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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten Predictions, For The Next Ten Years, By "The Real American"

"American Civil War II," or "World War III?"
Although I may make no particular claims regarding: Clairvoyance, Extra Sensory Perception, Mystical Understanding Of Astrology, or Firsthand Prophetic Knowledge - regarding the immediate future of our common humanity - I am [however] an observant student of: Sociological Behavior, Common Sense, and Repetitive World History. Consequently, I have gained some very limited insight into our ever-evolving current political events. Moreover, this naturally limited insight into Humanly Generated "Causes and Effects" has proven highly valuable to me in the past! For instance, it has predicted numerous current political problems and/or historic events.

Some Recent Examples Are:
  • America's Growing Economic Collapse - which officially started in the early 1970's, but actually began much sooner.
  • Nationwide Capital Depletion - due to the exportation of American: Industry, Employment, and Wealth. 
  • An Increasingly Lower American Standard Of Living - as balanced against: Monetary Inflation and Technological Proficiency - which resulted from intentionally devised Corporate and Governmental Policies.
  • An Exploding National Indebtedness - due to: Excessive Socialization, Systemic Over-Taxation, and An Increasing Reliance Upon Short-Term Keynesian Economic Fixes.
  • Increasing Incidences Of Unexplained Social Violence - as more and more Americans grow increasingly resentful of living within an Unconstitutional "Police State." 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barrack Obama: Comments Upon Jihad

President Barrack Obama's state visit to India.
When President Barrack H. Obama was recently asked for his feelings about "Jihad," by a person in India, he once again sidestepped the question and stated that: "Jihad means many different things, to many different people..." which, although a factual answer [upon certain philosophical levels], was a very blatant obfuscation to this very important and deadly serious political question. For a man who supposedly ran for: Honesty, Disclosure, and Openness; his continuously non-committal answers are fast becoming far more than just a small political irritation. In fact, to many Americans, such political double-speak and sound-bitten sophistries lie at the very heart of our ongoing problems nationwide!

Just For The Record, "Jihad" May Be Defined As:
  • A Constant State Of Warfare.
  • An Individual And Personal Struggle.
  • A Great Spiritual Battle.
  • Or [Even], A State Of Overcoming.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Is "The True Cause" Of Inflation?

The ever-shrinking United States Dollar.
As bad as the United States Dollar looked in the year 2000, as compared to 1774, the last ten years has thinned it to a very thin sliver of its former glory. In fact, it now takes a great number of dollars - in order to [merely] feed one's self for the month! But, how did this situation ultimately come about?  Is it merely: "Supply and Demand Working Itself Out In The Free Markets" - as we've been [so frequently] told... or, is there just a little bit more to it? What is "The True Cause" Of Inflation?

 For decades Americans have been taught that Inflation is simply the natural result of: Shortages In Productive Supply, in relation to, Increased Consumer Demand. When Consumer Demand outstrips Productive Supply, then the pricing will move higher to properly balance these two competing economic forces! This much is factually true. However, such Causative Shortages are merely short term aberrations in the markets, since these higher prices soon bring about an increase in New Productive Capacities. Consequently, consumer pricing will eventually return to its previously expected economic levels. The only exception to this rule, honestly being, a Genuine Raw Material Shortage - which is very seldom [honestly] the case.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congressional Shakeup Is Too Little, Too Late - For "The American Experiment"

America Is Waking Up, and now paying attention!
For all of the remarkable news coverage, over the 2010 Midterm Election, our current "Congressional Shakeup" - with Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives - doesn't foreshadow the truly significant changes that most Americans are honestly hoping for. Nor, does this Modern Political Landslide represent the imminent reduction in Governmental Hegemony, or a return to Conservative Fiscal Sanity. With America having strayed so far from her Traditional and Historic Political Roots, "The Greatest Political Upset Since 1948" will prove to be [merely] a short term political logjam - in our Federal Government's ongoing efforts toward eliminating 234 years of American National Sovereignty.

What America's Tea Partiers, and numerous Independents, have failed to [honestly] realize is that our International Elitist Leadership controls the real power positions in both mainstream political parties! Although they possess slightly differing visions for the New World Order's specifically relevant agenda, our Democrat and Republican Leadership share a common desire for the necessary political apparatus to fully achieve and implement it - within the near political future. While millions of Political Checker Players have clearly spoken against America's immediate political demise, they are "Naively Playing Chess" against Masters Of Political: Strategy, Feint, and Subterfuge.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Un-Balanced Economic Equations

The problems with all attempts at [Republican] Supply Side Economics and [Democratic] Demand Driven Social Dynamics are essentially the same, even while supposedly representing a completely opposite approach to Keynesian Economics. They both lack a certain scientific sense of necessary Universal Balance… they both fail to account for much greater and situational relevant Social Dynamics… and they both display the fundamental characteristics of Myopic Tunnel Vision - upon a subject, which absolutely requires a certain "Whole-istic" Point Of Scalable Focus!

Of course, to some of us - possessing [as it were] a depth of individual perception sharpened by much needed and relevant historical introspection; this eminently predictable happenstance doesn’t come as any real shock. For the Common History of Democrats and Republicans [both] is that of: "Two radically divisive branches, diverging from the very same trunk of a much more balanced and inherently viable Democratic-Republican Party." Be that as it may, these two: Highly Conceited, Increasingly Argumentative, and Entirely Dysfunctional Daughters of America’s Marital Union With Democratic-Republicanism - after her unfortunate and lamentable Civil War – truly represent opposite sides of the very same political coin! The real tragedy is that most Americans remain blissfully unaware of this fact, even as they decry the continuing nationally-destructive results of it....

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