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Friday, September 24, 2010

Is The Presidential Appointment Of Bureaucratic Czars Constitutional

Cartoon capturing the lunacy of the "Czar" mentality.
For decades now, America has been devising more and more bureaucratic agencies - under the Executive Authority of its presidents - in order to micromanage vast areas of its political economy. Meanwhile, each of these agency heads [or, managerial directors] has been euphemistically labeled "Czar" by each successive administration. But what precisely is a Czar, and precisely what kind of authorities does such a political title imply?

Let's see what the Dictionary says about this all important political term - before making any rash judgments regarding it.... Perhaps, it's really no big deal - in a Representative and Democratic Republic?

  1. An Emperor, or King.
  2. An Autocratic Ruler or Leader.
  3. A Tyrant, or Autocrat.
  4. A Dictator possessing "Life Or Death" Authority.
  5. A Slavic and contracted form of the Latin [or Roman] term "Caesar."
  6. Any person exercising Absolute Authority [or Power] within a given specialized field.
  7. The term Czar  is sometimes applied generally to a powerful leader or to a government administrator with wide-ranging authorities and powers.

Whew! Not so seemingly innocuous, of a term, is it? Particularly, for its adoption within a primarily Democratic Republic - which is supposedly governed, overall, by the willing consent of its people. But, of course, Our American Presidents do have the Constitutional Authority to delegate their own political powers - under our existent and constitutionally applicable laws... so where is the real problem here? After all, isn't The President [himself] a: Dictator, Tyrant, or Autocratic Leader - of sorts - under our already existent Constitutional Laws?

No, he's not! In fact, The President of The United States is merely an Elected Executive - charged with enforcing and upholding our already existent laws - without any Legislative Powers, or Authorities, at all! Congress [alone] is fully charged with devising, and/or writing, our laws; while the President has the constitutional authority at ultimately enforcing them; and the Judiciary is vested with the authority to largely oversee this entire political process. If the President cannot [himself] devise: Policies, Restrictions, Regulations, or Laws - then how can he lawfully delegate such wholly Unconstitutional Authorities to yet another?

Moreover, the entire concept of having a Separation of Powers and Authorities - divided amongst these three politically elected branches - in the first place, was to ensure that no one particular human being [or grouping thereof] could exercise such Tyrannical Authorities or Powers in the first place! When one branch of our government possesses all three [or even just two] of these Powers and Authorities, we are in fact living under a Despotic and Tyrannical System - even if it remains largely benevolent and functional. Which, of course, is no longer predicated by our own laws - but rather, the mere whims and/or desires of the particular tyrants now being fully in charge.

Today, we are beginning to [just now] see the inescapable results of such unbalanced and unchecked thinking - throughout our entire societal fabric. This is only one of our varied and numerous political problems! Don't even think, that I'm laying everything - which is now going on - at the foot of such an ill-advised and unlawful political policy. Nor, do I make such philosophically important statements - merely because The Democrats are now fully in charge. As every other nation in history has ultimately found out, Czars are never a very good political idea for anyone - no matter who is factually in charge! This is not a "Democrat," or "Republican" Issue - it is an American one....

Get it through you head, once and for all... I am not an Anti-Liberal Democrat, nor even an Anti-Conservative Republican... I am "The Real American" and I am speaking up for the Real American Truth; simply because no one else will honestly and rightfully do so! I could care less which particular tyrannical leadership you'll ultimately vote for in each succeeding political election - for they will both inescapably lead you in the very same self-destructive direction. Instead, I would rather properly educate you... so that you might possibly wise up to their singularly devised and carefully designed political traps.

The Truth is a very powerful weapon, but it doesn't come without a cost to those who will earnestly desire to wield it! They must first, invest their own personal energy to overcome their inescapable fears and honestly look outside of the box - which they are currently in - in order to obtain it... then, they must somehow acquire the necessary guts and political backbone - in order to speak up against the firmly entrenched political interests around them - often while receiving tremendous ridicule from their far less educated brothers... and finally, they must do so: clearly, concisely, and consistently - even unto the point of imprisonment, or even death - when necessary! But in the end, the less educated will invariably thank them posthumously - as they have always done in the past.

An Important Scriptural Reference That Our Ancestors Understood:
  • "And they shall know The Truth, and The Truth shall set the captives free!" - John 8:32.


  1. I agree, we should be aware of and keep an eye on this whole "czar" thing. But as for the title, it is just an ill chosen term and they are not czars as defined in a dictionary. You know that so I don't think your inclusion of the dictionary definition makes a valid point here except maybe to show why they, in fact, are not really czars at all.

    I believe they are only advisers to the president and have no power what so ever. In some respects maybe their designation is a good thing. At least with that unofficial title we know from whom a president gets his ideas on various issues. Otherwise we would not know. It is also my understanding that former President Bush had more "czars" than President Obama.

    I am wondering what the following statement refers to: "Get it through you head, once and for all... I am not an Anti-Liberal Democrat, nor even an Anti-Conservative Republican..." Maybe you could explain.

  2. Actually, they factually are Czars - "As defined in a dictionary" - see definition 6 and 7 above... and the dictionary definition does make a point, since they are far more than advisers!

    These "American Czars" are Agency Heads fully charged and vested with authority to:

    Devise their own: National Policies, Rules, and Regulations - which carry the full weight of our statutory laws and are punishable as felonies by the various court systems.

    Enforce these Laws - with their own invested executive authorities - such as: EPA, DOT, CDC, DEA, FCC, FTC, etc....

    Thus, they have both Executive and Legislative powers within the very same branch - while being appointed, rather than directly elected by the people. This makes them Czars by the factually true definition.

    Meanwhile, the number of Czars has increased with each consecutive administration - irrespective of party affiliation - and is currently at its highest point ever under President Barrack Obama. It now stands at 45 of these tyrannical department heads.

    The Democrats are factually "Anti-Liberal" - meaning that they stand against Individual and Personal Freedom. The Republicans are factually "Anti-Conservative" - meaning that they are definitely for Unconstitutional Change. And I do not support either of them - under any circumstances....

    I am tired with being called a Democrat by Republicans, or smeared as a Republican by Democrats. I stand upon the side of The Truth - wherever I may find it to be!

  3. The Constitution does not allow for any hybrid political agencies - which incorporate multiple combinations of Executive, Legislative, or Judicial Authority and Power underneath anyone. The Office Of The President is the Executive Branch and doesn't include any Legislative [or lawmaking] Powers to delegate to anyone. Nor, can Congress lawfully delegate such powers to the Executive Branch at any time - under our existing laws. Catch-22... Game, Set, Match!

  4. Do you think maybe you is just bashing on Obama? How original. Maybe the problem is we don't have enough czars to do the job effectively. I am thinking we really need a media appropriateness czar. She would review all intended media involvement by politicians or those who intend to become politicians and then decide on its correctness. You know, like whether Sarah Palin should be allowed to embarrass this country by having a reality show and other stuff like that.


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