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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Middle East Problem In A Nutshell

The "Middle East Conflict" continues....

The Middle-East Problem can be explained quite simply, and I have heard numerous explanations of it... but nothing has ever seemed quite as simple of an explanation as this. The following video, presented by Dennis Prager, is exceptionally well-done and historically quite accurate. Everyone should honestly watch this video, simply entitled: "The Middle East Problem!"

"The Middle East Problem" - by Dennis Prager.....

I Prayerfully Hope, that you've enjoyed this video and truly understood its Highly Important Message for all people everywhere. Peace cannot exist anywhere without all parties Honestly and Truthfully Desiring It.  To say that one desires "Peace," while they are extensively waging "An Aggressive War" upon another, is the height of Arrogant Foolishness... and yet, it honestly happens everyday.

We shall not have "Peace" anywhere, until human beings can find it within themselves to be Truly Motivated by LOVE! War and Hatred isn't just an Israeli Dilemma. Every nation upon the Earth has suffered at the hands of still others. It has stricken every: Tribe, Kindred, and People everywhere. Can we not, yet still see this?

Consider, What Yahweh Says:
  • "O Foolish Man, when shall you soften your hearts and truly listen to me...?" 
  • "Out of the same mouth proceeds both blessing and cursing. My bretheren these things ought not to be so." - James 3:10. 
  • "How long shall you remain of two opinions?" - 1 Kings 18:21.
  • "A Double-Minded Man is unstable in all of his ways." - James 1:8.

We Must Do As We Say... not deceitfully, as so many still continue to do! If we Truly Want Peace, then we shall readily Obtain It. If not, then no amount of Political Concessions will ever be enough.... For that is the nature of the matter, in a nutshell.

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