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Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama Nominates Rationing Czar To Medicare/Medicaid Position

After having nominated Dr. Donald Berwick to the position of Administrator for Medicare and Medicaid, President Barrack Obama may be feeling just a wee bit squeamish over this apparently unpopular  decision. The doctor - who by his own admission is a firm believer in: Social Healthcare Wealth Redistribution and Executively Rationed Medical Care - is causing some serious concerns for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, in front of America's ever watchful cameras.  For instance, this film clip courtesy of CNS *** See the video, below.

Dr. Donald Berwick spells trouble for White House spokesman Robert Gibbs....

Thanks to his recent comments "Across The Pond," Dr. Donald Berwick - potential Obama Health Care Czar - is fast becoming a very hot potato in American political circles. When the Mainstream Media starts asking these extremely tough questions, of their own "Rock Star" President's staffers, you know that things are beginning to heat up politically! You will notice how Gibbs attempts to artfully dodge this reporter's question and merely generates even more [justifiable] public distrust.

President Obama seems to have somewhat of a knack for nominating such socially disconcerting Cabinet Members to his ever growing "Administration Of  Political Charlatans." Who will ever forget the confirmation process of Treasury Secretary Geithner - who thought that paying taxes was for everyone else, prior to himself being in charge [of course]? Or, his idiotic reconfirmation of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke after his criminal mismanagement of our [now]: Financially Based, Debt Driven, and Keynesian Micromanaged Economy. Goodness knows, I'd love to play poker with this guy! If I [actually] invited him, do you think Obama would come? There is always, "The Audacity Of Hope...."

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