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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enumerated Powers Act Is Common Sense Accountability For Congress

Representative John Shadegg (R-Arizona) has good idea....
Republican Congressman John Shadegg, from Arizona, is calling for public support of H. R. 450 - known as The Enumerated Powers Act - which will [if passed] force Congress to show specific Constitutional Authority for each new piece of Federal Legislation, prior to its legislative adoption. Although congressman Shadegg claims that his bill: "Will force the Congress to reexamine the role of national government" - it may in reality [at least] slow the process by which they are systematically dismantling our once great nation.

*** The following video - in congressman Shadegg's own words - explains H. R. 450 in more detail....
The Enumerated Powers Act [H.R. 450] proposed by Congressman John Shadegg of Arizona.

Every member of Congress - in both: The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate - has sworn an oath, "To Uphold And Protect The United States Constitution." Considering that supposedly heartfelt oath, we should be able to expect a unanimous "Yes Vote" on this particular piece of legislation from both of these political parties... and yet, it has been introduced repeatedly since 1994 - without any apparent political successes. It's almost enough to make one seriously question their political sincerity - in the first place. Very strange behavior, indeed, isn't it?


  1. Actually, if we could trust the supreme court to do this job it wouldn't be necessary.

    I think that trying to find original intent would be good. It would put an end to the railing about the 14th amendment. It would secure separation of church and state. I have never thought that state religion ever has been legitimate in any instance other than in the Old Testament Israel.

    So, if it is practical and not a ploy to stop legislation that has no specific permission or forbidding from the constitution it would be fine. Somehow I don't view the Republican motives as being pure and that is the problem.

  2. If The Republican motives were pure, it would have passed in 1994 - when it was first introduced - or within the next couple of years after. Remember they controlled both Houses of Congress at that time. Neither the Republicans or Democrats have pure motives, my friend - I assure you.

    However, the motives of the one who keeps introducing this bill are good and the exact wording is Constitutionally sound. Alas, that is precisely why it will never be passed. The true powers behind Washington would never accept its passage!

    That doesn't mean we shouldn't try and raise a fuss over it, however, because strong public opinion occasionally wins; and because the failure to pass it - with America largely in favor of it - will open even more voters eyes to our real political problems.


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