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Friday, August 6, 2010

Propostion 8: The Growing Gay Marriage Debate

America's growing divide over what constitutes "Marriage."
With the passage of Proposition 8 in California, I avoided commenting about it - knowing full well, that the Modern Liberal Justices in the State of California wouldn't allow this political referendum to go into effect unopposed. My own personal thinking was that I should wait until their inevitable State judicial ruling about Proposition 8 to respond. No one expected the ruling to be otherwise than it factually has occurred, and had it actually been so, I could [for once] relate some encouraging political news. Either way, it would be the opportune time to post a Real American Truth commentary upon what constitutes "Marriage" - from a: Social, Religious, and/or State perspective.

Well, the California Court has finally rendered its decision, and I thought I'd read a few other American's postings online - to see what they themselves had to say - before, at last, putting my fingers to the keys.... However, after reading the following article on: Prop 8/Marriage/Gay And Lesbian Equality - I decided to simply post a link to this other blogger's page, and move on. I [honestly] couldn't have written a better article myself, and the inherent logic is impeccable. Bravo to Vulcan 420, for his posting on the California Marriage Debate!

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