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Monday, June 28, 2010

Modern Republicans And Why I'm Not One

G.O.P. Party Symbol.
Modern Republicans claim to be the living embodiment of "Traditional American Conservatism" - but, are they really? Can a political party that would:  knowingly ignore, intentionally violate, and willingly suspend The United States Constitution [honestly] stake such a remarkable claim? I think, not! 

Traditional American Conservatism held that nothing was of higher importance, principal, or value than The Constitution. Our enlightened ancestors rightly understood that: "A Nation Of Freemen must have protection from the powers of all intrusive government and the individuals who would utilize it for their own personal benefit and interests!" Meanwhile, The Constitution was provided - by our founding fathers - to serve that very necessary service and all important societal function. It was a proscription against the continual usurpation and dangerous hegemony of an ever-expanding government.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peter Schiff Predicts Worldwide Currency Collapse And Hyperinflation

Peter Schiff, the world renowned market economist and leader of Euro-Pacific Capital, has been predicting "A Worldwide Currency Collapse" with "Massive Amounts Of Hyperinflation" in the western democracies of Europe and North America. Moreover, it will hit America particularly hard in the coming two years. As a strong proponent of Austrian Economics, over the Keynesian Economic Model, his dire predictions for The United States and The European Union have been consistently right concerning the markets over a thirty year period of time. More recently, he was only one of four economists to predict the recent "Housing Bubble" and "2008 Banking Crisis" - which rapidly followed.

A Worldwide Currency Crisis is coming - with economist Peter Schiff.

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