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Sunday, April 17, 2011

American History From A Truly Biblical Perspective....

Is He: "The Last King Of Tyre..."?
Having spent a great number of years studying: History, Politics, and Religion - I have gained a considerable amount of understanding and insight into [precisely]: 'What Is Now Going On In America...' and more importantly, I have been assisted in doing so - by Yahweh Himself. I fully understand, that this is a very bold claim - upon the part of anyone. However, The Scriptures will [definitely] bear me out.... I'm not asking anyone to trust me, at all... but rather, that: "They'll Simply Read The Scriptures Themselves And See Whether It's So..." and isn't that what we're supposed to be doing, anyway? Ultimately, You must decide for yourself....

According To The Scriptures, a physically small nation called Tyre [or Tarshish] was located just north of what was then Ancient Israel. It's people were a mixed race of: Assyrians [Aryans], Phoenecians, Canaanites, Philistines, and Edomites [the descendants of Edom or Esau] - because they valued: Social Class, Political Influence, and Wealth far more than Mere Genetics.

They were a seafaring nation of great merchants and traded with all of their neighbors... and they were closely allied - by ties of: Common Blood, Political Alliance, and Strategic Intermarriage - with The Nation Of Sidon [Modern England], The Coastal Cities Of Phillistia [The Commonwealth Of Nations], Assyria [Modern Germany], and even Babylon [The Current European Union]. They also shared: Certain Cultural Similarities, and A Commonality Of Language With Them - dating back to their ancestors creation of: 'The Phoenecian Alphabet.'

However, by participating in: 'The Slave Trade,' they angered Yahweh [***See: Joel Chapter 3] and a proclamation was made against: Those Living In Tyre [At That Time] and Their Latter Day [or End Time] Descendants. The former destruction occurred in 574 BC, with the assurance that their descendants would arise [yet again] to their Foreordained Political Harlotries in a new physical location - thousands of miles away - just 70 Prophetic Years Later [ ***See: Isaiah 23: 15-18].
  • ***Note: 70 Prophetic Years = {70 * 360 days, or 25200 days later} However, since The Entire Nation Of Tyre [all of its people and all of its wealth] was designated as: 'A Tithe to Israel from Yahweh' - to pay for its eventual reestablishment in Mount Zion - the law of ten percent reduces this total to 2520 days. Since each of these days is representative - or symbolic - of One Calendar Year, [574 BC + 2520 years] brings us to the year 1946 AD.

Amazingly, this: "Once Little Nation Of Tyre" - has grown considerably In This New Location and even figures quite heavily in 'End Time Prophecy' - with virtually all of the prophets referencing it! It is mentioned in: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Obadiah, Zechariah, Joel, and even Revelation [as, "The False Prophet to Babylon The Great"]... and her destruction comes first - or, sequentially before even Babylon's!

But, what nation can this be? 'Who are The Descendants Of Tyre...' and 'Why Shall Yahweh Utterly Destroy Their Nation Forever?' It just might be important, for us, to know.... Don't you think? Particularly, since we are now living within That Time Period:
  • Described by Daniel, wherein: "People will travel to and fro, and knowledge will greatly increase...."
  • Explained by Yahshua, as a period of: "Wars and Rumors Of Wars."
  • And Spelled Out by John, as: "Two World Wars", followed by, "A Worldwide Economic Collapse."

Let's Examine World History, Under 'The Light' Of These Scriptures....

Which Nation rose up 'To World Prominence' [out of nowhere] and announced it's presence in 1946 - by: "Making fire come down from heaven, in the sight of all other nations" - at: Hiroshima and Nagasaki [the two, predominantly, 'Christian Cities' of Japan]?
  • A Nation: "Unlike any before it, or since..." - existing in a state of extremely heightened grandeur.
  • A Nation: "Powerful and treading down..." - a leading world superpower.
  • A Nation: "Whose navies control the world's oceans..." - the undisputed ruler of the seas.
  • A Nation: "Located in the midst of the world's oceans..." - sprawling from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
  • A Nation: "With a massive river system in its midst..." - divided by: "The Mighty Mississippi".
  • A Nation: "Whose national symbol is the eagle..." - self explanatory indeed.
  • A Nation: "Which builds its nests among the stars..." - with its shuttles, sattelites, and space stations.
  • A Nation: "Which is, at its heart, a confederacy..." - consisting of numerous: sovereign, but interdependant, States.
  • A Nation: "Which trades with all other nations and grows exceptionally wealthy in doing so..."

