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Friday, April 29, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 27: A Message To Israel - who dwells within: "America's Bible Belt."

The Recent Southeastern Tornado.
While the tragedies now occurring across The Southeastern United States are already beyond our previous conceptions of such destruction, we are nowhere near the end of This Year's Tornado Season. Over the last couple of decades, these storms have grown: Larger, More Violent, and Increasingly More Frequent... and this has led many Spiritually-Minded Believers to consider, 'The Real Meaning' Behind Them... "Could Yahweh, be telling us something?" And if so, then what?

As 'The End Of The Age' draws near, certain long ago mentioned prophecies are now coming about. Among these are prophesies respecting: Tyre, Sidon, The Kingdoms Of Egypt, The Coastlands Of Phillistia, Assyria, Moab, Canaan, Edom, Syria, Israel, Judah, and Babylon The Great. And yet, the majority of these nations no longer even exist when consulting our modern maps. Their people have moved over numerous generations; and their national identities have also readily changed over time.

The beauty of sacred scripture, however, is that we need not rely exclusively upon such places or names - when determining the nations that are so clearly involved. Why? Because, these nations are described in vivid and modern detail - which anyone with a basic knowledge of: History, Geography, and Social Studies can clearly identify!

For Instance:
  • The United States Of America is: "Latter Day Tyre" - The End Time Confederation of: Assyria [minor], Ethiopia [minor], Edom, Moab, Canaan, and Israel.
  • England is: "Sidon" - it's Manipulative Mother and Guardian to: "The Coastlands Of Phillistia."
  • Germany is: "Assyria [proper]" - The Assyrian Nation.
  • Italy is: "Chaldea [proper]" - The Gatekeepers Of Babylonia.
  • The European Union is: "Babylon The Great" - that confusing mix of: Languages, Cultures, Kindreds, and Peoples.
  • The Nations Of The Commonwealth are: "The Coastal Nations Of Phillistia" - which ply the world's sea routes... and, as always, they are living under The Protection and Shadow of: "Sidon."
  • Libya, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt comprise: "The Greater Kingdoms of Egypt."
  • etc....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

American History From A Truly Biblical Perspective....

Is He: "The Last King Of Tyre..."?
Having spent a great number of years studying: History, Politics, and Religion - I have gained a considerable amount of understanding and insight into [precisely]: 'What Is Now Going On In America...' and more importantly, I have been assisted in doing so - by Yahweh Himself. I fully understand, that this is a very bold claim - upon the part of anyone. However, The Scriptures will [definitely] bear me out.... I'm not asking anyone to trust me, at all... but rather, that: "They'll Simply Read The Scriptures Themselves And See Whether It's So..." and isn't that what we're supposed to be doing, anyway? Ultimately, You must decide for yourself....

According To The Scriptures, a physically small nation called Tyre [or Tarshish] was located just north of what was then Ancient Israel. It's people were a mixed race of: Assyrians [Aryans], Phoenecians, Canaanites, Philistines, and Edomites [the descendants of Edom or Esau] - because they valued: Social Class, Political Influence, and Wealth far more than Mere Genetics.

They were a seafaring nation of great merchants and traded with all of their neighbors... and they were closely allied - by ties of: Common Blood, Political Alliance, and Strategic Intermarriage - with The Nation Of Sidon [Modern England], The Coastal Cities Of Phillistia [The Commonwealth Of Nations], Assyria [Modern Germany], and even Babylon [The Current European Union]. They also shared: Certain Cultural Similarities, and A Commonality Of Language With Them - dating back to their ancestors creation of: 'The Phoenecian Alphabet.'

However, by participating in: 'The Slave Trade,' they angered Yahweh [***See: Joel Chapter 3] and a proclamation was made against: Those Living In Tyre [At That Time] and Their Latter Day [or End Time] Descendants. The former destruction occurred in 574 BC, with the assurance that their descendants would arise [yet again] to their Foreordained Political Harlotries in a new physical location - thousands of miles away - just 70 Prophetic Years Later [ ***See: Isaiah 23: 15-18].
  • ***Note: 70 Prophetic Years = {70 * 360 days, or 25200 days later} However, since The Entire Nation Of Tyre [all of its people and all of its wealth] was designated as: 'A Tithe to Israel from Yahweh' - to pay for its eventual reestablishment in Mount Zion - the law of ten percent reduces this total to 2520 days. Since each of these days is representative - or symbolic - of One Calendar Year, [574 BC + 2520 years] brings us to the year 1946 AD.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lingering Anecdotal Evidences Of Our Past Families Of Nations

