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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Entire Planet Is Held Hostage To: "A Culture Of Death"

Have we become, Generation: "Death?"
While many of us are fully aware of "The Culture Of Death" - which: Pervades, Surrounds, and Threatens To Engulf Us Worldwide - the majority of our friends and neighbors still remain blissfully unaware of such things. In fact, at this point, they are expending far more effort in [willfully] Ignoring The Obvious, than we are in readily uncovering "The Truth!" Take for instance, our recent attempts at "Christmas" [And/Or Holiday Shopping] across the United States... no matter where you choose to shop, the currently available clothing and numerous other consumer products are largely covered in: Skulls, Crossed Bones, Sun-sprays, Pyramids, All Seeing Eyes, Bahomet, and other other Satanic Death Cult Symbols.

Considering this fact, we must honestly ask ourselves the following [seemingly] relevant questions:

And yet, rather than placating Our Inherently Natural Human Curiosity - regarding such [seemingly] Odd Occurrences - we will expend great internal effort in painstakingly ignoring them as [mere] Situational Snafus, or [just] Karmic Coincidences. But, are they really? Or, is something [a bit more sinister] actually going on within our Constantly Dynamic and Increasingly Globalized Human Society? I can, honestly, assure you of the latter....

Are these not, the very same "Occultic Symbols" - being utilized by The Masonic Corporations who are: Producing, Distributing, Advertising, Promoting, and Selling These Products? And what about the steadily growing numbers of: Movies That We Watch, Games That We Play, and Music That We Listen To? Are all of these [sheer] "Cosmological Coincidences," as well? Or, could it all be [just]: "A Very Sick And Twisted Joke" - shared exclusively by millions of collective adherents, having grown excessively out of systemic control, to which - only "THEY" know The True Punchline?

In light of these questions, I offer you this simple video of Microsoft's Bill Gates recently discussing: Carbon Dioxide EmissionsNationalized Healthcare, [UN Recommended] Human Vaccinations, and Reproductive Health Services - while [honestly] praying that you listen very closely! Because, although Mr. Gates has honestly chosen the wrong side, he [at least] understands: "The Real Underlying Issues Being Largely Involved."

Are you beginning to figure out yet, that: Global Warming, Nationalized Health Care, Vaccinations, Abortion, Euthanasia, Systematic Eugenics," and all other forms of Human Population Reduction are [actually] Fully Formed and Interconnected Ideologies - within the minds of many of our elitist brothers and sisters? Well, you should... because we are fast approaching their: "New World Order" Mechanisms Of Planetary and Bureaucratic Control, folks! While you're working extremely hard at ignoring the signs all around you, they are molding and shaping our entire world - through "The Magic Of Subliminal Propaganda" - into a future image of "Hell Upon Earth...."

By subverting our: Educational Systems, Entertainment Media, Music Industry, News Sources, and Two-Headed Partisan Political Apparatus - they are planting their own Satanic "Mental Seeds" within us and laying the extensive groundwork for our own [eventual] Cultural, Spiritual, and Physical Destruction. Moreover, they are Openly Preparing "Us" [for this future occurrence], by offering "Us" The False Subliminal Hope that any such Future Reduction In Humanity will not include "Us" - The People Who Are, By Now, Fully Aware Of It... and yet, Deep Within "Us," we all know The Lie - for what it extensively is... even as it mesmerizes "Us," by its: Utter Boldness, Blatant Audacity, and Horrifically Evil Intentions!

Meanwhile, as these forces begin to leaven the entire sociological lump, our planet is strongly being polarized into Two [Diametrically Opposed] World Camps - based upon: "The True Intentions Of Our Human Hearts." There are those "Who Love Others [equally to their own selves]", and there are those "Who Love Only Themselves [above everything else]!" Consequently, the winnowing of "The Sheep" from "The Goats" has already [largely] begun... and that, My Friends, is a very important "Sign Of The Times" - in which we [now] must somehow live!

This is Real American Truth, as one "Real American" now [factually] sees it... and these are my thoughts for today. Try to think about it, before its too late. You'll be grateful that you did! The time to wake up is now.

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