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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Real American Truth And The Ongoing Failures Of Science

My Local News: WYFF channel 4, Greenville, SC.
While watching the local news on NBC affiliate WYFF News Channel 4 this evening, I sat glued to yet another report about the ever-increasing causes of Skin Cancer. However, what made this particular segment interesting was the newest cause being now reported by our "All-Knowing" scientific community. If we are to actually [now] believe them, then too much Sun Block [or Sun Screen] is leading to a dramatic increase in new cases of Skin Cancer! What, the heck, are they talking about?

For decades now, these very same scientists have been claiming that Skin Cancer is on the increase, due to: "Holes In The Ozone Layer," "Increasing Sun Spot Activity," and even "Global Warming." They have been filling our heads with constant bombardments about the importance of skin creams, sunblocks, and sunscreens. They have promoted these highly expensive products so well, that most of us wouldn't walk to the outhouse without religiously applying them. And their "Solar Doomsday" prognostications have formed the basis for one of America's greatest cottage industries.

A self-explanatory Sunblock cartoon.
Consumers are [now] spending billions of dollars each year, based upon their supposedly factual assertions of the verifiable scientific facts. In this case, that: too much sun causes Skin Cancer, solar radiation is now currently increasing, and that sunblock [or sunscreen] actually prevents it from causing this terrible human borne illness. Therefore, why is it that so many of us are not overly surprised by this new scientific finding? Could it be, that they have [quite frequently] done this very same sort of thing before? I wonder....

In the past century, they have factually claimed that: "Cigarettes are helpful to ones health," "Cigarettes are the primary causation of lung cancer [due to their carcinogens]," "Carcinogens cause all forms of cancer," "Cancers are caused by viruses and not carcinogens," and "Cancer can be prevented by newly developed vaccines." They have claimed that: "Coffee causes cancer [due to its own carcinogens]," Coffee prevents cancer [due to its natural anti-oxidants]," and "Coffee may have no overall effect whatsoever with respect to systemic cancer rates." The same "Wishy-Washy Science" can be attributed to: Tea, Eggs, Milk, and even Vitamins.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's it was, "The Next Ice Age," getting all of the political press... around 2000 it was increasingly, "Global Warming," which was the real global epidemic... and currently it is the much more nebulous: "Global Temperature Change," "Rapid Temperature Shift," or "Global Weather Effects" - which they are now decrying as the real environmental threat. Of course, this pendulous weather debate over Global Warming or Cooling actually dates back to the early 1800's and is documented throughout millions of publications, almost every twenty years, since then....

But then, as American's we must honestly understand that the lifeblood of scientific inquiry is money. Money is needed for: conducting research, purchasing necessary materials or equipment, and to honestly compensate the scientists and their families for their time. And yet, without some [seemingly] valuable periodic answers, who is going to fund all of their ongoing scientific research? Meanwhile, the answer, "I don't honestly know yet," isn't very popular with their: corporate, governmental, and charitable organization financiers and backers. What is a self-respecting scientist to do? Make an educated guess - based upon certain assumptions - and then move on to doing even more subjective research... after all, they'll eventually get it right; and "The end, justifies the means!"

Come on, people, let's be honest. This is The Real American Truth, when it comes to modern science... and as our scientific and technological progress in other areas are rapidly increasing, the ongoing financial pressure upon all scientists to equally progress is becoming morally and ethically unbearable - for many of them. Some things just take longer to honestly figure out, but our current expectations upon this community are largely colored by its previous successes. Consequently, some of the most important areas of current scientific study have been dangerously shortchanged by these ever-increasing financial pressures.

One thing is for sure. If the Sun causes Skin Cancer at a given rate of incidences, and if too much Sunblock [or Sunscreen] does so at the very same high rates, then something else [entirely] is factually happening - to cause it. You cannot, honestly, have it both ways! When an ultra-violet blocked Sun still causes the same rates of Skin Cancer, something else is [definitely] causing it. Why can't they just, now be honest and say: "I don't know what's really causing it?" Sunscreen and Sunblock is now A Multi-Billion Dollar Industry employing tens of thousands of decent paid American workers. Would you want to tell them that their product is now [and always has been] totally worthless? I think not....

Nor, will the major media expend a very large effort upon reporting such potentially damaging scientific information. After all, drawing too much attention to these findings might even destroy this highly profitable industry. The fact, that a smaller networked franchise - such as WYFF News Channel 4 - honestly reported it, isn't [honestly] all that surprising. The five major networks are all corporately owned and controlled - by an interlocking network of amalgamated corporate giants in American industry - while most locally franchised operations are still privately owned. Some of the most accurate news in America still comes from these much smaller and franchised channels. As "Real Americans" we all should continually support them!

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  1. Honestly, once again you have hit the nail square on the head and served up a generous helping of Truth, this time in debunking the worth of scientific study. I agree with you that scientists are just like everyone else, driven by their own greed, and as such should not be listened to, much less allowed to influence our society the way they [factually] have.

    What is it with them guys anyway? Why would they make us poison ourselves with hazardous chemicals in the guise of overpriced "Sunscreen"? Why would they lie to us about the sun and make us wear expensive Oakleys, Ray-Bans or Transitions lenses? Because they all own stock in the very same companies - that's why! They develop the stuff and then invent reasons why we need it so they can sell it to us. Once again, corporate America has killed people simply for their own profits.


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