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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten Predictions, For The Next Ten Years, By "The Real American"

"American Civil War II," or "World War III?"
Although I may make no particular claims regarding: Clairvoyance, Extra Sensory Perception, Mystical Understanding Of Astrology, or Firsthand Prophetic Knowledge - regarding the immediate future of our common humanity - I am [however] an observant student of: Sociological Behavior, Common Sense, and Repetitive World History. Consequently, I have gained some very limited insight into our ever-evolving current political events. Moreover, this naturally limited insight into Humanly Generated "Causes and Effects" has proven highly valuable to me in the past! For instance, it has predicted numerous current political problems and/or historic events.

Some Recent Examples Are:
  • America's Growing Economic Collapse - which officially started in the early 1970's, but actually began much sooner.
  • Nationwide Capital Depletion - due to the exportation of American: Industry, Employment, and Wealth. 
  • An Increasingly Lower American Standard Of Living - as balanced against: Monetary Inflation and Technological Proficiency - which resulted from intentionally devised Corporate and Governmental Policies.
  • An Exploding National Indebtedness - due to: Excessive Socialization, Systemic Over-Taxation, and An Increasing Reliance Upon Short-Term Keynesian Economic Fixes.
  • Increasing Incidences Of Unexplained Social Violence - as more and more Americans grow increasingly resentful of living within an Unconstitutional "Police State." 

Of course, this isn't really "Rocket Science..." and many of you, have come to these very same conclusions - just as I did - a long time ago. The difference, of course, is that few of you ever mentioned them in public... fearing, as it were, the social castigation of others; and/or blindly hoping that something might occur to correct these looming societal problems - before they ran largely out of systemic control. However, I  never [once] even contemplated such Patently Preposterous Illusions - for our "All Too Human" History, unflinchingly displays the exact same Social Responses over great expanses of time!

And although it may not be "Politically Correct" to do so, I am fully prepared to make certain Inescapable Predictions about our very near future as a nation. Bear in mind, however, that I love my nation very much and strongly wish that these Extremely Negative Predictions could be honestly stopped - before it is far too late to do so! However, such an beneficial outcome cannot be achieved through mindlessly ignoring the mounting evidences of Ongoing: Social, Political, and Economic Reality - as so many Americans are now wont to believe.

America's Next Ten Years, As I See It:

  • Although no-one can predict these future events with any particular exactitude, I can and did place them within the chronological order of their eventual likely occurrence. However, there may be some certain overlapping of these events - as they will most likely occur in relatively rapid succession. I apologize, if I couldn't be slightly more positive about our immediate political future!

I. An Increasing Economic Collapse. 

Without A Relative Understanding of exactly what is causing America's Economic Woes, the average American voter is clueless as to what they can honestly do about it. Nor, can they pressure their political leadership for the necessary social changes until they understand [precisely]: Who Their Enemies Are, The Political Agenda Being Forwarded, and How They Are Accomplishing It. Since America's Ruling Elite - within both Mainstream Political Parties - are fully behind it, "Voting The Lesser Of Two Evils" will only assure this one inescapable: Social, Political, and Economic Outcome.

    II. Monetary Hyperinflation.

    By relying upon Keynesian Economic Solutions - in order to temporarily prop up An Already Failing Economic System - rather than fixing the true underlying structural problems, we are only accelerating our own eventual Economic Collapse... while transferring America's Financial Wealth [and the political power it represents] from the general public to our: Illuminati and Freemason Corporate Masters. Governments may print all of the Fiat Paper Money that they so choose. But slips of paper aren't wealth, and The Nation's Total Economic Wealth remains the very same over the course of actually doing so! Thus, the percentages of it - being held in the public's hands - are cleverly and steadily diminished by factually doing so.

      III. Implementation Of Economic Austerity Measures.

      With The Increase Of: Real Economic Hardship Nationwide, More Americans Demanding Governmental Assistance, Increased State Governmental Insolvencies, and Rapidly Diminishing Federal Taxation Revenues - being balanced against increasingly Worthless American Dollars - many governmental programs will be selectively eliminated, in an effort to ease these inescapable financial pressures! Agricultural Supports, Educational Television, National Public Radio, and many other American fixtures will be quickly eliminated from The National Budget.

