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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Un-Balanced Economic Equations

The problems with all attempts at [Republican] Supply Side Economics and [Democratic] Demand Driven Social Dynamics are essentially the same, even while supposedly representing a completely opposite approach to Keynesian Economics. They both lack a certain scientific sense of necessary Universal Balance… they both fail to account for much greater and situational relevant Social Dynamics… and they both display the fundamental characteristics of Myopic Tunnel Vision - upon a subject, which absolutely requires a certain "Whole-istic" Point Of Scalable Focus!

Of course, to some of us - possessing [as it were] a depth of individual perception sharpened by much needed and relevant historical introspection; this eminently predictable happenstance doesn’t come as any real shock. For the Common History of Democrats and Republicans [both] is that of: "Two radically divisive branches, diverging from the very same trunk of a much more balanced and inherently viable Democratic-Republican Party." Be that as it may, these two: Highly Conceited, Increasingly Argumentative, and Entirely Dysfunctional Daughters of America’s Marital Union With Democratic-Republicanism - after her unfortunate and lamentable Civil War – truly represent opposite sides of the very same political coin! The real tragedy is that most Americans remain blissfully unaware of this fact, even as they decry the continuing nationally-destructive results of it....

In the meantime, the very same issues of: Internal Dissention, Cultural Fragmentation, and Bitter Debate stemming from the Intentionally Manipulative Splintering of that once glorious and balanced political party; have spread over our entire "Great Society" as the inevitable result of: "Divide And Conquer," "Control Through Chaos," and “The One Party Political System.” Yes, friends, you heard me right! America is currently a One Party Political System…. Be honest with yourselves, and [truly] think about it... look at the the Past Political Positions of our candidates and then compare them to their Ongoing Elective Actions... don't you notice anything peculiar at all?

For Instance:
  • Reagan ran against: "Big Government," "Encroaching Political Tyranny," and "Fiscal Insanity" - as a Traditionalist American. But, then: Created Numerous Entirely New Agencies, Oversaw Increased Federal Authorities, and Exploded Our National Debts.
  • Bush I ran against: "Increasing Federal Taxation" - as a Fiscal Conservative. However, he presided over our Greatest Rate Of Tax Increase up until his day.
  • Clinton ran against: "Free Trade" and "NAFTA" - as a Domestic American Protectionist. And yet, almost immediately signed those very same and highly destructive Free Trade Agreements upon taking his oath of office.
  • Bush II ran against: "A Massive Federal Government" and "Nationally Destructive Spending" - as a Constitutional and Fiscal Conservative. Then went on to become: "King George," "Mr. Prescription Drug," and "Creator Of The Patriot Act."
  • Obama ran against: "Corporate Corruption," "Unconscionable Governmental Secrecy," and "The Patriot Act" - as a Reformist and Libertarian Democrat. Meanwhile, he has: Appointed Wall Street Insiders To His Political Cabinet, Rammed Through Massive Bills With No Debates, and Re-imposed a further strengthened Patriot Act - with new: "Pre-crime," "Indefinite Detention," and other "Un-Constitutional" Provisions.

Aren't Such Aberrant Inconsistencies Rather Curious?

The Democrats and Republicans have spent decades arguing over the purpose, form, and direction that their newly-created Fascist System should take… but where is the other party to stand up for our Traditional, Capitalistic, and Freedom Loving, Way of Life? They argue yearly over how our unlawfully confiscated loot should be spent… and yet, where are those who oppose such patently illegal practices in the first place? No matter how you look at it, the argument over: Corporate, or Social Fascism is a one sided statement for the Systemic Adoption Of National Fascism - without any reasonable and justifiable political debate ever ensuing!

Even their solutions - to minor and petty issues - more closely resemble two internally divisive elements "Flying Off Half-Cocked," rather than one [or another] party’s fully thought through and internally debated conclusions being presented under one united political front. Yes, my fellow citizens, they are still "One Political Party" - utilizing: Artificial Division, Public Manipulation, Controlled Fear, and Political Blackmail - to accomplish: One Cohesive and Solitary Agenda! As America continues to vote for "The Lesser Of Two Evils," Great Evil is inexorably being accomplished from The Top Of The Bureaucratic  Pyramid. Alas, however, I must return to the subject at hand….

Both Supply Side Economics and Demand Driven Social Dynamics are predicated upon "Growing The Economy" through either: artificially stimulating one side of the economic equation, or the other, in an effort to grow us out of our rapidly increasing Social Economic Problems. Each side believes that they have stumbled onto the proper Keynesian Solution to our ongoing financial problems. Each side is adamant that they possess the All Powerful Key, to unlocking our chains of financial bondage to the Fundamental, Universal, and Unforgiving Economic Reality surrounding us. And each side is [seemingly] intent upon achieving their solitarily arrived at political conclusions, while they further "Paint Our Society Into A Corner" at the hands of their political overseers - the: Illuminati, Masons, and Jesuits.

