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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Egberto Willies And Others Floating New Approach To Smear The Tea Party

Not having gained any real traction over their appeals that The Tea Party Movement is somehow a racist organization, The American Left is no somewhat altering their political tactics. They will do anything to prevent mainstream Americans from listening to the ongoing and formative debates - which have yet to hammer out any sort of consensus political platform, for The Tea Party in general. Frankly, calling it an Anti-Obama and/or Racist Organization is the only card available to them - at this time! By doing so, they hope to stifle normative American exposure to the very real issues currently being debated. ***See, video below....

Egberto Willies attempts to smear a "Tea Party Platform" that is yet to [factually] exist....

Although there is a large and vibrant Traditionally Conservative force within the mainstream African-American Community - particularly among older African-Americans - the tactic of smearing The Tea Party as either: Racist, or supportive of a Racist Political Agenda has largely prevented many from even attending an event to see what the movement is truly all about! Consequently, the limited number of African-Americans within The Tea Party has sadly become a fait accompli of media driven intentions. However, many within these thoughtful communities are beginning to come around - if not merely out of sublime curiosity - and, after having been warmly welcomed, are staying to hear the messages being put to voice by millions.

We can only hope that this trend will continue in the months and years to come. The American Tea Party Movement greatly needs all of the support it can get, since it is now being tasked with simultaneously: building a grass roots movement into an actual self-supportive party, educating itself and its growing number of followers, and counteracting the political collusion of two mainstream parties run amok - until it can stand freely upon its own, in this political dogfight. As you know, I believe that this battle is doomed from its inception... for I am a child of biblical prophecy - and, yes, America is clearly mentioned in the prophecies.

However, do not mistake the fact that: "I do fully support them!" The battle, which they themselves are now fighting, was predicted and foreordained in the prophetic scriptures. It is being brought about by Yahweh's own Spirit Of Truth - which has been unleashed upon the Earth at this time. It will eventually culminate into The Fourth Seal of Revelation and a devastating continental wide war. Even though this situation shall be tragic to behold, our planet will be one step closer to its foreordained Worldwide Peace! Moreover, it shall keep the doors open to save a few more restless spiritual souls to enter His kingdom... and what is more valuable than that?

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