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Monday, July 12, 2010

Extended Unemployment Benefits Won't Pass In Senate

Extended Unemployment Benefits have continually failed to pass muster in the Senate, for the stated reason of unnecessarily increasing our growing national indebtedness unwisely. Ironically, however, these very same extended unemployment benefits are the: fastest, cheapest, most efficient, and even highly beneficial wealth transfers within our alarmingly complex "Social-Fascist System." More importantly, it provides a minimalist safety net and some form of hope for millions of now financially destitute Americans.

In a nation that can hand out: Trillions for The Banks, Hundreds Of Billions for Industry, and Tens Of Billions to Europe - Extended Unemployment Benefits represent only a few very small drops in the fiscal bucket. Nor, has our government stopped handing out, what is essentially, our own money! They are merely refusing to share, any of it, with us the taxpayers. The entire concept of this rapidly growing pattern is largely ridiculous. Let's consider all of the facts....

An Explanation Of The Banking Crisis of 2007.
Our Federal Government, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and The Major Banks conspired to create this Financial Crisis - through their own blatant mishandling of our economy. The Media then protects the government [by covering it up], The Government then protects the banks [by bailing them out], and The American Middle Class is stuck paying for it all. The Auto Industry invests in everything except their own necessary capital investments for decades - spawning hundreds of new [separate but profitable] corporations - they then claim that they cannot compete in our new global markets and the American Government then rushes in and bails them out also.

All of these entities are factually quite rich - upon examining all of their separate sets of books... all of them have squirreled away tens of billions - in various other nest egg enterprises... and all of them created these ongoing problems - while growing richer and laundering those profits, through other [wholly-owned] enterprises. Of course, they can [and do] claim that their hundreds of other businesses are merely separate operations - each one accountable only to itself... and yet, the entire Corporate Pyramid Structure is just one large Ponzi Scheme, in the end. The only difference with Bernie Madoff was that he actually didn't offer a product.

Meanwhile, for generations The American Workers have factually paid into every nook and cranny of this whole Economic Ponzi Scheme System. We have worked ourselves to death for very little pay and an ever decreasing amount of real benefits. We've paid in tremendously for this sole privilege at our: Local, State, and Federal level - through extortionist taxation. We've been taxed upon our: Incomes, Purchases, and Properties. Over half of our lives has by now gone into paying for all of these: mandated, abusive, and manipulative taxes. But now, when "We The People" [ie, the workers and taxpayers] need their assistance, they are suddenly worried about overblown budgets.

You see, folks, this is exactly the problem with all forms of Socialism. Social Fascism isn't in anywise different from its more aggressive older brother. They are both, based upon: the illusion of assisting "The Lower Middle Class" - while [factually] benefiting only The Richest One's Of All. It is [merely] a more clever form of Institutionalized Slavery - imposed upon the masses, by their own sheer stupidity. In the end, their True Allegiance always wins out... and it has never ever been, to us. As my father, once said: "Son, if you want to understand anything [anything at all], just follow The Money."

When we take the time to factually follow that money, some startling coincidences begin to be observed. For instance, both: The Republicans and Democrats are frequently funded, by the exact same corporations. This seems like a very strange behavior, if the two major parties are so politically and ideologically opposed. Meanwhile, these corporations aren't doing it just to be magnanimous and charitable. They take their investments very seriously and will not make one, without an expected and substantial return. Moreover, they continue to do so year after year, after year. Thus, showing that they have [in fact] consistently received those expected returns. The sooner we realize that these two parties are factually working together, the sooner that we can fix The True Problem!

In the meantime, restore those Extended Unemployment Benefits. The American Taxpayer/Worker has already suffered enough under your: Social, Political, Economic, Financial, and Corporate abuse. On any plantation, even the slaves are entitled to eat... or, have you forgotten that: "Simple Act Of Humanity," as well?

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