        IV. Breakdown Of The Social Safety Net.

        As our Economic Situation grows increasingly desperate, it will soon become ever more apparent that very deep and drastic social cuts cannot be honestly averted - if our nation is to recover from its True Economic Problems! At this point, The Social Safety Net will be systematically dismantled through the piece-meal political legislation of: Congress and Our Local State Legislatures. Thus, leaving many Americans: Fearful, Frustrated, Bitter, and Angry. After all, the system was overloaded and destroyed during the "Economic Good Times..." and now [when it is truly needed] we have nothing left to fall back upon.

          V. Increasing Political Unrest. 

          With 50 percent of America now fully reliant upon: Entertainment, Retail, or Service Sector Employment, Most Americans Seriously Curtailing Such Wasteful Spending, and No Social Safety Net To Speak Of - Political Unrest is definitely assured! The form that it takes being the only relevant question actually in play. However, one can expect heightened attendance at the increasing number of "Tea Parties" spreading all over America... as well as, other less altruistic occurrences, being most savagely put down by "Well-Equipped and Heavily-Indoctrinated" Riot Police.

            VI. The Imposition Of Federal Martial Law.

            At some point, The Federal Government shall decide to take it upon itself to impose a National Police State - which shall openly violate our Constitutional State Sovereignties. Thus, violating numerous State Sovereignty Amendments and initiating the Lawful Dissolution of our Republican Style Union. The States will undoubtedly mobilize their own military assets to meet this ever-increasing political threat and demand the immediate withdrawal of all Federalized Military Forces.

              VII. State And Federal Conflict.  

              Our Federal Government - which has long prepared itself for this highly predictable political outcome - will blatantly ignore such seemingly nonsensical requests; and eventually escalate the situation by the attempted removal of certain lawfully elected State Governments. This will result in: American Public Outrage and Further Severing Of State Ties To Our Centralized Government. The various States will begin organizational efforts, to coordinate their much weaker defensive assets. Regional Power Blocks will begin to develop - with certain ones far stronger than others.

                VIII. American Civil War.

                At some point, the shooting will start and all sides involved will fully expect a relatively quick resolution to this ongoing American Political Crisis. However, such will not be the case, since many other worldwide governments will be providing Extensive: Financial, Military, Intelligence, and Logistical Support to all sides effectively involved. As equal parties to the Future North American Union, Canada and Mexico will also become increasingly involved in this internal conflict.

                  IX. Increasing International Involvement. 

                  As the forces being unleashed upon North America grow: Increasingly More Coordinated, Better Organized, and Nationally Destructive - both sides will increasingly rely upon outside assistance for: Money, Armaments, or other material and non-material assistance. Just as America and other nations were drawn into World Wars I and II - by inescapable political events - the European and Asian nations will be drawn into this one for very similar and equally inescapable reasons. 

                    X. World War III Engulfs North America.

                    Thirty years ago, few Americans would have even considered such a seemingly laughable prediction. However, no-one can fully ignore such a horrifying prediction today. At this juncture, the probability is [honestly] quite high! Although Nuclear Weapons are not likely to be used upon American soil, we shall soon find that the destructive capacity of Modern Conventional Weapons has improved quite dramatically since our last worldwide military conflict. The utterly devastating destruction wrought against America's Domestic Infrastructure will significantly hobble our American Continent from moving forward for several decades. Thus, leaving The European Union and China as the two remaining and dominant world powers.

                      However, Please Don't Panic - Just Yet!

                      Understand that this is all merely a Historical Projection [or, intelligent speculation] - being based upon certain past historical occurrences - with the assumption that Our Modern American Society is just as stupid as those of the past with respect towards learning anything from our well-documented human history! Each of these Ten Societal Progressions can be avoided [and/or mitigated] through the making of proper and timely political choices. They are not written in stone; and they do not have to occur.... But one must admit, humanity is highly predictable - especially, when they've been given enough rope to hang themselves upon.

                      If the Average American Citizen can wake up to the ever-present realities surrounding us, educate themselves to the true underlying political issues, and take an intelligent part in the social dialogue - then many of these things will potentially work themselves out! The KEY To Peaceful Coexistence has always been: "Open and Viable Communication..." whereas, inane political correctness has always stood in the way of such highly necessary political discourse. Rather than just dismissing others from the ongoing internal debate, by castigating them, we should warmly invite them with welcome and open arms. After all, our nation was founded upon: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Equality under the law! 

                      *** Remember: history always teaches that the shooting never starts - until the free-flowing discussion comes to an end....

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