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Monday, August 1, 2011

Were those Dirty F@3*ing Hippies Right, or weren't they....

Of course, while we're discussing all of those ' Now Aging, Baby Boomers ' - I think it might be somewhat appropriate to address another popular video. This video, entitled: " Those Dirty F@#*ing Hippies Were Right! " - is a brilliant piece of: Selective Historical Editing and Trash Talking Propaganda. Please take the necessary six minutes to watch it, and bear in mind that ninety percent of it is actually quite accurate. The video is directly below....

The Real American Truth

"Those Dirty F@#*ing Hippies Were Right!"

Apart from all that crap about Global Warming, the substance of this video is actually Relatively Truthful. So, why do I call it ' Trash Talking Propaganda '? Because, it is! Just stop for a moment and ask yourselves this one honest and simple question: " During Which Generation Of Americans, Did All Those Long Stated Things Come To Pass? " Perhaps, the well known lyrics of a once popular song - from the late 1960's - may help you:

" This is The Age [ The Era ] of Aquarius... AqUARius... AquariUS.... [ Aquarius... You Are... Us ] ! "

You see, folks, it was ' A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy '... since, the very same people who made all of those earlier statements, are the very same ones who've been largely controlling our government for the last 40 years! Don't let them fool you... those [ self-proclaimed ]: " Dirty F@#*ing Hippies " - have been controlling Both Mainstream Political Parties. In all honesty, The Democrats and The Republicans are just the two different sides on the very same coin.

Meanwhile, they've been playing ' The Good Cop / Bad Cop Scenario '; and are still milking it for all that it's worth - just like almost every generation before them! The difference is that no other generation, before them, was ever: So Selfish, Utterly Materialistic,  and Short Term Minded - as to slaughter the goose, that laid the golden eggs for everyone. To say that they sold out, would be far more than a major understatement. Moreover, the leaders within ' Their Movement ' knew exactly what they were doing....


  1. Great post. And interesting how you point out that the same generation that bitched and moaned about these things in the '60s is the generation causing them now. I've added you to my blogroll. Check out my blog some time:

  2. Yep you nailed it with this post.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. It saddens me that the Hippie movement has become the representation for Peace. Since so many conservatives shudder at the idea of being called a hippy, the lean hard from it and its intended Peaceful message. I have not seen one GOP candidate besides Ron Paul even murmur the word peace, as to not look like a stinking hippy we must advocate machismo brute force to settle every problem. Interesting post.



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