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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Juan Williams Fired By National Public Radio - For Being: "Politically Incorrect"

NPR Journalist Juan Williams.
In a bold stroke for "Political Correctness" everywhere, National Public Radio fired their own highly experienced news analyst Juan Williams - for telling The Truth, and Sharing His Honest Concerns, regarding "Muslims Flying Upon Airplanes." Considering Mr. Juan Williams' extremely well-balanced and left of center views, one has to wonder what NPR can be possibly thinking! Nor, does the video footage in question support such a foolhardy position - on the part of anyone.

See the offending video, below, for yourself....

To say that Political Correctness has "gotten out of control" is fast becoming a major understatement in this country.... In a nation founded upon Freedom Of Speech and wholly reliant upon Freedom Of The Press to ensure its long term success, the concept of Political Correctness is a very real threat - which cannot go on unchecked. Let's face it, "The Truth" will always be considered offensive by someone; but it is absolutely necessary to the formation of: Objective, Informative, and Properly Balanced Public Opinion!

The Real American Truth is that, whenever anyone is dismissed from the public forum, then we have started down the path toward: Tyranny, Disenfranchisement, and Civil Unrest. Civil Unrest does not result from open discussion and free political discourse... in fact, the exact opposite is true... Civil Unrest is the result of continually ignoring large percentages of the electorate - over increasingly long expanses of time - until critical mass may be effectually achieved. By: Ignoring, Silencing, Shunning, Castigating, and Mocking groups which we disagree with - rather than honestly and properly interacting with them - we lose access to their valuable contributions and insights, while eliminating any real possibility for achieving a necessary "Common Political Ground."

Have we learned nothing, from our own "American Civil War?" Apparently Not... we are more divided today, than at any time in our past collective history... and our nation is wrenching itself apart along all sorts of: Political, Economic, Religious, and Societal Fault Lines! In an age of: Pre-Crime, RFID Chips, and Prolonged Political Detentions; Political Correctness may seem to be rather innocuous by itself. However, none of these things are occurring in a political vacuum... and the synergistic potential between these four National Aberrations are far more deeply troubling than they may first appear on the surface.

Wake up, America... Juan Williams isn't the real ongoing problem in our nation. It is the Extremism and Zealotry of "Zero Tolerance" Socio-Political Policies - throughout our own society - which unduly threatens the integrity of our nation! Among other things, it has turned our schools into Prisons... our children into political prisoners... and nationalistically regimented every aspect of our modern social lives. When human beings can no longer: Think, Act, or Speak Up For Themselves; what is the real or inherent meaning of "Freedom?" After all, Politics is the art of social compromise and Hidebound Political Inflexibility is a situational oxymoron.

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