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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ron Paul Makes Some Very Good Political Points About Wikileaks - On CSPAN

Many Americans support The "Wikileaks" founder....
Considering The Controversy Surrounding "Wikileaks," and its Australian owner [Julian Assange], United States Representative Ron Paul asks some very logical political questions - while asserting wherein "The True Problem" lies. Rather than denouncing Mr. Assange as "A Traitor To America" [a nation to which he owes no political allegiance at all]; perhaps, we should be grateful for him - as a conduit for the very important information that our own better-informed public servants are trying so faithfully to relay to us, at their own personal expense. After all, The Mainstream Media is no longer acting in such a politically-useful and highly-necessary functional capacity.

United States Representative Ron Paul speaking upon Wikileaks Controversy.

The Questions Ron Paul [Actually] Raised:

  1. Do the America People deserve know the truth regarding the ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen?
  2. Could a larger question be how can an army private access so much secret information?
  3. Why is the hostility mostly directed at Assange, the publisher, and not at our governments failure to protect classified information?
  4. Are we getting our moneys worth of the 80 Billion dollars per year spent on intelligence gathering?
  5. Which has resulted in the greatest number of deaths: lying us into war or Wikileaks revelations or the release of the Pentagon Papers?
  6. If Assange can be convicted of a crime for publishing information that he did not steal, what does this say about the future of the first amendment and the independence of the internet?
  7. Could it be that the real reason for the near universal attacks on Wikileaks is more about secretly maintaining a seriously flawed foreign policy of empire than it is about national security?
  8. Is there not a huge difference between releasing secret information to help the enemy in a time of declared war, which is treason, and the releasing of information to expose our government lies that promote secret wars, death and corruption?
  9. Was it not once considered patriotic to stand up to our government when it is wrong?

Although Ron Paul's Own Questions were somewhat politically insightful, they were extremely "Shallow Thinking" at best - from the perspective of "A More Fully Awake American." However, by "Reading Between The Stated Lines," we can arrive at some far more politically insightful fare. Just, consider the modified list of questions below....

The Questions Ron Paul [Should Have] Raised:
  1. Don't The American People deserve to know "The Truth" about the actual activities of their own democratically elected government?
  2. Why must Our National Policies be cloaked in: Political Propaganda, Public Relations, and Intentional Misinformation - in the first place?
  3. How did Our American Federal Government become so dangerously deceptive under the massive radar of our [supposedly] highly-motivated Mainstream Media?
  4. How do we functionally replace "The Mainstream Media" with something, or someone else, which will properly do the job of reporting: Important, Accurate, and Timely Information?
  5. Should Government be allowed to utilize The Taxpayer's Own Monies against them politically?
  6. If Our Own Political Governments are allowed to continually mislead us, as to "The True Facts," how can we ever make Truly Informed Political Decisions?
  7. What is The Point In Voting At All, when The Political Establishment is Intentionally and Willfully Deceiving Us - into embracing their own intentionally calculated, carefully crafted, and predetermined political agendas?
  8. Are we really comfortable as Americans with millions of: Petty Bureaucrats, Political Propagandists, and Professional Liars expansively governing over us - while being fully cloaked in Official Public Secrecy?
  9. What if their "Common Political Agenda" isn't to our own mutual benefit... and how would we even know, if that were already The True Case?
  10. What can we do about this obvious and inherent political flaw of: Bureaucratic Governmental Administration - which Manipulates and Enslaves Us, rather than Extensively Listening To and Serving Our Own Needs?

I believe that these questions are of far more significant merit, than any being [currently] proposed throughout our nation today. You, certainly, won't be hearing them from [any]: Mainstream News Sources, Editorial Medium, and/or Candidates For Political Office. Which is based upon "The Simple Fact," that we are now living within A Fully Controlled Fascist Political Environment... and the political ramifications which continually occur - against those who honestly speak out about it - are further proof of "The Truth" in this personal statement. However, I do fully agree with Ron Paul's [actual] closing remarks in The United States House Of Representatives:
  • "Thomas Jefferson had it right when he advised, 'Let the eyes of vigilance never be closed.' I yield back the balance of my time."

