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Friday, February 18, 2011

America In Biblical Prophecy

While so much human attention is being focused upon Current Events in The Middle East, a certain fulfillment of biblical prophecy [Isaiah 19], events are also happening Much Closer To Home.... After all, The United States - itself - is growing increasingly unstable in all of its: Social, Spiritual, Economic, and Political Foundations... and its own human population is growing tremendously uneasy! Exactly what is going on over here? The Answer can be [honestly] found in Isaiah Chapter 18 - as reported in the following well-written article, at: The Truth About America.

The article: "Is Isaiah Chapter 18: A Prophecy Regarding America" - points out that every nation possesses certain Fundamental Characteristics, which are key and clear descriptors, that definitively denote [precisely] who they are... and that, America possesses a very unique combination of National Characteristics - shared by no other nation or people, throughout our entire human history.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Middle East Problem In A Nutshell

The "Middle East Conflict" continues....

The Middle-East Problem can be explained quite simply, and I have heard numerous explanations of it... but nothing has ever seemed quite as simple of an explanation as this. The following video, presented by Dennis Prager, is exceptionally well-done and historically quite accurate. Everyone should honestly watch this video, simply entitled: "The Middle East Problem!"

"The Middle East Problem" - by Dennis Prager.....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Was Egyptian Unrest Foreordained In Prophecy

Egyptian Unrest continues to grow.....
Egypt has been all over The News recently and every major network has been recording these ongoing political developments. After all, there is a great deal of World Interest in what is happening over there - at this particular moment. What started out as "A Predominantly Peaceful Demonstration" against: Its Highly Corrupt Government, Terribly High Unemployment, and Devastatingly Low Wages - has more recently grown into a firestorm in intensity; and most of its government has resigned, with the exception of President Hosni Mubarek.

But of course, it's Mubarek who is the principle facilitator behind much of this Ongoing and Increasing Unrest. Rather than quietly stepping down as President For Life [or Dictator], he has rallied certain Counter-Revolutionary Forces underneath him - in his effort to remain firmly in power. Meanwhile, it is these More Violent and Mubarek Controlled Forces that have exacerbated Egypt's Rapidly Developing Political Turmoil.

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