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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In These Hard Economic Times Inexpensive Is A Good Thing

Local Wal-Mart Stores are everywhere.
In these Hard Economic Times, with America's domestic economy in tatters and over 30 million unemployed citizens, "Inexpensive" has become a good thing; and "Free" is even better! As the reality of three consecutive years of Economic Contraction begins to sink in, even the most previously optimistic of Americans are now being highly selective in how they are largely spending their money. Of course, this is only to be expected, when our ineffectual political leaders [honestly] believe that: "A $15.00 per hour job at Wal-Mart," should honestly suffice for most of us....

Let's face it, either: Wal-Mart has a very large shortage of Store Managers nationwide, or our political leaders are grossly out of touch with our hometown American reality! Although I can't speak for every area of America, personally, but: Cashiers, Stock Clerks, and [even] Department Supervisors - in South Carolina - fall significantly short of this often quoted hourly figure. Meanwhile, The News Media - which continually repeats it, without properly calling it into question - is apparently just as ill-informed as their political buddies in Washington! What's up with that, anyway? Aren't they supposed to be checking the actual facts, rather than ignorantly repeating them like uninformed propagandist puppets?

The Mainstream Media "Shell Game"

Edward R. Murrow on Time Magazine.
The days of reasonably honest and truthful reporters - like: Edward R. Murrow, David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, and Walter Cronkite - may be, lamentably, now gone from Corporate American Journalism... but can't the major networks, at least, offer us the merest illusion of factually reporting the news? After all, many of us can no longer sleep well at night, due to the readily obvious fact, that we are now being intentionally lied to, by our own public informational media! Of course, I am being entirely facetious... since it is [honestly] a good thing, that they are largely being so blatant about it. Otherwise, we might - once again - erroneously trust them to report upon the most important issues and facts with a certain amount of perceived objectivity.

Meanwhile, as the mainstream media continues to alternatively talk about: our Improving and/or Worsening Economic Conditions - dependent upon the political leaders, being interviewed that particular day - the facts and figures, being continually discussed, are still somewhat informative... to those of us who are honestly attempting to read between these ever-changing media driven lines. Contrary to their extremely "Elitist Opinions" of us, we aren't as stupid as they [honestly] believe us to be! Believe it, or not, this is actually good news....

Foreclosure Signs are now everywhere.
For instance, the actual facts being stated: Like 95,000 New Home Foreclosures In August - up more than 25 percent from the previous stagnated year of 2009 - pretty much speak for themselves, when it comes to the overall conditions of our domestic economy... just as, The Price Of Gold - being up 70 percent, since The Housing Crash and subsequent Banking Bailout - says volumes about our, "Runaway Federal Reserve Printing Presses," and the inevitably falling United States Dollar! Consequently, most Americans are now [finally] adjusting their spending habits according.

John Q. Public's Intelligent Reaction?

For the first time in numerous decades, the average American is starting to act and even spend responsibly! People are going out to eat less often; attending fewer: movies, concerts, and ticketed events; visiting their local libraries rather than the more numerous bookstores; and shopping for true bargains, rather than just grossly over-hyped and deceptive store sales... many of us are now paying down our credit cards, or at least saving them for inevitably necessary emergencies... and some of us, are even re-learning the tried and true skills of: Gardening, Food Storage, and Home Canning - in our ongoing efforts at saving some money - in an economy, where income is harder to come by, than ways at saving upon our static and necessary expenses. This too, is Good News

Although our All-Knowing Governmental Economists - who didn't see this this whole "Perfect Economic Storm" coming - are doing their personal best to convince us otherwise, most Americans are now sobering, awakening, and wising up to the realities now surrounding them.... Nor, are these changes all negative - as so many of them, would starkly insist! The people around our nation are now: walking more, using their front porches [often, for the first time in decades], talking to one another about very important and politically relevant topics, and even attending Free Public Festivals and Events by the droves.

Finally, On The Much Brighter Side

Here's some Really Good News, for you. Upon a Nationwide Scale, we are now witnessing A Virtual Rebirth - in many of our smaller and/or even larger communities! Sometimes, we have to suffer necessary afflictions, in order to remember what is [factually] most important in our lives. In fact, rather just window shopping, perhaps some of us will even try the newly and cleverly devised, "Wal-Mart Shopper's Workout" - as demonstrated by one hilarious and obviously bored Wal-Mart employee? Apparently, everyone else is now doing it too... just check out, the following: Wal-Mart Workout Videos!

