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Governmental Links

Providing you with Real American Truth is only part of the solution. Another significant part is providing you with the good quality information that you'll ultimately need to make your voices heard. Meanwhile, the Governmental Links [on this page] will hopefully assist you greatly in accomplishing that task.

Online Governmental Links

  • The White House - this link will take you directly to the Official White House Website online, where you may contact President Barak Obama [himself], or any of his cabinet heads, via an official email to their office.
  • U.S. State Senators - this link will take you directly to the Official United States Senate Website online, where you may directly contact your own U.S. Senators regarding any individual pieces of United States Legislation. You merely select your own Home State and the website will happily do the rest for you.
  • U.S. House of Representatives - this link will take you directly to the Official Website for The U. S. House Of Representatives. By entering your Home State and regionally specific information, it will automatically locate your individual representatives office online and direct you there.
  • Official State Offices - no matter which State you [honestly] live in, this link will find your Official State Governmental Websites.
  • Governors Offices - why not, contact your governor directly, and: voice your opinions, lend your support, or tell them how you feel, about the trampling of Our United States Constitution... and, more importantly, All Of Our Freedoms and Rights.
  • State Legislators - this link will take your to a national database of All 50 State Legislatures, where you may select your Home State and be directed appropriately to your own State Legislature. From there, you can select the appropriate representatives based upon region or district specific information.
  • County Governments - [SC only] - At this time, we have been unable to locate a reliable source for this information on a national scale. However, this service has been [currently] provided for South Carolina residents - until we can locate a better online source of information.
  • City Mayoral Officesevery Mayoral Office in America can be navigated from one national source, by following this link... it is, perhaps, the handiest tool of them all! Have local issues on your mind, then let your government know about it....
  •  Tribal Councils - for the benefit of our Native American Brothers, we have provided this useful governmental link. Every tribal council in America is only one or two clicks away - by following this one useful link.  

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