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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barrack Obama: Comments Upon Jihad

President Barrack Obama's state visit to India.
When President Barrack H. Obama was recently asked for his feelings about "Jihad," by a person in India, he once again sidestepped the question and stated that: "Jihad means many different things, to many different people..." which, although a factual answer [upon certain philosophical levels], was a very blatant obfuscation to this very important and deadly serious political question. For a man who supposedly ran for: Honesty, Disclosure, and Openness; his continuously non-committal answers are fast becoming far more than just a small political irritation. In fact, to many Americans, such political double-speak and sound-bitten sophistries lie at the very heart of our ongoing problems nationwide!

Just For The Record, "Jihad" May Be Defined As:
  • A Constant State Of Warfare.
  • An Individual And Personal Struggle.
  • A Great Spiritual Battle.
  • Or [Even], A State Of Overcoming.

Of course, The Majority Of Americans - and, in fact, most individuals upon our entire planet - are fully aware that almost every "Man-Made Word" holds multiple meanings, which are fully dependent upon how they are being contextually utilized. Just consider the word, "Judgment," for instance... it may equally refer to: Sound Thinking, Personal Discrimination, Legal Prosecution, Judicial Condemnation, or [even] Applied Lawful Sentencing... and these stated meanings are far from being all-inclusive with respect to this solitary word [or term]. Consequently, to state that any word holds "Multiple Meanings" is a blatantly obvious Political Sidestep to everyone.

And yet, this type of Idiotic and Obsequious Behavior is nothing new from our recent American Presidents - both: William J. Clinton, and George W. Bush, were also champions of such non-committal political tactics, during their administrations as well. In fact, who can ever forget Bill Clinton's rhetoric concerning what "Is" is? Or, George Bush's denial of: The North American Trade Corridors, The Planned Amero, and The Approaching North American Union - by labeling these reports as mere "Conspiracy Theories." However, when someone says, that they are going to be The Most: Open, Honest, and Forthright Administration - in history - then they should be held to a much higher standard! Or, Am I wrong? After all, their promises are [precisely] why we elect them....

What is new [or historically recent], is the fact that our Mainstream Media no longer holds their political feet to the fire - by seeking out very highly specific clarifications - when such instances of subterfuge now continually occur! Real reporters - like: Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, or Edward R. Murrow - would never pass up an opportunity to specifically rephrase a question until "The Truth Of A Matter" was more fully exposed. Of course, in those days, the major newspapers and television networks had far greater competition within their markets. With a handful of Massive Conglomerates controlling virtually all of our Current Media, what should we now [honestly] expect?

Of all the things that Americans detest most, about their elective leadership, dishonesty is certainly at the top of the list. Whether it means: "Making False Promises," "Shafting The Ones Who Elected You," "Following A Secret Agenda," "Intentionally Answering Falsely," or "Artfully Dodging The Difficult Questions" - all forms of dishonesty are still dishonesty... and, we as a people, are absolutely sick of it! Whereas, Americans honestly love a straight answer - even when "The Truth" is sometimes quite distasteful. After all, Honest, Accurate, and Timely Information is the foundation for making Good, or Sound Public Decisions. When will our leaders ever frankly get it? Apparently, we need to replace a whole lot more of them... and sooner, rather than later.

Which, of course, brings us right back to those previously stated and multiple definitions for Jihad. After all, it is increasingly obvious to most Americans, that:
  • "A Constant State Of Warfare" now exists between ourselves and our politically elected leadership - within both mainstream political parties.
  • It has increasingly become "An Individual And Personal Struggle" for most Americans, as we continue to lose our freedoms and witness our once great nation sliding off into the Politico-Economic Abyss.
  • "A Great Spiritual Battle" is now raging all across America, for the heart and soul of our nation.
  • And although we may desire to do so, we remain far from "A State Of Overcoming," at this particular time!

At least, that's how "The Real American" sees it.... What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.


  1. I believe it has been shown that honesty is a ways down the list of what Americans detest about politicians. Now are you always honest in your website? Of course not, yet you expect it of others on all counts in all circumstances?

    Of course we all get tired of it and wish only our views were heard but I think most Americans recognize that elected officials engage in "politics". As for this jihad comment, what is your point? Are you implying that President Obama supports a jihad? Do you think he is secretly supporting a Muslim jihad against Americans?

    Do you really think there is something sinister here or are you just engaging in (to quote you) "Idiotic and Obsequious Behavior"?

  2. Contrary to your statements otherwise, I am perfectly content when "All Views Are Equally: Expressed, Thoughtfully Considered, and Legitimately Weighed Upon Their Own Logical And Philosophical Merits...." Moreover, Most Americans would more reasonably agree with this honest position!

    As you are fully aware, I have never: stifled the debate upon this site, shied away from responding to specific comments, failed to publish my detractors own personal opinions, or castigated anyone for their open and honest beliefs - no matter how perceptually misguided or foolish that they may have seemed to me.

    And frankly, I haven't got a clue as to what you are talking about - when you ask:

    "Are you implying that President Obama supports a jihad? Do you think he is secretly supporting a Muslim jihad against Americans?"

    Did I say anything whatsoever either directly or even through any implication which would imply this? The point of the entire article was that our political leadership is continually disrespecting us and treating us with utter contempt through: Their Constant Political Lying, Blatant Relevant Obfuscations, and Perpetually Divisive False Labeling.

    Rather than honestly addressing our well thought-out political concerns, they continue to castigate the majority of Americans and call them: "Domestic Terrorists," "Religious Whackos," "Tea Baggers," "Conspiracy Theorists," etc... in order to deflect what are in effect very reasonable questions - to a whole host of very important and fundamental political issues.

  3. I do agree with most of your intent and so am sorry I offended you with my comment but everyone, especially those involved in politics and including yourself, does those things (Lying, Blatant Relevant Obfuscations, and Perpetually Divisive False Labeling). You were confused by my comment but I hear your take on it and will leave it at that.

  4. Vulcan420,

    If you know of any specific instances in which I have: Lied, Obfuscated, or Falsely Labeled Anyone - then please be very specific. I would appreciate the name of the posting and the particular quotation to which you are referring. Thank you very much, in advance!

  5. Thank you very much for your comment on my blog.

    I am always honored when someone takes the time to read and comment on a post. It is very rewarding. Many thanks!

    I once read that everything we say and think is only a personal interpretation of a specific situation.
    Looking at it this way is like saying there really isn´t any exact right or wrong.

    I am not saying this way of looking at things is" right or wrong" but it is indeed an interesting theory. No wonder there is so much to argue about as we all have personal opinions that differ from anothers point of view!

    You have an interesting blog!


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