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Monday, September 6, 2010

New World Order Agenda Explained In An Australian Video

While searching around The Internet, I came across this very well narrated "One World Government Agenda" video - apparently having been produced in Australia. It is fairly short, covers all of the most basic concepts upon some level, and it clearly explains our current dilemma in no uncertain terms. Although there is far more to the subject of what is now [factually] occurring - upon a worldwide scale - thanks to the "New World Order" elite, this video offers very insightful information for the largely uninformed and politically unaware viewer. Please take the time to watch it and add your comments....

An Australian video clearly explaining the "New World Order" Agenda in simple layman's terms.

As this video points out, it is important to remember that most lower ranking governmental employees [including the police] are equally unaware of what's happening politically both: locally and worldwide. Moreover, they are being falsely mislead into believing that We The People are their enemies - through the current misinformation labeling all Middle Class Dissenters as: "Conspiracy Theorists," "Religious Nuts," "Troublemakers," "Teabaggers," "Anarchists," "Crazy Militia Members," "Mentally Disturbed War Veterans," and [even] "Domestic Terrorists." Keep this all-important perspective in mind. Be sure and share this video!

1 comment:

  1. The NWO push and how involved our politics are is definitely something for Americans to stay aware of. I thought the video was interesting but rather typical NWO fodder from what I have seen. I didn't think the video was directly relevant to the audio and I observed little, if any FACT. JMO. I did, however, find it quite disturbing in one respect...

    I was utterly appalled that it would be found on a "Real American" blog. First it was James Bond invading our Big Screens. Next it was the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. In our very living rooms for crying out loud! Then that despicable Aussie, Rupert Murdoch, invades our newspaper industry. Next thing you know we have the likes of Benny Hill, Dr. Who, Fawlty Towers and Keeping up with Appearances to name but a few.

    Now we have a whole friggin BBC channel but even that was not enough for those people, no! Now it has become an all out war. Have we not had more than enough Brits and Aussies invading our news channels, our financial programs, our sit-coms and even our reality tv shows already? Who is funding this incessant invasion of American media? Who are the traitorous Benedict Arnolds who would betray their very own countrymen? Didn't we Americans fight two wars to rid ourselves of those bastards? Enough! I say. Get jobs on your own damn islands! In case you haven't heard, we don't have enough jobs for Americans so we certainly don't need to be giving any away to you limey bastards. If we want to hear your funny little accents we will tune in to watch a Brit show but pleeeeease stay the F out of our politics and our media and our American blogs or you will once again feel the brunt of Americans kicking your damn redcoat asses back to where you came from!

    Let's face it people, how do you seriously expect a country to carry on, maintain its principles, its integrity and stay a world leader when its media has been taken over by a bunch of Aussies, Brits and Canadians? Not possible. Wake up America!


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