Does Our World History even record such 'A Nation'? Of course, it does... I should know, because I'm currently living in it! The United States of America is the only nation upon Earth, that fits this literal description... and, Boy Does It Ever! With over 200 of such perfectly matched National Characteristics, there is absolutely no doubt - of whom The Prophets were [very clearly] writing about....

And more importantly According To The Scriptures, it would: "Begin fornicating with all other nations upon the earth," or "Return to her pay" - immediately, after Its Arrival Upon The World Stage, in 1946... and to what could this [honestly] refer?

Should We Consider These:

Although any of these Political and Spiritual Machinations would certainly fit the bill - being properly defined, as: "Fornications" - I am quite certain that, taken in their entirety, you'll definitely agree! Apparently, 'Latter Day Tyre' has been quite busy, since 1946.... In just under 70 years, it has almost enslaved an entire planet - for its political master "Babylon The Great [The European Union]..." and its ongoing: 'Conspiracy With Them' is now falling apart as so long ago prophesied that it would [*** See: Isaiah 8:11-18 or Isaiah 47:10-15]. The scripture clearly says: "You will not be able to pull it off. And desolation shall come upon you suddenly, Which you shall not know..." and who are we, mere men, to argue with Yahweh [Our Creator]?

Of course, one cannot study American History without noticing its: 'Bi-Polar Political Nature....' It's as if, The United States of America has always had a 'Split Personality' - with two diametrically opposed: Spiritual and Political Mindsets.... and An Intense Battle Of Wills has been going on 'Inside Of America,' since its very inception!

What's All That Been About?

From its very beginnings, The Nation Of Tyre has built its political fortunes upon: 'The Institutions Of Slavery...' and they have always been exceptionally good at Devising New Methods Of It! These have included: Chattel Slavery, Indentured ServitudeThe Mercantile System, Company Stores, Share Cropping, Corporate Monopolization, Multilevel Marketing, and [even] Punitive Levels Of Individual Taxation.

The Ruling Elite Of Tyre has always cared very little ideologically about The Methods Extensively Employed, as long as the results yield the very same desired effects. They truly enjoy their lives of: Luxury, Affluence, and Oppulence... and it takes a whole lot of Low Wage Earners - in order to achieve their desired levels of Personal Comfort!

When Founding Their New Empire, they needed an abundant supply of either: Free, Inexpensive, or Cheapened New Labor... and they achieved this by: The Slave Trade Among Ethiopians, The Indentured Servitude Of Religiously-Minded Individuals, and The Company-Store System Among Free Immigrants. For they have always been masters of: "The Carrot and Stick," "The Empty Promise," "The Bait and Switch," and "The Shell Game" - approaches to acquiring New Sources Of Physical Labor.

In doing so, however, Two Other Sizeable Populations grew [quite rapidly] within their new nation: The Spiritually-Minded [but prodigal] Israelite and The Careless [but open-minded] Ethiopian - both of whom, proved troublesome. The Israelite, because he understood: "The True Value Of These Promises" [if kept]... and The Ethiopian, because he was ever learning - through carefully observing these, Highly-Expectant and Spiritually-Minded Israelites.

Making matters even worse, for the descendants of Tyre, those Spiritually-Minded Israelites 'Wanted Everyone To Be Treated Equally Under The Law, As Freemen, and Brothers [including: The Native Indians and Imported Ethiopians]...' and having earned Their-Own Freedom, earlier than expected, they set about fighting 'The Ruling Elite' [The Descendants of Tyre] along just those very same political issues! In fact, The Anti-Federalists [or, Democratic-Republicans] - who surprisingly dominated, "The Constitutional Convention" - were These Physical Descendants Of Israel. Consequently, The Newly Created: "United States Constitution" was viewed as: 'An Alarmingly Spiritual Document' - by their More Nationalistic and Hegemonically Oriented Leadership from Tyre.