The "Wal-Mart Shopper's Workout:" A Craze, Or Just Crazy?

America's Funniest "Wal-Mart Workout Videos" currently uploaded on

Yup, Craaazzzy Maannnn!!!


  1. You think inexpensive is a good thing? You think Walmart is good for the people of this country? Yes, if you are one of those making your millions off the working poor then I guess you would think so.

    The lower middle class's $20 - $40 per hour factory jobs producing tangible goods have been replaced with $8/hr big box jobs selling made-in-china plastic junk to dupes who think they are getting a bargain. Guess credit can't keep someone on a minimum wage income feeling like they are a part of the American Dream forever. Now, now, snap out of it you escapists, you have been living in poverty the whole time. You were just too mesmerized by your flashy little made-in-china bobbles you scored at the big box store to notice.

    At least the corporate elites who need 10,000 Chinese workers each to fund their multimillion dollar salaries can still afford some good old American services. So don't do anything to hurt their gravy train or your Great American Service Economy will be the first to suffer the wrath. See how you like things then. There is hope though. When a Chinaman's wages start looking good to you, why then you are the kind of employee any company would want to hire.

    I think your problem, Mr. American Truth, is you haven't learned basic business and economics yet. Something most people learn well before your age. Otherwise you would not lament over common practices as if they were something new. The few making their fortunes off the work of the masses is how people get wealthier than others. Its how they gain status. Otherwise we would only have a middle class. Would you really want to live in a world like that? Of course not. Its been this way for millenia. Get over it. At least in America opportunity exists for anyone, just not everyone.

  2. Vulcan420,

    Sometimes, I wonder if you even read the same articles that I write.... I wasn't saying that "Inexpensive is a good thing, per se," but rather "Inexpensive is a good thing, when you don't have the money to live far more recklessly, as in the times past." It is a good thing that America is beginning to wake up and get real; about a very grave situation, which has been far understated by the our foolhardy leadership and their corporately controlled media conglomerates.

  3. You needed not clarify, per se. Walmart and other big-box stores represent the epitome of success in the retail market. It is a recognized and lauded fact. They have cut the costs of doing business as low as they could possibly go, to the point of their employees relying upon government subsidies and unsustainable debt to live. They have consumers who won't go elsewhere because their purchasing criteria is to get the lowest perceived price possible. It is what all business owners aspire to.

    If you feel that buying made-in-china crap at Walmart is a good thing for yourself and America then by all means indulge yourself to your budget's content. I happen to think it has been through the subversion of the free market system, both on the consumer and on the employment ends and the selling out of fellow Americans, that allows a single family to be among the richest people in the country while their employees are the poorest. If there were truly such a thing as a free market economy then that could not happen.

    Despite what many would like everyone to believe, the fact is that due to a lot of factors we do not have a free market. One of those factors is the consumer's own greed and short termed outlook. Take the cell phone industry. One of the most reviled by everyone. Yet who will go without until the industry changes their ways? No one. I am reminded of a salesman's saying: "screw em, if they come back screw em even harder - yeah baby, uh,uh, uh". If consumers are not willing to alter their purchasing habits then they should not expect anything to change. If you are happy with purchasing products at Walmart then you are happy that all those employees are living on wages 1/2 the poverty level and dependent upon government assistance to get by. Not your problem? Then don't complain about social programs and high taxes. You cannot support the cause and not the effect. Simple.

  4. Vulcan420,

    Wow, you totally missed the entire point of my article....

    First, I stated that Wal-Mart does not pay $15.00 per hour, and that our Political Leadership and Media are totally out of touch with reality.

    Then, I discussed our Media's continual bias in favor of our elected leadership - while noting, that most Americans are finally waking up to it.
    Meanwhile, this is what I considered to be a good thing.

    Finally, I noted that our spending habits were beginning to change accordingly - which has resulted in several beneficial national trends. Among these: more thoughtful political involvement, a greater tendency toward community involvement, more individual self-sufficiency, and consideration for the plight of others. These too are all good things!

    I am very aware of everything that you yourself mentioned and am in no way espousing something different. Shopping at stores like Wal-Mart isn't the real solution, but rather a very large part of the problem.

    However, the real problem is a multifaceted one with numerous perpetrators politically and economically involved. The adoption of massive Masonic Corporations, and the promotion of them at America's own physical expense, has been at the heart of our political downfall. Our reliance upon International Trade and Globalism is merely one particular strategy in the "New World Order" and "One World Government" agenda.


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