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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Egberto Willies Calls For "National Socialization" Of American Economy

E. Willies blogger
Egberto Willies, in his most recent posting, has called for our Federal Government to finally be open and honest with the American people - regarding our dire economic situation. This is a political position, which all truly informed Americans should equally share. The Real American Truth is currently needed, concerning a whole host of very important political matters. However, Willies then goes on about utilizing our government to solve this ongoing crisis - through a massive Keynesian Economic Expansion, or "National Socialization" - without any actual consideration of the consequences involved.

*** See: his recent video - calling for Massive New Socialization - below....

Progressive Blogger, Egberto Willies, calling for: "Massive New Governmental Socialization...."

More Importantly, Willies - like so many other Americans - has no comparative understanding of precisely what has caused this ongoing economic dilemma. It was the very adoption of Systemic Keynesian Economics, that has destroyed our International and Domestic Economic Engines... and not, Free Market Capitalism as he so smugly believes. America hasn't truly operated under Lassez Faire Capitalism for generations. Our governments are already artificially regulating the International Markets, and our Globalist Masonic Corporations have been exempt from Capitalism's more stringent Universal Rules Of "Cause and Effect" - for well over a century.

With the American Economy still unraveling from decades of continually perpetuated Keynesian Manipulations, any further reliance upon government to prop up this economic quagmire will only increase the Eventual Economic Destruction. Thus, increasing the situational hardship for millions of increasingly angry Americans. With decreasing access to Inter-Governmental Lines Of Credit, Numerous Unstable Worldwide Currencies, and Un-Realistically Low Governmental Bond Rates: our government will soon be forced to rely upon magically printing ever-increasing amounts of Fiat Money out of thin air - in order to pay for any such new governmental programs.

Moreover, the keyword "Un-Sustainable" - now being used by: The Federal Reserve, The United States Treasury, and The Congressional Budget Office - refers to the fact, that America has already approached this "Economic Point Of No Return," without any real need to add more new programs. In a nutshell, America is already nearing the end of the road! Without "Greece-Like" Austerity Measures, being put into place, we will soon be needing a massive societal bailout - of such gargantuan proportion that no combination of nations could honestly muster [if honestly inclined to do so]. Even the International Monetary Fund doesn't possess such remarkable sums of money, to ultimately throw away.

As the United States Dollar increasingly devalues with each new printing of Fiat Money, such cycles of printing will necessarily escalate due to the overall drop in the value of this increasingly worthless new paper. That is the "Historical Hyperinflationary Cycle" - in a nutshell - which we have continually warned you about. Meanwhile, the very nature of these financial cycles is to deplete a nation's poorest citizens of all: savings, income, and purchasing power - within only a few months of time. Meanwhile, as the consumer base rapidly erodes to such wholesale Economic Destruction, the business cycle comes to a rapid, screeching, and absolute halt.

If Egberto Willies - a blogger who seems to remarkably gauge such "Progressive" sentiments - is calling for such actions, then we can expect it to go mainstream with the more Leftist Thinkers sometime in the very near future! Once it does, the national media will undoubtedly focus and channel these raw political forces into an unstoppable and nationally self-destructive movement - which will unleash these long-awaited Economic Realities upon America. As we learned from "The Great Depression," when people are really hurting any damnable measures will be unscrupulously justified - even when the supposed solution is far worse than the original problem itself. Such is the nature of systemic and historical ignorance.

*** Note: For more on this subject, read:

1 comment:

  1. You are dreaming if you think anything will change as far as our government and the "truth" is concerned or the mindset of progressives.

    Faced with the economic situation of the last 2 years and the generally accepted future outlook, or at the least, one very possible outlook, they all still very much believe:

    1. It is irresponsible not to raise taxes as often, as soon and as much as possible.

    2. Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac are untouchables that we must not speak ill of, much less do anything about other than keep bailing them out.

    3. We must have a second bailout because the first was not big enough. Yes, if the economy takes a second dive under Obama and the progressives, they already have the excuse that the bailout wasn't big enough.

    Additionally, they believe that those Working Class Americans who are making enough to get by on but not enough to get ahead must be forced to pay for guaranteed minimum pay increases and lush retirement and benefit programs for government employees who make considerably more than they, themselves, do.

    If you are neither making plenty of money nor collecting unemployment or on a state payroll then you are just collateral damage.

    Just like a bunch of drowning rats in a sinking boat, they will step on, and use up everyone, until there is literally no one left to step on rather than fix the leak.


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