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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is God just Punishing Japan, or is, He depriving Her Seaports to Tyre.

Tsunami HoaxImage by astanhope via Flickr
The Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami.
With The Recent Destruction In Japan, many 'True Believers' are aware of the Biblical Implications - of such a nationwide tragedy. After all, nothing of this Immensity and Scale has ever happened before. The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami was monumental. Hundreds Of Thousands are now dead... Millions More have been left homeless... Entire Cities have been reduced to complete trash and rubble... and Millions Of Square Miles have been irradiated and made toxic. Could this horrific disaster have truly been 'An Act Of God'? And if so, then most of us would [probably] like to know why?

Just watch, The Following Short Video....

The Real American Truth

The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami.

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