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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congressional Shakeup Is Too Little, Too Late - For "The American Experiment"

America Is Waking Up, and now paying attention!
For all of the remarkable news coverage, over the 2010 Midterm Election, our current "Congressional Shakeup" - with Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives - doesn't foreshadow the truly significant changes that most Americans are honestly hoping for. Nor, does this Modern Political Landslide represent the imminent reduction in Governmental Hegemony, or a return to Conservative Fiscal Sanity. With America having strayed so far from her Traditional and Historic Political Roots, "The Greatest Political Upset Since 1948" will prove to be [merely] a short term political logjam - in our Federal Government's ongoing efforts toward eliminating 234 years of American National Sovereignty.

What America's Tea Partiers, and numerous Independents, have failed to [honestly] realize is that our International Elitist Leadership controls the real power positions in both mainstream political parties! Although they possess slightly differing visions for the New World Order's specifically relevant agenda, our Democrat and Republican Leadership share a common desire for the necessary political apparatus to fully achieve and implement it - within the near political future. While millions of Political Checker Players have clearly spoken against America's immediate political demise, they are "Naively Playing Chess" against Masters Of Political: Strategy, Feint, and Subterfuge.

In all honesty, the majority of these Newly-Elected Republican Candidates are no more "Politically Conservative," than the Outgoing Democrats were [factually] "Freedom Loving Liberals." Rather than taking a wait and see attitude, with this "Beefed Up" Republican Congress, we had better begin preparing to field our own well-vetted candidates in the 2012 Election. As far as "Stop Gap Measures" go, this is [honestly] a very weak one at best. The relatively small spattering of "True Tea Party Candidates" among this Overall Republican Victory is far too little and far too late - for "The American Experiment" to now halfheartedly rely upon! Particularly, since the other shoe has still yet to drop - for the Domestic American and International World Economies.

As Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke inevitably escalates his ongoing devaluation of America's Domestic Currency and our ongoing economic woes resultantly worsen, the American Political Electorate will grow increasingly desperate for "A Third Party Alternative" and the Illuminati/Freemason Elite has already begun gearing up for this highly predictable political development. Good Chess Players leave nothing to chance; and these people have been playing the game for numerous generations - operating under a long term strategy of: "Consistent Political Dominance!" I can fully assure you, that they have their own sleeper candidates - already in place - within America's three most viable political alternatives. Nor, shall they be easy to spot - for most previously unwary Americans.
Today's Speech, by President Barrack H. Obama, was a typical one for our Illuminati and Freemason Leadership. His "Hidden In Plain Sight" key word cues - were as follows:

  • "No one party will be able to dictate where we go from here...."

Which, For Those In The Know, means that the Illuminati/Freemason Agenda is already well-prepared for the approaching political upheaval - to follow our [now] inevitable Domestic Economic Implosion. In other words, they are already well-situated within all of the currently available power structures - in order to forestall any potential blocking maneuvers by the: "Common Masses," or "Less Educated Political Electorate!" This includes both: The Current Batch Of Congressional Candidates and many more of "The Third Party Candidates" still slated to run in the Future 2012 Election.

As President Franklin D. Roosevelt [truthfully] stated: "In Politics and Government, nothing [at all] happens by chance...." Meanwhile, the True Power Brokers - behind these "Nationally Destructive Political Policies" - have utilized such Televised and Public Messages to inform their politically diverse apparatus of such impending structural changes for decades. I can assure you, that this is nothing new on their part!

Some Historic Examples:
  • President Ronald W. Reagan telegraphed: The End Of The Cold War, The Fall Of The Berlin Wall, and The Reunification Of Germany - prior to its factual occurrence.
  • President Herbert W. Bush signaled: The New World Order's Initial International Implementation - while America was still clinging to its own Constitutional and Domestic Sovereignty.
  • President William J. Clinton cued: The Complete Opening Of Global and International Markets - even while running publicly as a [self-proclaimed] Domestic Protectionist.
  • President George W. Bush alluded to: America's Rapid Repeal Of Our Constitutionally Guaranteed Protections - long before "The Patriot Act" effectively sidestepped them.
  • And President Barrack H. Obama bespoke: The Dramatic Political Changes That We Are Now Witnessing - even while, still campaigning for the presidency.

The fact that The Majority Of Americans has never seen these highly dramatic political occurrences coming - ahead of time - isn't really that surprising. Until recently, most people haven't really given much consideration at all to the realm of American Politics... The Media has been working overtime to camouflage our leaderships ongoing political actions... and Our Public Schools have been intentionally dumbing down their curricula for decades. Nor, have these subtly dropped political cues been blatantly obvious from the perspective of a generally disinterested electorate - working harder and harder, to largely stay afloat, in our by now Highly Dysfunctional Economy!

Meanwhile, consider President Barrack H. Obama's other [carefully selected] words in today's Presidential Speech:
  • "No one party has a monopoly on wisdom... That's why it is important to have an honest and civil debate upon which direction to go...." 
Here he is merely reassuring others, that the New World Order and Internationalist Agenda will [factually] move forward - despite all appearances to the contrary. The Necessary and Key Players - needed to do so - are all in place, for the very next steps to be properly accomplished! After all, the next step in the plan is to Create Perceived Political Deadlock, and then to Accelerate America's Economic Collapse - in order to justify an eventual adoption of the Internationally Devised "New World Order" Solution. This is the Classic Political Tactic Of: "Problem, Reaction, and Solution " - which has brought us to the very brink of our own national destruction, already.

For Additional Insight, Watch The Following Video:

"Invisible Empire" - A 2 Hour Long New World Order Informational Video ....

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