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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Budgetary Cutting verses National Indebtedness debate....

The New American Dilemma.
While The Short-Term Thinkers within America are appalled at the actions of legislators who would risk Our National Credit Rating to enforce some Necessary Budgetary Cutting, they are totally oblivious to the fact that their 'Out Of Control Spending' is even more dangerous in the long run! Not only, is there  A Finite Amount of Investment Capital within The World's Markets; but there is [also] 'A Definite Maximum,' which these investors will invariably risk - in one particular governmental basket. And when America reaches That Inevitable Tipping Point, the game is just as much over - as if we [ourselves] have already defaulted upon it!

Were this, not the case, the banks wouldn't have already 'Foreclosed' on anyone.... After all, they make their money from Collecting Interest; and not by Selling Houses - within 'A Market Collapse...' and to think otherwise is blatantly preposterous! Contrary to popular belief, America's National Debt Limit has never been controlled by Congress; but rather, it has always been controlled by The Banking Institutions - who continually loan it the money, in order to functionally operate. Ultimately, The Banks are totally in control, over whom they'll loan their own money... and many of us have apparently forgotten, this one simple Overriding Financial Principle.

While most Americans are highly-desirous of returning to: 'Fiscal Sanity' and 'Constitutional Government' - it is already far too late, for that to factually happen.... Neither: The Democrats, nor The Republicans are [honestly] interested in doing so... and Our Federal Government is already well-prepared for imposing Martial Law, when it becomes necessary to inevitably implement it. Nor would they have made such drastic preparations, if they never intended to eventually utilize them!

As President Franklin Roosevelt, once said: "In politics, and in government, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

More importantly, however, our own unique history bears out this Blatantly Obvious Truth... for the very same nation - which [purportedly] purchased: $200.00 Hammers, $400.00 Toliet Seats, and $4000.00 Coffee Pots - equally managed to build and acquire: 2600 FEMA CampsThousands Of New Weapon Systems, and Hundreds Of Underground Cities without any documented budgets for them, at all!
  • The facts of which, bring us to A Very Interesting Question.... Which set of books is now Currently Bankrupt... 'The Real One,' or just, 'The Publically Available One?' The scriptures boldly declare, that it is only 'The Latter!'

In any case, The Countdown To Our Own National Disaster has already begun... and by, "The Summer" of 2012 or 2013 [Isaiah 18:5-6, Isaiah 23:5], The States will be leaving The Union - as predicted in: "The Biblical Prophecies [concerning America]" [***See: Isaiah Chapters 18 and 23]. Moreover, the long prophesied: "Treading Down By Many Nations" will factually occur in 'The Winter" [shortly thereafter] during Our Last Civil War - as has been fully assured by Yahweh!

  • *** Note: For an explanation of how this will undoubtedly occur, see my very next article upon: "America's Prophesied Destruction...."

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