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Monday, August 2, 2010

Modern Democratic-Republicans?

The Peace Dollar - A Two Headed Silver Coin....
Undoubtedly, at one time or another, you have heard some of your fellow American citizens refer to the Modern Democrats and their Modern Republican brothers as: "A Two Headed Dollar," "Opposite Sides Of The Very Same Coin," "The Two Faces Of One Political Party,"or [even] "The Lesser Of Two Equivalent Evils." You might not exactly understand to what particular aspects of these parties they actually refer, but - at the same time - you probably notice that something is definitely wrong. Often, in politics, a knowledge of history is the KEY to unlocking much greater political understanding... and this is [precisely] one of those times.

Thanks to our ongoing societal failure to more properly educate our children into American History, the average modern day citizen doesn't even realize that The Democrats and Republicans were once merely the two extremist ends of the same political party. The Democratic-Republicans were once a: richly historic, reasonably well balanced, and culturally vibrant political party - whose predominantly "middle of the road" membership valued both Individual Liberties and the Principles Of Conservatism which largely protected them. In those days, to be both: Liberal and Conservative wasn't considered in the least bit strange, or odd.

You see, at that time in our nation's history, the only accepted yardstick of Traditional American Conservatism was a common adherence to Our Constitutional Laws and The Freedom Loving Principles - which founded them. Meanwhile, The Constitution [itself] was considered with equal political regard [and religious reverence] by The Idealistic Liberals - who fought tenaciously to apply and protect the very same Individual Freedoms and Rights as set apart by God, and referenced [as such] in this glorious man-made document.

Interestingly enough, this political duality and cultural convergence between Historic Conservatism and Traditional Liberalism is inversely mirrored today - by the political duality and cultural convergence between Modern Day Conservatism and Modern Day Liberalism. A little over 150 years later, both: The Democratic and Republican Parties possess an equal disregard, blatant contempt, and humanistic irreverence for that very same foundational document. And yet, how did things get so backwards - in such a short period of time? It was [honestly] the inevitable result of their glaring political successes.

Prior to The American Civil War, America's leading: Illuminati, Freemasons, and Jesuits belonged almost exclusively to The Federalist Party. For it was their hope, in The Federalists, to establish a strong and centralized nation to further their highly prized "New World Order" agenda. Meanwhile, the entire focus of Federalism was in the establishment of this politically unified and strictly democratically led Compartmentalized Political State! So tightly was their intrepid political focus, that they [quite honestly] fielded no other significant issues.

During this Early American Period, The Freemason Led Federalists made two major mistakes, which - as history records it - led to their eventual political demise. The first was in controlling the debates at The First Constitutional Convention and endorsing the weakened Articles Of Confederation - in efforts to build support for an even stronger governmental structure later. Although this government proved unworkable - as they fully had intended - it [also] strengthened most Americans political resolve toward decentralized governance. Thus, eroding some of their earlier political support.

Later, at The Second Constitutional Convention, they failed to control the ongoing debates and a multitude of significantly smaller political parties banded together as the "Anti-Federalists." After defeating The Federalists, at the Constitutional Convention, these Anti-Federalist Forces found they preferred each other's company over going it alone... and as they continued to work together, the Democratic-Republican Party was born. At this point, The Federalists lost their previously dominant position and had to fight for every future political office.

Meanwhile, as time went on, this newly created Democratic-Republican Constitution proved to be an incredibly popular American ideal. More importantly, however, its: carefully defined, clearly separated, and highly enumerated powers made it a very difficult document to: violate, get around, or ignore... and those who attempted to do so, were quickly and readily exposed! Scandals rocked The Federalists, and their power swiftly wained in the polls. Although they often still controlled The Presidency - due to their heavily populated New England political base - their power structure in Congress declined quite rapidly.

By the 1840's, The Democratic-Republican Party had fully eclipsed The Federalists in every conceivable way. Thus, they needn't fear them any longer in the general elections - with the lone exception of our American Presidency. In the meantime, issues within this now massive political party, were rapidly brewing over New Industrial and Established Agricultural Trade. Consequently, the Liberal Democrats sided with Agriculture and the Conservative Republicans sided with the Industrialists; and together they began to rip this once perceptively balanced party apart - safe in the knowledge that The Federalists were no longer a significant political threat.

By 1850, even with this political infighting and their subsequent division, The Democrats and Republicans were now larger than their competition - even separately. However, their political bickering was tearing the union apart and the election of 1860 would invariably decide the fate of our politically divided Democratic-Republic. While President Elect Lincoln celebrated his victory, the Southern and [Predominantly] Democratic Senators and Representatives quietly left Washington D.C. - to found a brand new nation. By the time of President Lincoln's Inaugural Celebration, The Confederacy was already being born.

Meanwhile, President Abraham Lincoln - who equally feared: The Federalists, The Bankers, and The European Military Powers - chose a path toward war, rather than allowing the Southern States to peaceably leave The Union. Against an official Supreme Court Ruling, he drew up Presidential Edicts - which would greatly facilitate this war and [in so doing] destroyed our previously Consensual Union without firing the first single shot. These Presidential Edicts are "The Precedents" that we operate under today and which declare the States to be the sole chattel property of the nation. The courts [honestly] weren't in a position to argue.