In fact, It Was A Very Spiritual and Well-Balanced Document; and it would fully require: "A Civil War" - in order to greatly diminish this Israelite Population, and provide the political means to increasingly violate it! Meanwhile, by framing their 'Political Arguments' as: One Of Individual Freedom [to "The Abolitionists" of the North], and One Of State Sovereignty [to "The Freeholders" of the South] - while allowing their own people to purchase their freedom, from these drafts, at a mere cost of $1500.00 - they were able to convince Millions Of Israelites To Kill One Another; with The Full intentions Of Profiting By It, on both sides of the carefully devised battle lines. After all, The Israelites [All Equally] Loved: "Those Entirely Empty Promises Of Freedom!"

In the meantime, These Craftily Devised and Cleverly Calculated Issues have continually evolved, since 1865; but the real power brokers In Latter Day Tyre have continually manipulated its ever-increasing masses of: Israelites and Ethiopians... and most of them have slowly and inexorably moved southeastward in their ongoing effort towards Settling Among [Other] Like-Minded [or Freedom Loving] Individuals. Thus, America's Current Polarization - known as: "Red State/Blue State" - has resulted in the formation of: "The Bible Belt." However, Yahweh has no intention of blessing: "The Coming Civil War" anymore than He did, "The Very First One...." Israel was never intended to live outside of Mount Zion indefinitely... and, they shall be forced to evacuate - from The Southern Regions Of Tyre - back unto: "The Land Of Jacob!" But, not without Their Long Prophesied Compensation.

Just as The Israelites Of Egypt, predominantly lived in: "The Southern Provinces Of Goshen" [as prophesied, that they invariably would] - The Israelites Of Tyre, predominantly live in: "The Southern Coastlands Of Tyre" [as, 'The End Time Prophecies' - so clearly foretell]!

For, It Is Written:
  • "In that time [the time of Israel's Restoration], a present will be brought to Yahweh  - The Mighty One - [His prodigals shall be returned] From a people tall and smooth of skin, And from a people terrible from their beginning onward, A nation powerful and treading down, Whose land the rivers divide [Latter Day Tyre]; To the place of the name of Yahweh - The Mighty One - [His Land Of Promise]To Mount Zion [To Jerusalem]." - Isaiah 18:7.
  • "And it shall be, at the end of 70 years, that Yahweh will again visit Tyre. She will return to her pay, and commit fornication with all the kingdoms of the world on the face of the earth. [But] Her gain and her pay will be set apart for Yahweh [she will not, of herself, be able to enjoy it]; it will not be treasured nor laid up [she will not be able to keep any of it], for her gain will be for those who dwell before Yahweh [The Long Lost Tribes Of Israel], to eat sufficiently [to provide them a new physical start], and for fine clothing [and to permanently establish them, before Yahweh]." - Isaiah 23:17-18.
  • "And it shall come to pass in that day [the time of, 'Tyre and Egypt's Destruction'] That Yahweh will thresh [His Two Spiritual Crops of: Israel and Ephraim] From the channel of The River [The Mighty Mississippi] to the brook of Egypt [The Nile]; And you [Israel and Ephraim] will be gathered one by one, O you children of Israel. So it shall be in that day [as He has promised], That the great trumpet will be blown [His messengers will loudly and joyfully proclaim it]; They will come [My Israelite children], who are about to perish in that land of Assyria [Latter Day Tyre], And they who are outcasts in the land of Egypt [My lovely child of Ephraim], And [they, once again, reunited with Judah] shall worship Yahweh in The Holy Mount at Jerusalem." - Isaiah 27:12-13.
  • "Who are these who fly like a cloud [being so large in their physical numbers], And like doves to their roosts [riding within their own chartered aircraft]? Surely The Coastlands [the Southeastern States] shall wait for Me [to bring this prophesy about]; And the ships of Tarshish [or Latter Day Tyre] will come first [out of greatly imperiled necessity], To bring your sons from afar [since Tyre is quite far away from Mount Zion], Their silver and their gold with them [for Tyre has unknowingly laid up and acquired much treasure for them], To the name of Yahweh your Mighty One [His Promised Land], And to The Holy One of Israel [Yahshua, His Son], Because He has glorified you." - Isaiah 60:8-9.
  • "Again the word of Yahweh came to me, saying, As for you, son of man, take a stick for yourself and write upon it: 'For Judah [Those who call themselves Jews] and for The Children Of Israel [Those self-proclaimed Christians], his companions [The Ten Tribes who are now living within Tyre].' Then take another stick and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim [who is now living in Egypt], and for all the house of Israel [the entire spiritually-discerning house, who shall willingly join themselves to Me] his companions [wherever they are from].' Then join them one to another for yourself into One Stick, And they will become One in your hand."
  • "And when the children of your people speak to you, saying, 'Will you not show us what you mean by these? - [Then] say to them, 'Thus, says Yahweh your Mighty One: Surely I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim [who lives within Egypt], and the tribes of Israel, his companions [those: 'Wild Olive Branches' - who are scattered throughout the whole earth]; and I will join them with it, with the stick of Judah [which represents: 'My Two Natural Olive Branches'], and make them One Stick [One Solitary Nation], and they will become One [both: Spiritually and Politically] in My hand [under, My Right Hand, Yahshua's Control].'" - Ezekiel 37:15-19.

