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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Budget Deficits, Public Debts, and Obligations Are Un-Sustainable

Money, money, money, it's a rich man's world...
As the new figures come in - from: The Federal Reserve, The United States Treasury, and The Congressional Budget Office - everyone is stating the politically unthinkable. America's: budgetary deficits, fiscal obligations, and overall debts are rapidly becoming unsustainable. Moreover, the solutions being presented are all extremely dire for our nation as a whole. Of course, if you are one of our regular readers, then you're not being caught by surprise... since we have been shouting this from the rooftops for a while now. Moreover, we are predicting much worse for the future, going forward. ***Watch this recent video clip, and read the rest of the article for our biting analysis....

Massive Spending Cuts or Value Added Taxes - probably both in near future.

If you're thinking that a Value Added Tax is equivalent to just another Sales Tax, then you're an idiot. Value Added Taxes are added to every step in the process from the production of raw materials to the retail transactions in the store. Consequently, they are a leading cause of inflation - in most western nations - which unduly harms those least capable of absorbing such egregious social effects. It amounts to a tax upon the poorest among us, since consumption bears no relative correlation to personal and accumulated wealth. The richest Americans will simply curtail their purchases commensurately, and the poorest among us will still need the very same necessities in life.

Meanwhile, the Spending Cuts being largely considered will also effect these very same poor individuals. We've already shot the wad by bailing out The Richest Five Percent and cannot even say that we verifiably saved one blue collar job. Now we shall begin a period of New Austerity Measures, which will [once again] be born on the backs of America's working poor - aka, "The Middle Class." We honestly tried to warn you... but very few would listen.

Ironically, however, these austerity measures will not solve our ongoing economic problems. At this point, the real cuts needed in long term government employment and spending are still beyond a true political consideration. Consequently, they will not be properly addressed within our ever diminishing window of opportunity. These measures will come: too little, too late, and too begrudgingly to stave off the eventual currency collapse - which is now building worldwide. The time to flee a hurricane in a fishing boat is before you enter the storm; and America is already a long way from safe shores.

Rather than embracing a Value Added Tax, or VAT, America should be dumping everything not bolted down into the ocean and gaining necessary economic bouyancy. By eliminating around fifty percent of our federal government employees, and all non-essential programs, America could possibly make it to a safe harbor in time. Ironically, we're going to end up doing it anyway - whether we want to, or not. Meanwhile, an orderly reorganization has numerous significant advantages over wholesale societal disruption.

Are the riots in Greece, now headed here? Time will tell.
Had Greece reacted even one year earlier, much of the current suffering could have been avoided. The Real American Truth is that things should never have gotten this far out of whack socially, politically, and economically. However, everyone wants something for nothing, and Americans - along with our European Allies - are some of the greediest human beings upon the face of the Earth. We fully expect Free: Money, Food, Shelter, Health Care, and Retirement - without realizing there are always costs being born by someone... and eventually those costs will come back to you. They always do, in the end.


  1. NO to the VAT Tax. Yes, to a National Sales Tax. It will bring the Vast underground economy above-ground. With exclusions for food. A caveat that it can not be raised for any reason.

    A low Flat Tax would be better than the Obamanation we have now. Caveat it can never be raised. It still leaves the underground economy, buried.

    Thanks for your blog!


  2. Greed and a desire for even more when one already has tens or hundreds or thousands of times more than others is what has built this country's wealth and its place as a superpower in the world. Some would also say it fuels the economy. It is, however, what will also bring it down as well. It is one thing for private persons to be driven by greed but when the caretakers of our very way of life are it surely means doom in the end.

    Unfortunately, problems like our ever expanding government payroll and entitlement systems have no quick fixes without severe consequences. I agree with your assessment that we should start reducing those on the government payrolls, local, state and federal, in order to try and absorb those lost jobs into the private sector.

    But let's face it. We all know that will not happen when our self serving, career politicians believe it is irresponsible NOT to raise taxes and keep spending more and more even in the face of what may possibly have been one of the greatest economic shock waves since the great depression.

    As for the previous comment about adding a national sales tax - what a purely idiotic idea! As was stated in this very article, sales taxes unfairly target lower income people. Oh, but let them have some tax free wheat and water. (as we know, anything with calories would be taxed) "Let them eat cake!", sounds good to you?

    Are you so naive and ignorant as to think they would what? ...drop the income tax for a couple of years before they bring it back on top of a sales tax? Then keep raising them both? That, in addition to state income and sales taxes. In some areas people also already pay local income and sales taxes as well. Just how much is one expected to bear?


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