The apparent irony of a Republican President accomplishing what The Federalists couldn't wasn't lost on anyone... and America's Freemason Elite were stunned by the vagaries of our ever-evolving history. Consequently, this was the very last nail for The Federalists - who never recovered from losing their one and only significant political issue... and as the Civil War drew to a close, the majority of the Freemasons latched themselves onto The Republican's coattails... while the: Illuminati, Jesuits and still others, embraced the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, with tremendously deep pockets and their numerous elitist connections - these once former Federalists, began their long climb to the the top.

Since that time, these three festering influences have been steering these two once beneficial parties well away from their original political roots. As we can see by today, they have led: The Republicans into an ill-advised assault against our Lawful Constitution, and The Democrats into the very same Social-Fascist Direction . Their control is [by now] so complete, that neither of these party majorities are even aware of the imminent political dangers involved. While significant minorities of both parties have been slowly breaking away - under "The Tea Party" banner - this rapidly growing group of Americans are being [largely] castigated as: Domestic Terrorists, Conspiracy Theorists, Backward-Thinking Racists, and even Religious Bigots.

In a full circle turn of events, the now Anti-Conservative Republicans and Anti-Liberal Democrats  are once again in complete alignment. Only, this time, they are siding against Our Traditional American Ideals and The Constitution is being treated like a filthy rag. They are "The Modern Democratic-Republicans" - an inverted political abomination for an Upside-Down American Nation... and, as this cycle draws to a close, Real Americans [everywhere] are preparing for the fight of their lives!


  1. Holy smokes, what a concise documentation of the last 160 years. I have been led to believe this is The Progressives 100+- year plan.

    So now we can dial it back another 60 years?

    Now I'm really confused. Who were the good guys and who were the bad guys?

    You are leaving me to think that the foxes were guarding the hen house(?) Much as it is today.

    What is your opinion that led to this fracturing? When did the Constitution shred? Had the ink even dried before politicians began to take it apart?

    You are a marvelous writer. I will endeavor to read your suggestions

    The smarter I think I am, the dumber I get!

    Thank You.

  2. Sorry about that, if it seems a bit too concise, but when you are covering such a topic in just one blog posting it has to be rather abruptly explained!

    Although our Democratic-Republican Union was founded by the majority of our Founding Fathers with the best of intentions, a significant minority of these original delegates were already Freemasons and Illuminati. The official founding date for the American Masonic Movement - touted by the Freemasons themselves - was factually 1776 [the year of our American Revolution].

    The Jesuits came to the United States shortly thereafter - seeking sanctuary from official sanction by The Catholic Church - against the protestations of many in the American Illuminati and Masonic organizations. Although the Jesuits shared the same "One World Government" goals of the first two groups, they were despised by them for numerous verifiable and significant reasons. President John Adams ultimately made this political decision against the advise of still others.

    In every country which the Masons operate, they do so under somewhat divided loyalties. Their primary goal has always been to dominate the Earth under a New World Order System. Secondarily, however, they are far more trusting of their own personal organizations and thus [in a way] somewhat patriotic to their own politically controlled power structures. The Jesuits, however, are loyal to the establishment of only one overall political enterprise - that of The Catholic Church.

    At various times, The Illuminati, The Freemasons, And The Catholic Church have expended tremendous energies in killing one another - for reasons of ongoing political advantage. Having developed a reasonable peaceful coexistence, the majority of the Illuminati and Freemasons did not want to add Jesuits to this North American mix. And yet, Adams knew that they ultimately couldn't truly keep them out over time and decided that by openly embracing them, the Jesuits might be more peaceably dealt with.

  3. I found this to be a very informative and pleasantly concise article on certain aspects of the history of the Democratic and Republican parties. I believe every American should be more knowledgeable about the history of the constitution, politics, political parties and the relationships between the state and federal governments in their country. Without that, one cannot possibly understand the issues that face us and be able to make choices based upon sound judgement.

    I do believe however, that the preservation of the union, regardless of how it was done and even at the great cost it involved was necessary to this country's survival. Had the confederate states been allowed to form their own union I believe it would not have been long before the country became fractured into many smaller unions and individual states. Even the Confederate States of America would not have stood intact for long since the states would've been free to leave that union as well.

    Had states been free to leave the union at will, who knows if some of them might even have sided with the Axis in either of the world wars, become part of the Soviet Union or brought about wars amongst themselves. I don't believe the Separate States of America could have in any way been anywhere near as great or as envied by the rest of the world and have achieved the great triumphs that we have as the complete and intact United States of America.

    We shall never know for certain what "might have been" of course but I believe that the saying "United we stand, divided we fall" is a truth that made the United States of America the greatest country in the history of mankind.

    That being said, that is also why it is vital for the federal government to respect state's sovereignty and individual rights. Without that we no longer have the greatest union on earth but only a single super-state that could never ever be as great.


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