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Monday, October 4, 2010

Egberto Willies Asked For "A Simple Explanation" Upon Economics

Egberto Willies "Progressive" blogger.
Upon his blog, "Political Truths," Egberto Willies frequently makes amazingly inaccurate statements. Nor, do I say this, due to his [self perceived] Liberal-Progressive Agenda. Frankly, I don't care one iota what someone else honestly believes in - as long as it is founded upon their knowledge and understanding of "The Truth." You see, The Truth matters... far more, than [mere] Politics ever could. Political Parties will come and go... Great Nations will arise and fall... but, The Truth will always remain The Truth - no matter who more properly perceives it, for what it honestly and inescapably is!

Take, for instance, the following seemingly articulate quotation; only recently, gleaned from his "Political Truths" blog:
  • "You must wonder why when Supply Side economist are confronted with evidence day after day, month after month, why they still dig in to their theories. These theories have caused us to effect policies that have made this economic collapse worst. Under their theory interest rates should have been very high since last year while they are at record lows. Under their theory inflation should be at record highs while we are bordering on deflation as nobody has pricing powers. What we need is a simple explanation of these theories to the American middleclass so that we do not allow the Right (Supply Side) to make Keynesian Economic policies to be one of their boogey men like they’ve attempted to make Liberal a bad word. Just like all that is progressive and good in this country came about by Liberal thinking, Keynesian Economic Policies are the only solution to get us out of this depression in due time."

Just like, other economically uneducated and shallow thinking Americans - within our overall society - Egberto Willies doesn't really understand Economics at any fundamental level. Had he understood it, he couldn't have made such a blatantly preposterous and ill-informed statement! The Keynesian Economic Model - structured upon the writings of John Maynard Keynes - is a system whereby the naturally occurring Capitalistic Markets may be artificially manipulated - in order to obtain certain theorhetical economic results. It is neither: "Liberal," nor "Conservative," by any definition of the terms... and can only be labeled "Progressive," under certain stabilized economic conditions - where other equally important factors are already within prescribed circumstantial tolerances.

In actual reality, Professor Keynes understood that every [Politically Engineered] Economy possessed both: Supply Side Production-Factors and Demand Driven Social-Dynamics which equally contributed to the ongoing economic equation. Nor, did he [himself] ever definitively state, that his Keynesian Economic Modeling System favored one certain input related aspect, over the other! Meanwhile, there have always been two houses of thought upon this subject. Consequently, Keynesian Economics has both: "Supply Side Economists," and "Demand Driven Economists," in equally great abundance.

While most Republicans, do favor "The Supply Side Position" - many others, do not... and, while most Democrats, also more frequently favor "The Demand Side Position" - some of them, quite honestly, don't. If only life were as cut and dried as Egberto Willies [and so many others] would like to conceptually think.... Alas, however, it isn't! For example, according to Keynesian Economics, both referential inputs can [and will] accomplish the very same tasks - after a certain amount of reasonably calculable economic lag time... and yet, neither of these: supply side, or demand driven, factors has accomplished anything over the past three years - just as they didn't work in Japan [during the 1990's] either.

What's, truly, going on? Why isn't Keynesian Economics, really, working at all? And what can we, truthfully, do about it? Let's, honestly and open-mindedly, investigate these highly relevant and thought provoking questions. After all, as the National Enquirer always said: "Enquiring Minds Want To Know..." and America, is in desperate need of honestly relevant answers - at this point in time! Therefore, I shall attempt to explain it in strictly Laymen Terms - for the benefit of most of you: "Non-Economists."  

The Keynesian Methodology is to artificially manipulate our [currently] "Less Than Capitalistic Markets" - utilizing certain artificially created and systemically devised external levers to the economic process. These may include [all of the following]: Ease Of Access To Individual Credit, Centrally Established Interest Rates, Governmentally Devised Programs, Direct Monetary Handouts, Economically Manipulative Tax Credits, Adjustments To The Monetary Supply, Governmental Mandates, etc....

For Instance:

All of these methods of "Artificial Market Manipulation" are commonly applied Keynesian Economic Levers - as fully advocated by John Maynard Keynes. Contrary, to the common misconception, the Era Of Keynesian Economics isn't coming back at all... for, we have been fully living under it, since the late 1930's - with the adoption of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "New Deal!" It is firmly rooted in the soil of centrally directed Political And Economic Fascism ... watered by politically manipulative governmental monetary sprinklers... and blessed with the eternal sunshine of our god-like financial bankers. Please, just let me explain a little further....

The whole idea behind Keynesian Economics is to blatantly utilize these Institutionally Manipulative Levers - to jump start a systemically failing economy, without the practical necessity of "Politically Painful Market Corrections." It has been [previously] believed, that by artificially creating "New Market Bubbles," we can systemically offset the consequences of "The Older Ones" - which have already imploded as a result of Long-Term Market Imbalances - and thereby smooth over the rough patches politically. This is the sole purpose and honest function of Keynesian Economics! However, its greatest economic strength is also its most devastating political weakness.

You see, Keynesian Economics doesn't address any of the true [or underlying] Economic problems - at all. Why should it? In a continually [or perpetually] "Growing Economy," these factors will miraculously iron themselves out - over much longer economic terms... or, will they? Without any "Real Economic Hardship" - being felt throughout the overall economy - what motivates the Producers and Consumers to alter their production or spending habits in any real way? And without any "Extreme Political Pressures" - being brought to bear upon the government - what need is there to alter wrongly [or poorly] chosen Political and Economic Policies?

