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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Real American Is Once Again Gainfully Employed

The Real American's New Day Job. "Well, there you go..."

If you've been wondering what happened to me lately, I recently became one of the fortunate few who are "Gainfully Employed" - after two years of prolonged situational unemployment and carefully budgeting my very limited money and resources. I have been blessed by an Assistant Mangers Position in a local department store and I am very grateful for it! With the unemployment rate - in Abbeville, South Carolina - approaching 20 percent, I had begun to despair of ever finding any local employment... but Yahweh [God], in His mercy, both: heard, and answered, my sincere prayers... thus, renewing my personal level of hope dramatically.

During the last month, or so, I had an awful lot upon my personal plate. I had to re-acquire necessary transportation... learn the procedures and methodologies of my new position... and juggle a whole host of related tasks - which have largely consumed my personal time. I am now hoping to settle back into my blogging - albeit, in a somewhat reduced capacity, from here on out. Rather than attempting to operate and promote five blogs - as before - I will be reducing them by two, over the next month. However, this one will remain online; and will [in fact] gain a great deal of valuable and related material shortly thereafter.

Big Changes Are Coming, To: "Real American Truth."

Although "The Truth About America" was my first and most heavily written to site overall, the Search Engine Optimization [or, SEO] for "Real American Truth" is considerably better thanks to certain knowledge having been learned in my ongoing process of blogging. Consequently, I will be adding greatly to this platform - while dismantling my previous American Informational Site! As much as it pains me to do this, I really can see no alternative to doing so... and, in the end, this site should be all the better - for having done so.

However, this Blog Consolidation and resultant Editorial Transition will [honestly] take some time... since it shall require, far more, than just moving a few articles from one blog to another. Among other things, a great number of links must be updated - as well. I Sincerely Apologize - in advance - for this troublesome inconvenience, to my very loyal readership and hardcore subscribers! I can assure you, however, that it will be worth it - over the long haul.... Please don't be afraid to comment and/or lend some encouragement from time to time. Yahweh knows, that I can very often use it.

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