Julian Assange, founder of: "Wikileaks...."
Whether we realize it, or not, Mr. Julian Assange has done America a very great political service by reminding us of: The True Dangers Inherent Within "The Bureaucratic System" Of All Forms Of Political Government! Whether "The Underlying Police State" is: Monarchical, Republican, Democratic, or Oligarchical - and whether "Its Overall Economy" is largely: Capitalistic, Fascistic, Socialistic, or Centrally Directed - The Single Greatest Danger Lies Within "The Bureaucracy Itself!" For All Bureaucratic Forms Of Governance are designed to conceal The True Nature Of The Leadership: Manipulating, Directing, and Controlling its overall Agenda Driven Actions.


  1. I agree it was a service to us. The "mainstream media" is a joke. There is no news anymore it is all infotainment.

    Nice blog here!

  2. Anyone who has ever done something so minor as buy a used car should know why the Government needs secrecy. Would you like every Country we negotiate with to have our entire plan of negotiation prior to coming to the table? Would you like all of our enemies to have the detailed plans to all of our weapons? Would you like the enemy to get up in the morning and download our military strategy for the day?

    Ironically, it is our freedom that demands secrecy. If we were to ban free speech and an open press, than the government could tell us everything. Because they cannot control what we do with the info, they must restrict what they put out.

    It's a nice theory that we should have a completely open and transparent government that never dealt in misinformation. In practical application, it would be our death knell if we ever got it.

  3. In all actuality, complete transparency offers the only real safety available within the context of an extremely perilous new world. For instance, a nation which adopts moral, ethical, and consistent international positions needs not worry about others misinterpreting their openly stated national positions. Nor, does anyone knowingly attack an openly stronger physical opponent without intentional and malevolently oppressive cause. While a weapon intentionally held in concealment can offer a decided physical advantage in battle, the clear knowledge of it [prior to battle] will most often prevent one!

    Secrets are only necessary for those who possess devious and malicious intentions. Far more good can be accomplished through: Openness, Honesty, and Good Intentions than through: Secrecy, Subterfuge, and Crafty Political Designs.

    Our ancestors chose to: "Walk softly while openly carrying a very big stick," and it worked quite well - as a matter of practicality. If only we were so wise....

  4. By the way, secrecy doesn't work out too well when buying a used car either. Unless, of course, you're actually the dealer selling it! Chances are, that the customer who got screwed won't buy another from you... but, then again, "A new sucker is born everyday," right?

  5. Secrecy does work well with the used car. When you are trying to get the best deal, you always bid lower than what you are actually willing to pay.

    Furthermore, your theory about people not attacking those who are stronger falls apart when you consider 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

    As per morals and ethics, that is idealistic but wrong again. Ethics and morals are different around the world. Hence, if we were to operate under your ethics with complete transparency, some other blogger would be complaining about that.

    To err is human, hence we will always have mistakes and wrongdoing in government. To pretend that it could possibly be otherwise is naive. Yes, our Government could be much better than it is. That doesn't change the fact that Assange is wrong and we should shut him down.

  6. Since the buyer's goal is to pay the least amount possible, regardless of the product being offered, no-one actually knows what they themselves are willing pay beforehand anyway. Nor, is the potential buyer hiding anything upfront from the seller. Such foolish logic is specious at best!

    Meanwhile, 9/11 was the action of Terrorist Lunatics and [as such] doesn't prove anything at all. Nor, were the Militant Japanese an inferior opponent attacking a greater one. After all, The United States was in a peacetime posture with a deactivated military infrastructure of only 15,000 full-time troops. Since America no longer obeys its own Constitutional Laws, and maintains well over 1 Million Total Force Troops with which to respond, the situation is now very different.