These, are just: 'The Tip Of The Iceberg' with regard to these Long-Foreordained Prophesies... and I chose them, for 'The Story That They Clearly Tell' - by [merely] Displaying All Of Them Sequentially. Nor, have any of them been utilized: Inappropriately, or Out Of Context. And, although the words within brackets are my own, they too can be readily proven [elsewhere] within The Scriptures. I could have [just as easily] quoted from almost any of The Prophets! The Message is honestly 'That Clear....' It is, after all, "A Great Trumpet" - which is: "Now Being Blown!"

It's 'Great Melting Pot' Is Always Carefully Maintained....

The Nation Of Tyre has always been 'A Composite [or genetically mixed] Race Of People' - from its very early beginnings - to a much greater extent, than those who have traditionally surrounded it. Because, its Pure Bred [or, self-styled, 'Blue Blood'] Leadership has always shrewdly managed its Common National Bloodlines through various methods of Manipulative Policies In Immigration. For they understand, that Their Nation's Ethnic and Genetic Diversity offers themselves: Numerous Political Advantages [in controlling its people], while providing, Magnificent Human Resources [to work with underneath them].

When One Group grows Too Numerous, or Too Powerful - either through: Immigration, or Domestic Breeding - they have always made slight, simple, and subtle adjustments to their ongoing policies. In Ezekiel Chapter 27, we read a very detailed description of The Magnificent Genetic Diversity comprising: 'Its End-Time' and, 'Political Ship Of State':
  • "O Tyre, you have said, 'I am perfect in beauty.' Your borders are in the midst of the seas [the world's two great oceans]. Your builders have perfected your beauty. They made all your planks of fir trees from Senir; They took a cedar from Lebanon [My Israelites] to make you a mast [which currently propels you forward]. Of oaks from Bashan they made your oars; The company of Ashurites have inlaid your planks With ivory from the coasts of Cyprus. Fine embroidered linen from Egypt was what you spread for your sail; Blue and purple from the coasts of Elishah was what covered you."
  • "Inhabitants of Sidon and Arvad were your oarsmen; Your own wise men, O Tyre, were in you; They  became your pilots. Elders of Gebal and its wisemen were in you to caulk your seams; All the ships [tribal nations] of the sea [the vast ocean of humanity] and their oarsmen [and their peoples] were in you [dwelling among you] To market your merchandise [that you might greatly profit by it]."
  • "Those from Persia, Lydia, and Libya were in your army as men of war [as its common and enlisted soldiers]; They hung shield and helmet in you; They gave splender to you. Men of Arvad with your army were on your walls all around [as its commanders of hundreds and of thousands], And the men of Gammad were in your towers [as its admirals and generals]; They hung their shields on your walls all around; They made your beauty perfect." - Ezekiel 27:3-11.

