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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Max Kaiser Accuses Ben Bernanke And Banking Cartels Of Intentionally Demolitioning Our Economy

The Rider of The Black Horse, holding the scales....
While Ben Bernanke still claims that America is on a fundamentally sound financial footing, the world reserve banks are quietly divesting themselves of U. S. Dollars in a very big way. Meanwhile, Economic Journalist and Financial Broadcaster Max Kaiser is openly stating what a growing number of Wall Street Economists [honestly] believe to be the true underlying economic facts. As he plainly states it, The American Financial Cartel - with Bernanke, at its head - is systematically destroying the American Economy for their own largely personal gains and international political agenda.

The fact that, the mainstream media interviewer - in this video - doesn't truly understand the significance in what Max Kaiser is openly saying is obvious. The number of different ways, in which he frames what is essentially the very same question - in his hope to obtain an entirely different answer - is quite revealing to those watching this recent video. Like the majority of those in the mainstream media, this reporter is looking for an easy and rose filled answer - which isn't currently an honest economic option. As such, Max Kaiser represents the voice of a Steadily Growing Economic Reality, which scares [even] the economically prepared, and is leading to the vehement internal denial of hundreds of millions which are far less fortunate!

Max Kaiser's disturbingly negative economic interview from Paris.

If Judeo-Christian Theology offends you, then please abstain from reading the rest of this article [below this paragraph]... for it is blatantly Judeo-Christian and purely scriptural in origin! I make no apologies for [or about] my inherently biblical and wholly scriptural belief structure. Nor, did my "Real American" and "Enlightened Ancestors." Traditional American Thinkers have always been God-Fearing and Reverent toward "Our Creator," and I am The Real American, after all... and I flatly refuse to shy away from Real American Truth, regardless of where-ever it may be found. However, if you can momentarily suspend your unbelief, I would advise you to do so... for this last bit is more valuable, than the first.

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"Come Out Of Her, My People, Lest you share in her plagues..."
As the Third Seal Of Revelation unfolds, the policies of The Rider On The Black Horse - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke - will lead us to the brink of Worldwide Economic Oblivion... for he who firmly holds the merchant's balances in his hands is fully intent upon our underlying economic destruction and he will not relent - until his preordained objective is finally realized. A "One World Economic System" cannot be be safely established alongside healthy, viable, and successfully competing Free Market Systems... and this is the ultimate goal of these cooperative international banking cartels!

Moreover, "Babylon The Great" - the often mentioned New World Order - must be built atop such a massively interconnected economic foundation, in order to exert the necessary levels of political and economic control to enforce its direct will across the entire earth - as so plainly and frequently noted in the Prophetic Biblical Scriptures. Nor, are these ongoing signs and wonders - which are proof positive of precisely who God factually is [He Who Knows: The End, From The Beginning] - even the biggest of our rapidly developing concerns. For these are merely: "The beginning of humanity's sorrows" [according to Mathew 24: verse 8], and their belated calls for "Peace and Safety" are the inevitable precursors to the "Sudden Destruction - which comes upon them - as labor pains upon a pregnant woman" [according to 1 Thessalonians 5: verse 3].

Laugh at, Jeer at, and Mock me - if you must - but take significant note of this spiritually discernible message... for, when that time comes, you'll remember who said it! It was the prophets [themselves] and not me.... Very soon, you will witness these: foreordained, all encompassing marvels, and many more more just like them. See if you'll stick out your tongue, roll your eyes, and mock at them then? Yes, many of you still will... precisely two-thirds of you, actually. But hundreds of millions of others - with some spiritual sense about them - will take more ample warning; and millions on Earth [yet] will be saved! Praise Yahweh.

*** Note: For more upon these and other biblical prophecies, see:


  1. It is nice to see others taking up the mantle of opposition to the international bankster cartel. I am not alone in this and that is good.

  2. The Real American Truth and its sister site The Truth About America has been exposing these matters for as long as we've been online. Here are some interesting links from our continually growing archives.


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