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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Modern Political Doublespeak is just a page out of 1984, by George Orwell.

1984, by George Orwell.
For most middle aged Americans, ' The Novel  1984 ' - written by George Orwell - probably rings a bell. After all, it should... it was upon most: " Required Reading Lists For College " - back when such seemingly archaic things still existed. Isn't it amazing, how much our nation has changed? Meanwhile, here in 2011, ' The Premises Of 1984 ' have come to pass figuratively, if not literally. Our World is now being divided up into those continental unions... Our Education Systems and National Languages have been politically co-opted and corrupted... and The Majority Of Our Citizens are being manipulated by: " Political Doublespeak "; rather than, led through personal conviction!

One of the major concepts, put forward by 1984, was that by constantly redefining our language in a highly specific and narrowly focused manner... The True Meanings of certain: " Objectionable Words " could be: easily hidden, subtly altered, totally eliminated, and/or even functionally reversed. That Politically Sensitive and  Troublesome Words - such as: Freedom, Equality, and Brotherhood - might not stand in the way of ' The True Social Progress '; wherein The Ruling Elite can operate, far, more freely. Consequently, it was George Orwell who coined the term: " Doublespeak " - in deference to this ongoing process.

While great visionaries - like George Orwell - might seem to be prophets, to the rest of us, they have merely observed the world around them and accurately extrapolated: Our Social Trends, The Inevitable Results, and Who Is Logically Behind Them. The basis for everything is: " Cause And Effect ". Everything that happens, in the world of man, serves some sort of purpose; and someone, somewhere, derives a true benefit! Case in point, Our Educational System... our politicians get what they pay for, if our public schools are failing, then that's what they're paying for....

Some Modern Examples Of ' Doublespeak ':

It used to mean: " Privately Owned and Privately Controlled ". Thus, the primary building block of capitalism was The Sole-Proprietorship. Today, it just means: " To Make Money ". Therefore, The Modern Corporation - which is: Publicly Owned [ by Its Stockholders ], and Governmental Controlled [ by The SEC ] is the primary building block of modern economics. Through ' Political Doublespeak ', Capitalism has become Collectivized Socialism.
It used to mean: " Equal Opportunity and Chance For Everyone ". Thus, our society was more focused upon providing ' Fair Access To Everyone '. Today, however, it just means: " Similarity Of Outcome ". Consequently, we now write laws to Intentionally Discriminate against those who are [ currently ] perceived as being the most successful. Through ' Political Doublespeak ' Equality Under The Law has become just another form of Legalized Discrimination.
It used to mean: " Protection From Interference ". Thus, we benefited by laws preventing others [ including our government ] from interfering in our own personal business. Today, however, it just means: " Protection ". Thus, we can have many ' New Social Freedoms ' - like: " Freedom From Offense " - which overrides The Necessary Freedoms of: Religion, Speech, Assembly, The Press, Individual Choice, or [ even ] The Rights To Petition, and Bear Arms. Consequently, ' Political Doublespeak ' has made The Concept Of Freedom completely meaningless - in modern society.

There are thousands of such examples - of Political Doublespeak - being utilized every day, throughout our entire society. Meanwhile, as our nation collapses into disunion - in subtle preparation for The North American Union - our President, Barack Hussein Obama, is making cutesy sound bite statements like:
  • " We Need A Fair and Balanced Approach " - which actually means, " I'm not interested in fixing this problem; because America must be destroyed in order to adopt ' The New North American System ' ".
  • " We Need A Bi-Partisan Approach " - which actually means, " It's my way, or the highway; and I'm not offering any personal plans to salvage America; since it's now time for ' The North American Union ' ".

Just watch real closely and listen to: The Exact Words and Phraseology - that everyone within both parties is now using... it's all ' Political Doublespeak '! It's just like watching The Wrestlers of The Worldwide Wrestling Federation, as each of them plays out their own part in front of the cameras... where the fights are all fixed, before hand... and they're all the best of friends, when away from the cameras. While those Democratic-Republicans are wonderfully entertaining; they are still highly-destructive to The United States of America... and, don't you forget it!

Meanwhile, by The Summer Of 2012, we'll all [ more fully ] understand this....

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