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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lincoln Research Connects "Honest Abraham" To Abbeville, SC

Portrait of President Abraham Lincoln in Washington.
If my numerous readers have been wondering about my infrequent postings, as of late, then the answer may honestly surprise you. Not, that I might be building yet another blog - but that my flagship article for that new blog site: "The Abbeville Journal & Review" would be upon President Abraham Lincoln and his invariable kinship [with respect towards, Abbeville, South Carolina]. Yup! You, heard it right. The birthplace, and deathbed, of the Confederate States of America - has yet another connection to that particular war. Abraham Lincoln was conceived in Abbeville, SC; and Vice-President John C. Calhoun may very well be his actual father....

You just can't go making this stuff up, folks... and thanks to doing the necessary research, I am as certain of this potentiality as you can be - without having the actual DNA to prove it conclusively! In any case, the evidence regarding his true parentage is tremendously convincing when honestly, and openly, explored. So be sure and check out this eye opening article at the Abbeville Journal & Review entitled: "Abraham Lincoln [Northern Despot] A Product Of Smooth Southern Seduction."

Abbeville, South Carolina on the State map.
Unlike my other blogs however, The Abbeville Journal And Review will be geared more toward the local geographic audience - with the exception of an occasional historical article revolving around Abbeville County in South Carolina. With its frequent updates, news, and editorial - based upon local issues and matters respective towards my own home town - I fully expect a far more domestic readership. However, for the sake of those who merely enjoy my style of writing or particularly scathing form of wit, I will be providing some personal jokes as well. So you might ought to read a few upon occasion - to get the whole "Real American" experience! ;0) lol 


  1. Just want you to know that you won my 'caption this' contest from last Sunday. Congratulations. :)

  2. A very interesting article but I wonder why do you refer to Honest Abraham when the nickname was Honest Abe?


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