Although neither of them is entirely wrong, these two parties [both] lack the necessary Understanding and Wisdom to make the same Mental Leap of "God-Given Intuition;" and their charismatic leadership is wholly complicit in factually misleading them! That is precisely because no other viable political party is out there to challenge their: Carefully Scripted, Incredibly Propagandist and Nonsensical Assertions - for what they truly are. Nor, will our [now] Corporate Dominated Media upset this political applecart - to their own personal detriment. The Real American Truth is that the majority within these two mainstream political parties cannot see "The Bigger Picture," because no-one has forced them to honestly grow up and work through their own selfish political squabbling!

All Economies are based upon the balancing of two Naturally Self-Regulating Societal Forces! Supply is merely one, and Demand is the other. Neither of these is any more important than the other… neither of these can Immediately: Regulate, Override, or Drive The Other… because, neither of them exists in a vacuum! Rather, they are both: Co-Existent, Co-Equal, and Co-Dependent parts of a very simple Economic Equation, or Universal Certainty. Supply and Demand are not mere components of The Economy In Total... rather, they are [In Fact] "The Economy In Total!" That is to say, the specifics of which side is rewarded at the expense of the other is functionally irrelevant to any economic system at large. The only concern regarding Market Economics is entirely how much is being siphoned from the "Economic Engine" in total quantifiable, or cumulative economic, terms.

Some Questions To Honestly Ask Yourselves:
  • If you never refill your tank at the gas station, you soon cannot drive your vehicle to work, where do you get the money which is necessary to buy that much-needed gas? 
  • If the farmer foolishly sells all of his corn, and a voracious society then eats all of it, where does he acquire new seed for the next big planting? 
  • If the store owner spends every penny made off of his sales, before replenishing his necessary supply of trade goods, then how long can he hope to remain in that same business? 

The same Philosophical Concepts apply to every solitary human endeavor. The principles remain the same no matter how you specifically refer to them. It may not be "Rocket Science;" but, in the end, it's even far more important to the survival of our modern civilization! Common Sense [aka wisdom] isn't the result of some misunderstood, mystical, and/or magical formula... it is the possession of a Situationally Relevant and Scalable Awareness to the factual world that more fully surrounds us. The recently noticed: Jerking, Spitting, and Sputtering of our society’s once powerful Economic Engine is nothing to be surprised about. For decades, very subtle hints have been upon display in her past poor performance. Any good "Shade Tree Mechanic" could have diagnosed as much!

When the fuel tank is too close to empty: "Every drop of water," "Every grain of dirt," and "Every blade of grass in the tank" causes increasingly poor performance and even some improper backfiring. It’s not, the timing that’s off… it’s not, the oil that’s low… and it’s not, the fuel pump that’s faulty. The damn thing [merely] needs a tank-full of gas to run properly! Nor, will a shot of Keynesian Economic Ether long solve the underlying problem.

Contrary to popular belief, Our National Economy isn’t broken… it isn’t acting abnormally under our current circumstances in any way… and it doesn’t [honestly] need any sort of fixing! But a wise, or crafty, mechanic would gladly diagnose and fix The Real Problem; because [in this instance] the driver’s own inherent stupidity makes him or her an excellent customer indeed! Think about it,... the mere investment of a few minutes of his time, some carefully made observations, and the merest effort of "Filling The Tank With Fuel…" might be gratefully and generously rewarded by the blissfully ignorant, obviously untrained, and blatantly unsuspecting public customer. In such instances, huge profits can be made after all!

Of course, you ask, if it is really "So Damn Simple"; then why don’t Most Economists get it and scream at our leaders to lower everyone’s taxes across the board and fill up The Economic Tank? Voila, now you are getting to The Crux Of The Matter. The answers to that question are inextricably bound to our own human nature. Whether for better or worse, we are all - as humans – subject to the same great strengths and weaknesses… we are prone to the very same thoughts and emotions… we are chained into the very same logical thought patterns… and we are given to the very same corporate traps and pitfalls. To use our once Enlightened Ancestor’s Terms, “We are cut from the very same societal cloth!” Which means that, even in our individual diversity, we are Psychologically and Sociologically Prone to operating in the very same Fundamental Ways [consistently] over time.

