which, days later, rapidly followed. His intuitive instinct and proven track record  - at predicting future economic events and activities - is somewhat remarkable. Nor, is he afraid to tell us: "The Truth" - when no one else will. Personally, I wouldn't ignore anything that either Celente or Schiff has predicted... those who do, will ultimately regret it!

Barrack Obama Isn't Our First Non-Christian President....

The "New World Order" isn't New - it started in 1776.
Lest, any of my readers think that I am just picking on [little old] President Barrack Hussein Obama, I though I'd make you fully aware of something important. Obama isn't the first Non-Christian President in America's illustrious political history! Frankly, our nation has had many of them.... It would be much easier, by far, to name the handful that were Christian in any meaningfully [or, significantly] fundamental way. The majority of them merely told their fellow Americans that which was: highly useful, functionally inspirational, and/or politically required.

In fact, to set the record straight and to make it perfectly clear: The Illuminati, Freemasons, Satanists, and Luciferians have always dominated our American political arena! How can this be, you ask? Haven't most of them expended great effort in talking about God? Most certainly... and what of it? It is nothing new for Lucifer to cloth himself as "an angel of light." Nor, is it anything new for his own ministers to speak to us from our very own pulpits. Yahshua [Jesus] Himself warned you of this, and you chose to blatantly disregard Him....

President Barrack Obama: Anti-Christ, Or Just Anti-Christian

Barrack Obama publicly and openly mocks God.
According to recent polls being conducted in America, 56 percent of the American population firmly believes that: we are [now] factually living in "The Biblical Last Days." Even more startlingly, according to one recent poll, 35 percent of Conservatives and 21 percent of Liberals living in the State of New Jersey believe President Barrack Hussein Obama to be the Biblical Antichrist that the world has so long awaited - before, the "End Time Period." Could Barrack Obama [honestly] be "The Antichrist?" Or, is he [just] the first openly Anti-Christian President in our American history?

It is interesting to note, that when it comes to the practice of Judeo-Christian religion, America is now the most lukewarm nation upon Earth. While some 76 percent of Americans openly profess to be believers, the majority of Americans today do not even meet the minimalist "Pharisaical Standards" railed against by Christ - more than two thousand years ago. How is it that, we have forgotten these few simple words: "For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven...?" How is it, that such a powerful, far seeing, and richly adorned nation - has become so pitiful, blind, and naked - in so short a period of time? Could it be the readily apparent result of our "Latter Day" godlessness? You, think?

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