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Monday, June 28, 2010

Modern Republicans And Why I'm Not One

G.O.P. Party Symbol.
Modern Republicans claim to be the living embodiment of "Traditional American Conservatism" - but, are they really? Can a political party that would:  knowingly ignore, intentionally violate, and willingly suspend The United States Constitution [honestly] stake such a remarkable claim? I think, not! 

Traditional American Conservatism held that nothing was of higher importance, principal, or value than The Constitution. Our enlightened ancestors rightly understood that: "A Nation Of Freemen must have protection from the powers of all intrusive government and the individuals who would utilize it for their own personal benefit and interests!" Meanwhile, The Constitution was provided - by our founding fathers - to serve that very necessary service and all important societal function. It was a proscription against the continual usurpation and dangerous hegemony of an ever-expanding government.

Had it been faithfully enforced, as it was written, America would still be the greatest nation upon Earth. Nor, can Republicans blame its overall destruction solely upon The Democrats - as they would like us, to so foolishly believe. The Democrats couldn't accomplish anything - over the years - which Republicans weren't fully complicit in factually allowing. And there has been no historical record, of any actions having been taken, at repealing any of these supposedly Democratic political enactments. Not even, while controlling The Presidency and both of the Legislative Houses....

Moreover, the most egregious and unconstitutional actions of all, have historically occurred during Modern Republican Administrations. Nixon, Reagan, and Bush have enacted more nationally destructive policies than any Democrats in history - with the exception of [perhaps] Franklin D. Roosevelt. Nixon oversaw the eventual systematic destruction of our American Currency... Reagan created and established The Shadow Government - under the onus of Cold War National Security... and Bush instituted "The Patriot Act" suspending any pretense toward obeying The Constitution - even, in principle!

Obama is merely taking such unconstitutional policies to their inevitable conclusion... that being: A Totalitarian And Authoritarian Social-Fascist Police State! After all, The Modern Republicans - the self-proclaimed "Traditional American Conservatives" - have provided them this unlawful mechanism to use it... and they certainly cannot complain, when someone inevitably does. That would be extremely disingenuous and eminently hypocritical. In all relevant truth, the G.O.P. is: "The Anti-Conservative Party."

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