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Friday, July 9, 2010

Financial Regulatory Bill Awaits Senatorial Approval

The Master's Plantation House in D.C.
A Financial Regulatory Bill - which would give Federal Authorities: Far Ranging, New, and Abusive Powers over your personal financial information - has already been given a green light by The House Of Representatives and now merely awaits for United States Senate approval. Just another blatant example of your Constitutional Freedoms And Rights rapidly disappearing into the New World Order rabbit hole. President Barrack Obama and our other Tyrannical Leaders seem "Hell Bent" upon accomplishing their N.W.O. agenda pretty damn quickly!

This, coming on top of [numerous] other power grabs this year, ought to raise some Red Flags all over our purportedly "Freedom Loving" country... and yet, the average American voter is still largely oblivious to these ever-encroaching political actions. I guess it's okay when the despots are [self-proclaimed] "Liberals..." even, if their actions are anything but! Meanwhile, had a [self-proclaimed] "Conservative" undertaken such an: unlawful, socially destructive, and anarchist action - then most certainly there would have been "Hell To Pay." This is not to say, that anyone should be able to do these things - but that, the dichotomy of the mental compartmentalization in American Politics is simply astonishing.

Alas, the foolishness of Popular Democracy is eclipsed only by the utter ignorance of her thoroughly enslaved adherents! These days, living in the Post Modern Slave State has begun to take upon itself whole new subtle nuances of readily apparent political meaning. Meanwhile, our illustrious Tea Party Movement is still following around their Republican handlers and fawning over their every single carefully crafted word. After all, they couldn't vote for Constitutionalists, or Libertarians - that would mean throwing all of their votes away... it is far better for "The Tea Party" to actively contribute to our own eventual societal undoing. Perhaps, it is time for America to grow up and get some "True Common Sense...."

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