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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Signs Of Our Times: The First Sign of America's Impending Collapse.

Having attempted to ' Wake People Up ' to Our True National Condition, through every other means at my own personal disposal, I have decided to do something very different; just to see what happens. To the left you will see A Warning Sign. Feel free to use it; and then to share it with whomever you choose!

Meanwhile, every week, I shall endeavor to provide you a new one that is equally appropriate. It shouldn't be too difficult, since The United States of America currently violates almost every principle within The Book Of Proverbs. However, it does take a certain amount of time to make up These Signs... so, please, be patient with me.


  1. I am very excited to read your views regarding the Occupation of Wall Street and other movements in cities throughout the U.S. that are joining in solidarity.

  2. @ "Erik.

    If you're interested in my own views upon The Occupation Of Wall Street and these other movements, then read The Following Article, entitled: " Why do The Scriptures declare: ' The Axe Lies At The Base Of The Trees '? ".

    You might just like it....


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