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Thursday, July 1, 2010

President Barrack Obama: Anti-Christ, Or Just Anti-Christian

Barrack Obama publicly and openly mocks God.
According to recent polls being conducted in America, 56 percent of the American population firmly believes that: we are [now] factually living in "The Biblical Last Days." Even more startlingly, according to one recent poll, 35 percent of Conservatives and 21 percent of Liberals living in the State of New Jersey believe President Barrack Hussein Obama to be the Biblical Antichrist that the world has so long awaited - before, the "End Time Period." Could Barrack Obama [honestly] be "The Antichrist?" Or, is he [just] the first openly Anti-Christian President in our American history?

It is interesting to note, that when it comes to the practice of Judeo-Christian religion, America is now the most lukewarm nation upon Earth. While some 76 percent of Americans openly profess to be believers, the majority of Americans today do not even meet the minimalist "Pharisaical Standards" railed against by Christ - more than two thousand years ago. How is it that, we have forgotten these few simple words: "For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven...?" How is it, that such a powerful, far seeing, and richly adorned nation - has become so pitiful, blind, and naked - in so short a period of time? Could it be the readily apparent result of our "Latter Day" godlessness? You, think?

A "Gospel Of Greed" has replaced The Gospel Of Christ.
Our Modern American Nation has exchanged The Gospel Of Christ for "A Gospel Of Greed," and the results are obvious to anyone possessing even a twinge of spiritual consciousness! We have neglected the study of God's word and listened to soothsayers and false prophets... We have neglected the: disciplining, instruction, and familial fellowship of our children and entrusted them to the guidance of corrupted, perverted, and evil men... We have stolen and squandered their financial inheritance and/or cultural birthright... and we drive around with bumper stickers flaunting this perverse societal wickedness - saying: "Spend It All, Before You Die!"

Is that, how our Enlightened Ancestors treated us? Is that, a "Traditional American" concept? Is that in any: way, shape, or form "Christian?" Of course, Not! We have become A Nation Of Liars And Hypocrites... we are now rotten, self-centered, and perverse at our core... and unless something changes very soon, we are destined to be punished most severely for these: immoral, unethical, and ungodly actions - being: fostered, perpetrated, and perpetuated all across our great land! Nor, does it take a prophet to understand this imminent cultural reality. It is but the universality of "Cause and Effect," after all.

Malachi chapter 4: "A message for today!"
The central [or fundamental] issue in the scriptures regards the physical application of “Love.” We are supposed to display it: in our familial relationships, in our local communities, and in our overall society at large. Moreover, the proper application of law is the natural physical outgrowth of a truly loving and responsive society. When we truly love others, we cannot deny them their: True Brotherhood, Social Equality, and Human Fairness. The fact that, our nation is now preparing for a Federally Imposed Martial Law isn’t in any way indicative [or evidentiary] of this ongoing and much needed Societal Love.

The fact that President Barrack Obama is “Anti-Christian” is obvious. He represents a generation feeling wholly unrestrained - by any claimants to substantive moral, or ethical, authority. Nor, can one of us entirely blame him. He is [in fact] the bonafide product of America’s own horrendously backslidden nature… and his, “Generation X,” supporters share No Real Love for the generation who has [honestly]: hated, ignored, and forever enslaved them. If you don’t believe me, then read: Malachi Chapter 4

He persecutes The Saints and speaks blasphemy...
But, is Barrack Obama “The Anti-Christ” - as mentioned throughout The Old and New Testament Scriptures? Unless [or until] he becomes The Pope [The Universal Priest/King] and rules over The European Union [ie, Babylon The Great], you do not have to fear that potential possibility! However, even a mere man can accomplish significant and horrendous societal destruction… look at the significant contributions of: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and so many others, just like them.

Moreover, the nation described as: “The False Prophet” is rendered her judgment equally along with “Babylon The Great” in The End Times...and [precisely] whom do you think that she is? She is the most marvelous and wondrous nation upon the Earth. I assure you, that she will not escape her judgment either… for her sins have arisen up to heaven, as well! Yahweh will not be mocked, by anyone… particularly, one who’s pride has been lifted up to heaven itself. Though she “maketh fire come down from heaven” - upon a thousand human cities - yet, she will fall, mightily!

We have arrived at the call for: "Peace And Safety."
Although America will not relent of her sins - which have been prophesied, and are appointed her, for this time - many who are living here just might, and this [spiritual] message [lovingly] goes out to them. Yahweh doesn’t desire your millions of worthless paper dollars, or any of your other halfhearted offerings. He wants something of [even] more significant value! Worship Him in “Spirit And Truth…” Love your neighbor [even] more than yourself… Repair the breaches in your [own] homes and families… "Straighten Out All Of Your Paths…" Make amends with your fellow men... And, await His marvelous salvation!

Sounds simple, right, but I assure you that it isn’t. In fact, you will most often trip and stumble throughout the entire time we have left... and there really isn't that much time! However, if you will humble yourselves and ask of Him, He will assist you… If you will open His Word, He will refresh you… And if you will trust in Him fully, He will save you. Above all, call upon The Name of: “Yahweh .” For, as the scriptures relate: “There is no other name under heaven, whereby we must be saved.” As God’s Only Son, clearly reminded you: “I have not come in My own name, but rather, in that of The Father who sent Me.

*** Note: For good, sound, and spiritual advice - please turn, before it's too late, to your scriptures... for the scriptures relate that, "All Men Are Hypocrites And Liars." You may trust no one... particularly not me! For, I am a mere mortal, like you.... However, if you need a good starting point, then visit either of these two sites and check them diligently from the scriptures. Your Life does [in fact] depend upon it! I cannot and will not [personally] vouch for any of the others.... Shalom.

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