USS Harry S. Truman underway.
 While Contemporary Historians [at any given location and time period] have long focused upon the events surounding: 'The Rise And Fall Of Nations' - very few of them have expended a great deal of thought into the constantly migrating human beings who conceivably form them. This is largely due to the fact that: Individual Humans are constantly migrating, Historically Distant Records are easily lost over time, and Nations Are Comprised Of Millions of individual citizens. In essence, Historians lack from possessing either: "A God's Eye View" or, "The Truly Long Term Perspective" - which are both necessary, to researching and collating such Invaluable Human Data....

This is not to say, however, that Modern Day Historians cannot factually notate The Lingering Anecdotal Evidences, which are obvious for anyone also to see! For instance, Americans are, in fact: 'A Great Nation Of Shipbuilders'... and thus we can readily infer, that their ancestors came from those nations which were historically talented in this same given field of expertise - such as those who came here from England... and, of course, we would be right.... And yet, this only tells us a very small part of the story; for we still have no clue where those Far More Distant Ancestors in England and Elsewhere came from....

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Budgetary Cutting verses National Indebtedness debate....

The New American Dilemma.
While The Short-Term Thinkers within America are appalled at the actions of legislators who would risk Our National Credit Rating to enforce some Necessary Budgetary Cutting, they are totally oblivious to the fact that their 'Out Of Control Spending' is even more dangerous in the long run! Not only, is there  A Finite Amount of Investment Capital within The World's Markets; but there is [also] 'A Definite Maximum,' which these investors will invariably risk - in one particular governmental basket. And when America reaches That Inevitable Tipping Point, the game is just as much over - as if we [ourselves] have already defaulted upon it!

Were this, not the case, the banks wouldn't have already 'Foreclosed' on anyone.... After all, they make their money from Collecting Interest; and not by Selling Houses - within 'A Market Collapse...' and to think otherwise is blatantly preposterous! Contrary to popular belief, America's National Debt Limit has never been controlled by Congress; but rather, it has always been controlled by The Banking Institutions - who continually loan it the money, in order to functionally operate. Ultimately, The Banks are totally in control, over whom they'll loan their own money... and many of us have apparently forgotten, this one simple Overriding Financial Principle.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

America In Prophecy: Confederates, Bible Thumpers, And Israelites....

The National History Museum in Washington.
As we increasingly study our own American History, under the proper guidance of The Sacred Scriptures, an entire host of New Spiritual Revelations come to light. For instance, our nation has been spoken of directly, and numerous times, in Biblical Prophecy! However, The United States of America isn't referenced by its own name... but rather, under the name of those who truly founded it: "The Latter Day Descendants of Tyre...."

Although, Their Own Nation of Tyre was destroyed by two successive waves of invasion - beginning in 574 BCE - Yahweh wasn't completely done with them yet. There was the little matter, of a certain 2520 Year Prophecy, awaiting its own: "End Times Fulfillment." For Yahweh told them, that they would: "Rebuild Their Nation" and "Return To Their Pay" in "A Very Far Off Land" from "Their True Home..." and America was that very scriptural fulfillment!

In Fact, The United States was predestined to become everything that Tyre [itself] wasn't.... For instance, it is:
  • Physically Built Upon: "A Land The Rivers Divide" - Isaiah 18:2.
  • Geographically Located In: "The Midst Of The Two Great Oceans." - Ezekiel 27:4.
  • A Union Of Numerous Sovereign States: "All The Men In Your Confederacy" - Obadiah 7.
  •  A Great Naval Power: "Who was strong at sea... and caused their terror to be on all her inhabitants!" - Ezekiel 26:17.
  • A Military Superpower: "A Nation Powerful  And Treading Down" - Isaiah 18:2.
  • A Leader In Science And Technology: "Your Wisemen O Tyre Were In You" - Ezekiel 27:8.
  • A Space Faring Nation: "You Set Your Nest Among The Stars." - Obadiah 4.
  • [*** Note: For More Scriptural Proof,concerning the connection, between: The United States of America and "The Latter Day Nation of Tyre" - read The Article, entitled: "Is America: "Babylon The Great" Or "The False Prophet?"]

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