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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ben Bernanke: "The Rider Upon The Black Horse - Holding The Merchant's Scales"

A composed Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke
With the Congressional Midterm Elections coming up in just a few days, and our national economy once again increasingly contracting, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has announced that The Federal Reserve Banks are preparing to print a massive flood of new paper money. Meanwhile, this additional Fiat Currency would be utilized to purchase public and private debts - in a Keynesian policy euphemistically named: "Quantitative Easing." The idea is to effectually lower Long-Term Interest Rates and to spur Economic Growth - through Artificially Generated Market Liquidity... and as such, it is a historical economic measure of last resort!

With the entire balance of World Economic History standing against him, one might ask why Ben Bernanke is signaling such an ill-advised financial course? Doesn't he realize that every single nation - having traveled this path - has previously failed to navigate it? Of course, he does! Ben Bernanke is a very well-educated and carefully-calculating man. So, what is really going on? And, do we really want to know what it is?

Let's face it, there are only two potential possibilities! The first being, that Bernanke and the other Central Bankers are firmly convinced that they have a quantifiable solution to the whole "Hyper-Inflationary Problem" - which has confounded mankind for hundreds of generations. Or the other, that they are collectively conspiring to bring down the entire International Financial System - in order to effectually replace it with something else, far more to their liking. Although both possibilities are seemingly plausible, from an outsider perspective, only one of them is actually probable - considering the rapidly accumulating evidence from all sides of the economic equation.

As many of us are [now] more fully aware, their solution to Hyper-Inflationary Pressures is to simultaneously inflate all of the Western Currencies together! By equally printing vast amounts of: Dollars, Euros, Pounds, and Yen - no single western nation need suffer the deleterious effects of "International Monetary Devaluation." Meanwhile, these "Cash-Strapped" Western Democracies can theoretically prop up their: Out Of Control, Social-Fascist, and Inefficient Governments forever.... Basically, if the "Economic Rules" are far too restrictive, then they'll just rewrite them by modifying the most troubling and competing monetary dynamics involved.

This line of reasoning concludes: that with such a Massive Monetary Shift, the remaining nations will have to ultimately go along with them and deflate their own currencies in order to stay competitive within the highly competitive International Market. After all, without the Western Democratic World, who can conceivably buy all of their commercially available manufactured products? This is the alarming logic upon which they are now substantially betting... and it's a highly speculative and foolish bet, from an honestly Scientific and Historical Standpoint. For although it will be difficult and/or economically troubling to do so, these externally competitive nations will eventually unhitch themselves from their political and economic overseers as it invariably becomes necessary! What other choice, will they [honestly] have? The alternative is unacceptable and punitive Economic Extortion.

More importantly, Fed Chairman Bernanke and his European counterparts - such as ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet - are fully aware of this approaching eventuality, even as they are currently justifying their own actions; through Political and Economic "Double-Speak." In fact, the writing is already appearing upon the wall: "They have been weighed in the Economic Balances and have been found dearly wanting!" The fact, that they are still continuing upon this Highly-Ineffectual Economic Course, fully underlines there collective intentions - with respect to our Ailing International Economy. It is definitely an intentional design to force the economic adoption of: "A One World Currency," and "A Centralized Banking Cartel" - to ultimately administer it!

As "The Third Seal Of Revelation" continues to unfold around us - with Chairman Bernanke riding upon his long predicted "Black Horse" - we are witnessing the fulfillment of long prophesied history in the making. While Yahweh hides Himself from: "Judah" and "Ephraim," His prophets continue to shout out - down through the ages - to "All Of Israel!" Although I take no comfort in reporting these facts, I am compelled to speak "The Truth" - as I see it honestly unfolding before me.... What else can a "Real American" do? The Real American Truth may be found wherever you may truthfully find it....

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