Oh, Yes, Tyre has always been 'Exceptionally Clever' - according to The Scriptures... and 'Her Very Last Ruler'  is even more-clever than most! We can read about 'Him' - in Ezekiel Chapter 28:
  • "Son of man, say to the prince of Tyre, 'Thus says Yahweh The Mighty One:"
  • "Because your heart is lifted up, and you say, 'I am a god, I sit in the seat of gods, In the midst of the seas,' Yet you are a man, and not a god, Though you set your heart as the heart of a god (Behold, you are wiser than Daniel! There is no secret that can be hidden from you! With your wisdom and understanding You have gained riches for yourself, And gathered gold and silver into your treasuries; By your great wisdom in trade you have increased your riches, And your heart is lifted up because of your riches),"
  • "Therefore, thus says Yahweh The Mighty One:"
  • "Because you have set your heart as the heart of a god, Behold therefore, I will bring strangers [numerous foreign armies] against you, The most terrible of the nations [a diverse collection of the world's most powerful adversaries, who will fully conspire together against you]; And they shall draw their swords against the beauty of your wisdom [to smash your stranglehold over the earth's: Physical, Financial, and Human Resources], And defile your splendor [totally destroy that nation, unlike any of the others].They shall throw you down into The Pit [and send you to Your Grave - in 2016 - as fully promised], And you shall die the death of the slain In the midst of the seas [and the world's two great oceans, where you now live, shall not protect you]."
  • "Will you still say before Him who slays you, 'I am a god'? But you shall be [merely] a man, and not a god, In the hand of Him who slays you. You shall die the death of the uncircumcised [from which, there is No Resurrection to Eternal Life] By the hand of aliens [those from outside of your own borders]; For I have spoken, says Yahweh The Mighty One.'" - Ezekiel 28:2-10.

And, thusly, these 'American Specific Prophesies' shall come to a very tragic conclusion....
  • *** Note: Why am I so certain, that Barack Obama is "The Last King Of Tyre"? Because, our elections always occur 'In The Fall' - while The Next Civil War should begin 'In The Summer' of 2012, thus precluding yet another election.... However, it could also happen 'In The Summer' of 2013 - after a staged election in which: "Obama Wins, Against The Express Wishes Of The Current Electorate!"
  • Meanwhile, The Scriptures clearly denote: Both The Character Of The Man, and The Anger Of Its Confederated States [which fully erupts 'In The Summer,' before its treading down by the world's nations 'In The Winter' of a closely following year]. In the end, however, The United States of America will no longer exist by 2017 - for it has been given only 70 Years to practice: "Its Harlotries" and [1946 +70] equals 2016!

In the meantime, Those Prodigal Children Of Israel - who have Long Lived Within America and Provided Its Spiritual Backbone - will [at last] come to their senses; as they will then be thoroughly refined within its: "Baptism By Fire," to become Yahweh's Prophesied: "Precious Silver..." for: "They Shall Separate Themselves From The Physical Branches of Tyre" and "Eventually Return To Israel" - after Fully Recovering Their Own Spiritual Identity, as: "A Most Precious Gift To Yahweh!" Moreover, This Prophesied Spiritual Recovery has already begun... for His prophets, are once again speaking: 'The Truth' which He [Himself] has so amply provided!

The Message From The Scripture Is Quite Clear: The Lost Tribes of Israel dwell in The Confederation of Tyre, and The Two Tribes of Joseph live in The Nation(s) of Egypt. They shall be gathered at one specified time - wherein both: Tyre and Egypt - will be destroyed by The Combined Armies of Babylon. Those from Tyre, will arrive in - "The Ships of Tarshish" - her remaining naval fleet; and those from Egypt shall travel by land to Mount Zion - at the time of Egypt's 40 Year Desolation.

Having thus witnessed, The Fulfillment Of These Prophesied Events, those who are: Spiritually Minded, Chosen By Election, and Willingly Obedient - will arrive in their vast numbers of aircraft for: "The Prophesied Wedding Feast of Yahshua!" Sadly, however, some will not possess: "The Proper Wedding Garment...."

Ahava [May Yahweh's love] and Shalom [and peace be upon you]!
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