For Instance, Consider Some Common Human Flaws: 
  • Many of us, are so focused on the problems at hand, that we remain functionally unaware of relevant, significant, and profound matters; which have direct bearing upon our overall efforts.
  • More of us, are predominantly concerned with obtaining an ever more elusive societal advantage; regardless of the true costs born by others, or [even] society in general.
  • And the largest majority of us, are afraid of standing out in the crowd – lest we become the target of others. 

The weight of accumulated centuries in sociological history bears this out. No-one [or at least, very damn few] anyway, will upset the applecart while living under what is in effect: "A One Party Social Fascist System" - for honest fear of the potential ramifications! Who honestly wants to be labeled: Nut, Wacko, Doomsayer, Troublemaker, Domestic Terrorist, or [even] Conspiracy Theorist - for their honest and sincere observations? Who enjoys being: Shunned, Ignored, Silenced, Shouted Down, or [even] Laughed At - for their politically incorrect understandings? And to what purpose will you do so, when the mainstream media either: Refuses To Report It [to prevent it], Intentionally Misquotes It [to damage the message], or Collectively Mocks It [in order to shut you up]?

Considering the negative social baggage, it is amazing that anyone today even speaks up at all... and yet, a whole host of Austrian Economists - such as: Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, Gerald Celente, Max Keiser, Niall Ferguson, Ron Paul, and others are honestly speaking up for The Real American Truth - despite the vicious rhetorical campaigns currently being waged against them! But how many of you are [honestly] listening to what they have to say? Until America addresses its "True Problem," our national and international economies can only grow worse.... 


  1. You bring up a good point but as is often the case your main theme gets caught in a tangle of branches and poor analogies.

    While you say that others don't see the wholistic view of our economic situation, I don't believe you do either. And I am left wondering if you judge others by your own flaws or just think everyone else is a lot dumber and more ignorant than you. But as you yourself well know, in practice Life and Politics are situational. Those are the realities that drive people. Yes, people like you.

    As far as taxes and the economy goes I agree with your assessment in one area. Increasingly, property taxes are stifling for those on fixed and low incomes and slowly forcing them out of their homes and onto public support. A very serious problem that goes unaddressed because, while seemingly obsessed with the federal government, no one seems to care what happens on the local and state levels.

    Our economic problems are the result of Americans' chosen life style, what they choose to value, and their short sightedness, not over-taxation by the feds. The fact is that Americans have chosen to value that which has no intrinsic value and do not value that which is most precious. And most people seem to know this and know things will eventually correct themselves. It seems to me this is the whole crux of our economic situation, its those very corrections that no one wants. The conservatives don't want it. The liberals don't want it. No one does. So they all argue over the "best" way to avoid it.

    And that reminds me of a quote about success: "Observe the masses and do the opposite." - Walt Disney

  2. Although I can agree with you that, The States and Local Municipalities are equally complicit in the formation of our ongoing Economic Servitude; and have honestly written as much in previous postings upon my blogs; I cannot agree with when you state:

    "And most people seem to know this and know things will eventually correct themselves."

    In fact, the greatest voter turnout and political upset since 1948 - would seem to indicate that the majority of Americans a far from content to just sit around and wait for things to correct themselves, after the inevitable Political and Economic Collapse.

    Meanwhile, of course: "True Liberals" desire a re-establishment of Personal and Individual Freedoms - as traditionally understood; "True Conservatives" desire a return to Lawful and Constitutional Governance; and "The Majority Americans" are beginning to get involved out of a growing need for honest self-preservation.

    While "Real Americans Everywhere" understand that True Conservatism and True Liberalism are wholly complementary Philosophical Concepts, others are finally beginning to awaken to this fact in significantly larger numbers! After all, the basis of Traditional American Conservatism has always been The United States Constitution... and The United States Constitution is the basis for our Individual Freedoms and Liberties. What more can be said?

  3. I agree with you that people are not content to just let the natural course of things make necessary corrections. That is my point. As I said, no one wants things corrected and that is the problem. Voter turn out has nothing to do with it since no candidate was offering a solution - only various politicized ways to avoid it as long as possible.

  4. Actually, there were a few candidates who not only stood up for change but were also screaming for it at the top of their voices... for instance: Peter Schiff, Rand Paul, and select others. More importantly, many Americans were listening - whether, or not, they voted for them....

    While the majority of Republicans and Democrats refuse to acknowledge we have any real problems, our rapidly growing "Non-Aligned Electorate Of Political Independents" is: looking towards our roots, searching for the answers, and seeking out the solutions to once again carry us forward. The question is not whether they can find these necessary answers... but whether once they do, will they find the necessary candidates to honestly do so?


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