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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ron Paul Makes Some Very Good Political Points About Wikileaks - On CSPAN

Many Americans support The "Wikileaks" founder....
Considering The Controversy Surrounding "Wikileaks," and its Australian owner [Julian Assange], United States Representative Ron Paul asks some very logical political questions - while asserting wherein "The True Problem" lies. Rather than denouncing Mr. Assange as "A Traitor To America" [a nation to which he owes no political allegiance at all]; perhaps, we should be grateful for him - as a conduit for the very important information that our own better-informed public servants are trying so faithfully to relay to us, at their own personal expense. After all, The Mainstream Media is no longer acting in such a politically-useful and highly-necessary functional capacity.

United States Representative Ron Paul speaking upon Wikileaks Controversy.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Entire Planet Is Held Hostage To: "A Culture Of Death"

Have we become, Generation: "Death?"
While many of us are fully aware of "The Culture Of Death" - which: Pervades, Surrounds, and Threatens To Engulf Us Worldwide - the majority of our friends and neighbors still remain blissfully unaware of such things. In fact, at this point, they are expending far more effort in [willfully] Ignoring The Obvious, than we are in readily uncovering "The Truth!" Take for instance, our recent attempts at "Christmas" [And/Or Holiday Shopping] across the United States... no matter where you choose to shop, the currently available clothing and numerous other consumer products are largely covered in: Skulls, Crossed Bones, Sun-sprays, Pyramids, All Seeing Eyes, Bahomet, and other other Satanic Death Cult Symbols.

Considering this fact, we must honestly ask ourselves the following [seemingly] relevant questions:

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