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Friday, September 10, 2010

Issues Surrounding State Sovereignty Are Gaining Political Notoriety

Political Columnist Walter Williams.
As the Ongoing Political Debate over: States Rights, True Sovereignty, Legislative Nullification, and [even] Lawful Secession continues to heat up nationwide - many American Historians, Political Editorialists, Syndicated Columnists, and Internet Bloggers have begun to weigh in upon these all-important issues. The reasons for this rapidly growing political notoriety is that so many in America are now unjustly chafing under the increasingly apparent Federal Bureaucratic Monopoly - over [virtually] every single aspect of their accumulative societal lives. Moreover, our national government has done such a "piss poor job of it," that our entire society is now coming unglued at its seams! To many in America today, it seems more like: "Governmentally Inspired Political Anarchy," than "Reasonable Representative Direction."

The discussion is [now] becoming so mainstream across our American nation, that even editorialists such as: Walter Williams, Walter Block, Edmund ConnellyDarrell Mulloy, and James Allan Bersen are now sounding in upon this ongoing political debate... and political representatives from Vermont to Texas are mentioning "The 'S' Word" quite publicly. In the meantime, The Federal Government seems to be quietly preparing for the increasing possibility of a Federally Imposed Martial Law - while exerting even more political pressures upon our various electorates. As crazy as it all seems, The Obama Administration is [seemingly] intent upon: reducing all Americans to a state of politically devised servitude, destroying our necessary economic engine, and plunging our nation into an insurrectionist chaos!

Considering - all of this increasingly heated political rhetoric - where can you find the Real American Truth which honestly underlies the Political Propaganda, Editorial Misinformation, and Outright Historical Lies about: "State Sovereignty," and "The Right Of Lawful Secession?" At our sister site, The Truth About America, that's where! The Truth About America dares to tell "The Truth" upon a great number of hot button topics and whether State Sovereignty actually extends to "A Lawful Right Of Secession" is one of them. In a recent article, entitled: "Do States Have The Right Of Secession" - our writer puts the largely philosophical concepts involved into very simple concepts that we all can largely understand... and backs up his political assertions with the factual and historical references to clearly prove them, as well.

Be sure to read this article and sound off upon it in the comments. This is our nation, after all, and "We The People" have a right to be heard - regarding it! Our Freedom of Speech doesn't benefit anyone unless we are bold enough to utilize it. Remember, open social discourse and effective communication is the antithesis to situational relevant violence. Whether we talk candidly about tremendously important matters now, or just decide to kill each other later, is the real issue squarely confronting every historical society... and their utter ongoing failures to recognize this fact, is the true causation of all wars! This is Real American Truth in a nutshell.

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  1. Great article! Thanks for posting. It is sad that most Americans aren't even aware that the sovereignty is disappearing.


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