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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Modern Democrats And Why They All Suck

They're not the jack asses, we are!
Modern Democrats claim to be the living embodiment of "Traditional American Liberalism" - but, are they really? Can a political party that would:  knowingly ignore, intentionally violate, and willingly suspend The United States Constitution [honestly] stake such a remarkable claim? I think, not! 

Traditional American Liberalism held that nothing was of higher importance, principal, or value than The United Sates Constitution and the Individual and Personal Freedoms it largely protected. Our Founding Fathers [like Thomas Jefferson] understood that: "A Nation Of Free Men must have protection from the powers of an all intrusive government; and from the unscrupulous individuals who would utilize it for their own personal benefit or interests!" Meanwhile, The Constitution was provided to serve that very necessary service and all important function. It was a proscription against the continual usurpation and dangerous hegemony of an ever-expanding government.

Had it been faithfully enforced, as it was written, America would still be the greatest nation upon Earth. Nor, can Democrats blame its overall destruction solely upon The Republicans - as they would like us, to so foolishly believe. The Republicans couldn't accomplish anything - over the years - which Democrats weren't fully complicit in factually allowing. And there has been no historical record, of any actions having been taken, at repealing any of these supposedly Republican political enactments. Not even, while controlling The Presidency and both of the Legislative Houses....

Moreover, having lost their slavery dependent Plantation System in the south to the northern aggression and their Company Store System in the north due to the rise of the trade unions, they set about devising an entirely new system utilizing the agencies of our own government to do it. Through the creation of a: new, massive, and exceedingly complex tax system, they easily accomplished this goal - all in the name of a nefarious Social Empowerment. Nor, in the whole scheme of things, did it take them too long.

Americans are a remarkably: gullible, foolish, and greedy nation of people; and all they needed do was dangle a few political carrots. Later, through other less obvious legislation, they easily recouped their remarkably clever investment. Today our tax laws are so exceedingly complex, that no-one can possibly track the real winners and losers under this bureaucratic system... and, of course, this was their real plan all along. However, there is one thing we can be assured of. The Richest Ten Percent Of All Americans pump billions of dollars into Democratic and Republican hands, thus they [at least] must be doing quite well!

Why would our American Industry support these Social-Fascists?
  • Established Industry benefits from a regulatory wall of governmental protection - which is only selectively enforced against the new upstart businesses.
  • Labor Costs are subsidized by governmental programs which derive their funding from governmental taxation.
  • Tax Codes are designed to benefit those at the top - through thousands of highly selective loopholes.
  • Corporations can pass their own taxes onto their consumers through inflationary higher prices.

Nor, throughout all of this Procedural Shell Game do most Americans grow wiser to the ongoing process of sheering the sheep. For our government blames the corporations... the corporations blame the government... and the two parties take sides, merely, to keep us ignorant and socially divided. With our electorate split between them, supporting one side or the other, neither side will get necessarily punished. Meanwhile, when one of our leaders loses an election, he/she simply goes to work for a corporation... and if an executive needs a job, there's always a waiting and open governmental appointment.

For Modern Democrats to call themselves "Liberal" is the utter height of political arrogance! They are diametrically opposed to that very concept. Liberalism is all about "True Individual and Personal Freedom," while their time honored policies are political chains for the masses. In reality they are really "Anti-Liberals" masquerading as something they're not. Consequently, it really isn't any surprise that newly elected President Barrack Obama didn't repeal any of George Bush's past political excesses. Nor, though he continually promised it, did I expect him to... after all, why would any slave-owner waste a very good set of chains?

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