Of course, what we are now beginning to conceptually realize is that, "Eighty Years Of Cumulative Bad Decisions" - being left largely unaddressed and/or compounded by additional newer ones - can throw all of Our Economic Fundamentals out of proper political alignment... and in so doing, derail the entire International Economic System! But, of course, Keynes and his "True Economic Adherents" already understood this fact; and were factually counting upon it, for the adoption of their: "New World Order" Economic System. The Economic: "Middle Path," or, "Third Way" - as so cleverly devised by Keynes - [honestly] looked forward to this very same historical time period!

Before mankind will accept [or embrace]: "A One World Economic System," the functionally existent and competing ones must be destabilized beyond any real semblance of economic repair. Then, while everyone is desperate for anything offering hope, The New System can be miraculously unveiled - worldwide - with overwhelming international acceptance! Moreover, both: The "Demand Driven" Democrats and The "Supply Side" Republicans are complicit in providing the necessary impetus for its resultant adoption - around, The Fall Of 2012. Meanwhile, they are still [intentionally] demolishing our International and Domestic Economy - with your utterly ignorant, and largely enabling, political blessing....

How are they doing this? By each side, offering [seemingly] divergent political policies - which are factually designed to further weaken our overall Political And Economic Structures . As each side gets voted out of office, the other side steps to the front and imposes its: Newly Devised, Unbalanced, and Dysfunctional Governmental Policies [And Programs]. Meanwhile, as the "Societal Pendulum" swings ever wilder, they can embrace even more highly destructive policies - under the auspices of proclaiming themselves: "The Lesser Of Two Evils..." and for decades now, you've been [continually] buying it - rather than, throwing both of them out of office - altogether.

Seriously, just tell me, that I'm wrong. The Truth is just like "Gold Bullion..." it can be found, wherever you may [honestly] find it... and in both cases, it can be found by following the readily apparent Movement Of Money! The very same: Banks, Investment Firms, Financial Houses, and Masonic Corporations are funding both: Mainstream Political Parties and Opposing Political Candidates... and they are both: Pushing Self Destructive Political Policies, Systematically Eliminating Our Constitutional Rights, Utilizing Messages Of The Herd Mentality And Fear, Proclaiming An Imminent New World Order, and Working Toward A Decidedly Internationalist Agenda.  

Someone, please explain... in what way are they [effectually] any different? I'd honestly like to know. Perhaps, Egberto Willies, or  someone else, could possibly enlighten me - regarding these [much-needed] Political Truths About America? But, you have to square it with "The Truth" - if you're going to [honestly] convince me - I'm capable of readily seeing through The Political Propaganda! Since neither political party, ever [honestly] attempts to eliminate their [self-proclaimed] "Opponent's Previously Bad Legislation," America continually progresses unrelentingly toward its Well-Orchestrated and Assured Societal Destruction. Meanwhile, the "Political Dominoes" being tripped here, are toppling still others - equally well devised and implemented - all across our planet. It's fairly obvious to me!

In the end, whether Egberto Willies [and those like him] are merely shallow thinking political dupes or even highly intelligent political propagandists assisting in this overall process, is functionally irrelevant to anyone. In either case, they and their political counterparts are channeling our attentions away from America's True Problems and focusing it toward even greater political dangers yet to come! I am speaking, of course, about their [so-called] "Political Solutions To Our Ongoing Societal Dilemmas." Wake Up, America... our time is rapidly running out!


  1. Please, next time think before writing.
    The Keynesian formula is plain and simple. Estimate the recessionary loss to GDP for the next year, then inject that much money into the economy to prevent a depression. The problem is that Democrats always tell the truth and Republicans always lie. So when faced with a recession, Democrats have always told Republicans that we need x trillion dollars to inject in the economy in order to prevent disaster. Republicans have always demanded compromise on the amount and we end up injecting one half X trillion dollars into the economy, just enough to prevent cannibalism. Egberto is correct. The only people who have gained employment from supply-side economics is yacht builders.

    1. Okay, I've expended the effort to think. Now, let's see what I've come up with....

      You said: " The Keynesian formula is plain and simple. Estimate the recessionary loss to GDP for the next year, then inject that much money into the economy to prevent a depression. "

      Where do you get all of that money?

      Do you borrow it from someone else... because, that entails taking on even more debt plus all of that accumulating interest?

      Do you just print it... because, as you are expanding that monetary supply, you are also devaluating all of the other currency that is currntly in existence?

      Do you confiscate it from others... because, the net result upon the overall economy will factually be zero?

      And, indeed, how will you inject it... because, that opens up a whole new can of worms!

      As for that other statement: " The problem is that Democrats always tell the truth and Republicans always lie. " - it, doesn't even make any sense.

      Nobody is 100% truthful; and ( indeed ) nobody lies all of the time! In fact, if someone lied all of the time, then even you would eventually learn not to believe them....

      You see, the only reason that someone falls prey to A Counterfeit Bill is because it factually resembles The Real One pretty damn good!

      So, it has always been with ' Those Who Practice The Art Of Deception '. You tell them The Truth, in some things, in order to gain their own much needed trust... while, utilizing lies quite sparingly and only to further your own personal agenda.

      You see, unlike you, I am neither A Democrat nor A Republican ... because, both of those political parties are extensively being controlled by the very same well-connected people!

      However, believe what you want for a little while longer.


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