    As far as: "Morals and Ethics being different around the world" - are you kidding?

    Mainstream: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, and [even] Atheists share far more similarities of belief than you honestly give them credit for. They all believe in: Honesty, Self-Determination, Freedom, and Peaceful Coexistence. It is only their human governments, that cannot respect such moral and ethical principles. And they never will, without An International Leader to fully exemplify it upon the world stage!

  7. To simply quote "To Err Is Human" - as a political justification for undue abuses and excesses - is to merely fallback upon "The End Justifies The Means" as if it were extensively true. Of course, to those who follow The Luciferian Philosophy it actually is.... They would gladly kill everyone upon our planet - in order to achieve their own personal agenda!

    But, you have forgotten the rest of that biblical verse. It states, "To Err Is Human, But Love Is Divine." Were only our actions motivated by Love - for our International Neighbors and Fellow Men - then we would act quite differently towards them!

  8. Perhaps, you could share with me your opinion on why Police Officers openly brandish their uniforms, equipment, and sidearms - rather than just concealing them. Could it be that they actually deter a great deal of crime, by doing so? Perhaps, they should try operating far more secretly....

  9. Seriously? You're going to use 9/11 and Muslims believing in peaceful coexistence together in the same comment? Well, it wasn't a Government that attacked us on 9/11.

    For the car, I always know what I am willing to pay beforehand. If you won't sell for my price, I won't buy. I don't want YOU to know that I will go as high as $2,500 if you're about to sell it for $2,250.

    Why do the police brandish weapons? So you will know they have them. The real question would be, why don't cops put a big gas gauge readout on the roof so you know if you can run further than they can? Why don't they put the building plans for the jail in every cell?

    I'm not saying that everything we do should be secret. I'm saying that we should have secrets, and I have a problem with those who wish to publish our secrets to the enemy.

    I never said we should hide our weapons, I said we should hide the plans that would expose any weakness of the weapon.

    Furthermore, what undo abuses and excess are you talking about? I didn't use that as political justification for anything, but rather to point out that no matter who leads us, they will make mistakes. That's not justification, it is simply fact.

    You, on the other hand, are using some perceived wrong to justify someone taking stolen property and exposing it to all on the web. Would you be so kind if you had cooperated with an investigation and all of your personal information showed up on wikileaks as a result? If so, that's insane. If not, where's the transparency?

    And for the record, it is not a biblical quote, it is a quote from Alexander Pope who said "To err is human; to forgive is divine.

  10. Tom Hedkvist, 10-gruppenJanuary 2, 2011 at 1:34 AM

    Please support the gay struggle against heterosexual power. We, the gay brotherhood, are determined to rule the world. Join us verbaly and economicaly. Make people change there mind about us and tell them to se us as natural leaders. We have great influence in media and will change the agenda to put down the heterosexual sociaty. Never buy products or services from heterosexuals (worked fine in the village in the 70th, we banished the hetros, now the method is running at Södermalm Stockholm). Christianity and all religions are heterosexual constructions and neds to be changed to benefit homosexual supremacy. Help christian homosexuals to infiltrate and tear down the historical and todays christianity.
    Make the religious people hesitate their beliefs, say that their god and profets are gay, bring a yes-sayer with you (always) that stand on your side, its make it easyer to be convincing. Stand in front of a mirror to train speach with confidence, train to say a convincing "no" if somebody understand that the queer-theory is a facistic ideology.
    Make the gay network global "you must keep networking". The biggest social network that only consume each others services and products wins (they who doesnt belong to the network will consume the networks products and services and concentrate money to the gay network).

  11. Steve

    You are correct, in one respect, the exact phrasing of that quote is indeed Alexander Pope. However, he was paraphrasing and referencing a biblical scripture - just like so many others before....

    "History Repeats Itself," "Spare The Rod," "The Truth Sets Us Free,' and hundreds of other quotes - were merely stolen from the scriptures by subtle revisions on the part of their speakers.


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