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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tobacco Users Are Wizening Up To Tobacco Tax Abuse

America's Second Class Citizens fight back.
As our National Economy worsens, an increasing number of cash strapped State Legislatures are looking toward: Cigarettes, Cigars, Dips, Snuffs, and other Tobacco Products as a means of continuing to fund their excessively overblown State budgets. After all, Tobacco Users are now an easily discriminated against minority - politically speaking - and there appears to be no real downside to those who would unfairly target them for Excessive and Abusive Taxation! But, is this truly the case? Are America's Smokers and other Tobacco Users just merely helpless sycophants, to be financially enslaved by their condescending and arrogant political brothers?  

Apparently Not... because, America's Second Class Citizens are now fighting back against this ever growing political tide - in numerous ways! While some are still driving to nearby "Lower Taxed States" to buy the legally maximum twelve cartons [every couple of months], and still others are buying them online from Non-Taxed Indian Reservations, a rapidly growing minority are now buying their Tobacco in bulk and rolling their own [at home]. From around $14.00 to $20.00 per pound of Bulk Tobacco, a person can make approximately 2.5 cartons of cigarettes - in very short order. While the unused Tobacco stays perfectly fresh in the fridgerator, almost indefinitely. After all, it already comes in a: Vacuum Sealed, Zipper Lock, and Stay Fresh Bag - from the local, or even online supplier.

Meanwhile, in perhaps the most interesting development of all, Americans all across our nation are now purchasing Tobacco Seed and merely growing their own - Completely Tax Free! Not only will it grow quite well in all of the lower 48 States, but it will do so in Alaska and Hawaii, as well. It is a fairly easy crop to grow and matures in only two to three months time. Consequently, Tobacco Seed is now setting historic records - in smaller quantity sales - all over the country. For some of us - with smaller garden plots - it makes more sense to grow our own Fresh Tobacco, than even Food Products. Which of these two products costs the most money to purchase... particularly, for those of us who live in the "Higher Taxing States" such as: The Northeastern Corridor, The West Coast, and The Great Lakes Region?

The Knowledge Base - required to do so - is surprisingly small, for anyone who has experience at small plot, or home gardening. Tobacco needs: Direct Sunlight, Reasonably Well-Drained Soil, Nitrogen, and Potash. To a large degree, it is naturally insect repellent and chemical insecticide should never be used! Meanwhile, the following basic instructions will assist you well upon your way to a bountiful new crop....

Basic Tobacco Growing Instructions:

  • Do Not plant your Tobacco anywhere near the Tomato Plants! Tomatoes are highly susceptible to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and will die incredibly fast if you do so.
  • It Will Require between 12 to 15 plants to sustain a "1 Pack A Day" Smoker for an entire year's supply. Plant your crop accordingly.
  • Seed May Be Purchased, either: Online or at your Local Farm Supply Store... however, don't wait until the last minute to locate a local supplier, since they don't all carry it. [Important Note: If you purchase heirloom, or non-hybrid varieties, then you can save your seeds from one year until the next.]
  • Tobacco Needs Adequate: Water, Nutrition, and Sunshine - just like most other crops - treat it accordingly. Utilize good rich compost when available, since Tobacco prefers a rich and well drained soil.
  • Bed The Soil For Drainage and plant rows 24 inches apart, since these plants do grow quite large.
  • Remove Terminal Buds and Suckers so that upper leaves will get thicker and larger. Remove the buds  before they open and suckers [or, axillary buds] on the leaves if they grow an inch or more.
  • Harvest Tobacco Leaves from the bottom up, the leaves ripen at the bottom first. 
    • Pierce Tobacco Stalks For Stringing On Tobacco Sticks, or use a tobacco spear on the end of a tobacco stick and thread the stalks onto the stick.
    • Hang Leaves For Curing from the rafters in your shop or garage. Air curing of tobacco takes about 8 weeks. This will allow all of the moisture to be released from the tobacco leaf. It will change color during this period. However, a Homemade Tobacco Kiln will undoubtedly produce a much smoother product.

The Real Tragedy:

The fact that so many American Smokers would rather resort to such Tax-Saving Tactics, rather than just quit, may seem strange to most non-smokers; but it actually isn't! You see, far more of us would have already quit by now - except for one little nagging thing.... Contrary to what you [yourself] may, or may not, believe: "America Is The Land Of Freedom;" and many of us are simply tired of being pushed around, by the rest of you who [honestly] don't get it! In fact, "The Deadliest Cancers Of All" - throughout our once great nation - are the "Wannabe Fascists" walking around, telling others what to do, and how they should live their own personal lives. Slavery was finally abolished in 1866, for very good reasons... and many of us would rather die, before we ever accept it again!

The Real American Truth is that, today's Modern American Smoker has far more in common with the instigators and perpetrators of the "Original Boston Tea Party" - than the other governmental and tax protesters across our nation! In fact, they are suffering from the exact same governmental tactics as that original fifteen percent of Americans who invariably drank Tea. The product has already been artificially inflated by a Direct Excise Tax upon the Tobacco itself and the Sales Taxes are being applied to the Total Amount at the point of purchase - which is to effectively pay taxes upon taxes, rather than upon the product itself. Thus, a "Ten Dollar Carton Of Cigarettes" [dependent upon the State involved] may cost as much as $100.00 retail and include a $10.00 Sales Tax on top of that.

Nor would it have even cost $10.00, without the addition of a "National Tobacco Settlement Lawsuit," that [amazingly] went to the various governing States - rather than the actually injured parties to the lawsuit! The cumulative effect of these Errant Legislative Practices is to charge upwards of an effective 2200 Percent Tax Rate - upon a lawfully obtained Five Dollar Product. A product which [I might add] is disproportionately utilized by: Lower Income, Blue Collar, and Working Class Americans to relieve the stress placed upon them by their: Wealthier, White Collar, and [even] More Abusive Brothers at the top of the economic ladder. Perhaps, it be far more appropriate for us to hold a "Smokers Party" in Winston-Salem or even Richmond?

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  1. I find it interesting as well, that the government will talk about how they need to raise the taxes on tobacco and other things that are bad for us to discourage us from using those products. Then when the revenues fall short of what they expect (ie SCHIP) they moan about how they need to come up with new revenues.


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